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Wildboy Wiley
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Wildboy Wiley
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Posted on 06 May 17 at 17:37, Edited on 09 May 17 at 22:21
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Save the Ninja Clan
By: Wildboy Wiley

Save the Ninja Clan is a unity based 2D side scrolling platformer similar to Super Meat Boy. You play a brave ninja who sets out to rescue his ninja pals and stop the evil white ninja.

You start your journey with a green suit equipped with double jump and a knife you can throw to kill enemies, and later can trade the green suit between a blue and black suit, which have the powers to sprint (blue), and puff into a cloud of smoke to evade deadly traps (Similar to the rolling system from Guacamelee).

Your knife starts as just a basic knife. If an enemy shoots at you and your knife connects with it, it destroys the knife, but you can throw them quickly and infinitely so throwing them non-stop is warranted. By collecting 21 of the 33 collectibles found in each stage (1 per stage), you can use those collectibles to unlock new knife upgrades, such as a knife that goes through bullets, rockets, etc. destroying them and continuing forward, or another knife that kills all enemies in one hit. There is one other upgrade that allows for a knife spin, but other than the cool ninja effect, it doesn't seem to do much else. Each upgrade requires 7 collectibles, so 21 total for all 3, meaning you don't need to collect all the collectibles in the game to get them.

There are 34 levels total in the game, 31 basic platforming levels and 3 boss levels. There are a few tricky levels, but all-in-all they are pretty basic when compared to some of the levels featured in Super Meat Boy. There are also nifty secret "glitch" areas in 31 of the levels, which when accessed bring up a command prompt with witty humor as if the developer were watching you break their game.

Save the Ninja clan features 30 achievements, all of which are relatively easy. I can honestly say the only two that were a bit troubling were the achievements for beating 5 and 10 levels without dying, as you need to play 10 straight levels, you cannot replay a level, and you cannot exit and go to another level. Still easily achievable with a bit of practice.

The game did suffer from screen tearing in a few levels, and sometimes the jump can be a bit wonky (doesn't register, very rarely happens though)

Overall, Save the Ninja Clan is a small game, but it's a game that for the price of $2.99, is still very much worth it. 34 levels, a bunch of secrets, a small amount of easy to find collectibles, and an simple 1,000 gamerscore to be had. Definitely recommended.
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