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    29 Aug 2013
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    Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme Legends is now the second expansion release for Samurai Warriors 2 (the first being SW2: Empires) and offers even more bonus content for the hackers and the slashers out there. Despite the subtitle’s idea that the new content is "xtreme", it’s pretty average.

    Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme Legends
    is the Expansian pac to Koei's Samurai Warriors 2. In this expansion 6 new characters have been announced in total they include(Toshiie Maeda, Katsuie Shibata, Kojiro Sasake, Gracia Hosokawa, Motochka Chosokabe, and the returning Yoshimoto Imigawa). You will also be able to controll the chraracters in the original SW2 plus these new characters story modes.


    And most significantly Samurai Warriors 2 Xtreme Legends introduces six new legendary characters:

    Chosokabe Motochika: He looks calm and unflappable but always has passion in his heart. His weapon is a Shamisen. It is a traditional Japanese guitar and he uses the sound waves from this weapon to attack his enemies.
    Gracia: She is a daughter of Mitsuhide Akechi. She has a curious and innocent character. On her travels through Japan she met Magoichi Saiga and built a great relationship with him. Her weapon is her martial arts ability and agile movement coupled with her magical power.
    Imagawa Yoshimoto: He is a man of refined taste such as his love of Kemari (an ancient Japanese sport similar to football) or poems rather than War or politics. He is very proud of his lineage but is always pretty idle on the battle field and keen to avoid dangerous situations. His weapons are the Katana and the ball of Kemari.
    Maeda Toshiie: A hot-blooded man who makes much of bonds of friendship. He respects Katsuie Shibata and treats him like a father. His weapons are the Katana with a wide blade and two spears. He overwhelms enemies by super quick attacks with his sword and wide-range attacks with spears.
    Sasaki Kojiro
    He is Musashi Miyamoto’s rival and a man who wants to master the way of sword. He understands the sword is just a weapon for killing people and he believes defeating people in battle is the only way to be a true sword master. His weapons are the Katana with a very long thin blade and the gigantic Katana which is summoned from a parallel world.
    Shibata Katsuie: He is a fearless soldier who belongs to Nobunaga Oda. He tries to teach the way of the Samurai Warrior to Toshiie Maeda whom he treats as a real son throughout his battles. His weapons are two gigantic axes. His powerful attack can sweep all opponents in front of him.

    - Includes six new Samurai Warriors - each with a new weapon and an original storyline.
    - Conquer 36 scenarios across 24 maps, including the new battlefields of “Okehazama” and “Shikoku”.
    - New Mercenary mode lets you live the life of a mercenary soldier. Hire other Samurai Warriors to assist you on your missions. Defeat your enemies, collect precious weapons, and become the greatest warrior in Japan!.
    - 2-player Co-op in Story and Free modes.
    Two new difficulty levels, six in all; for beginners and veterans alike.
    - View unlocked weapons and movies in Collection mode.
    There are new characters (of which you can take through individual story modes) new weapons, new attacks, an increased level cap (from 50 to 70, so you’re now able to make your warriors even more overwhelmingly powerful than you could before) and the addition of the mercenary mode, which functions much the same as the Xtreme mode in Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends
    The soundtrack, as always, is very nice traditional Japanese drums, flutes, whistles, the whole nine yards, are here. I’m especially fond of the music that plays during the menu and preparatory map screens. The English voice acting continues to improve from the Dynasty Warriors games however, it’s been an uphill battle then, and it still is now. Dub defender I my be, but this is one of the few games where I wanted Japanese voices playing.

    The Warriors franchise has always been an awesome marriage of arcade-style simplicity and role-playing game concepts, and Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends is Koei's best version yet. Even though it’s only billed as an “expansion pack” (and I thus must score it as such it’s still technically not a complete game) there’s enough here to make it a good one, and then some. If the myriad revisions to the old Street Fighter 2 games can continue to wow players and critics, then this can certainly hang around
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