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Saw Achievements

Most Earned

It's A Trap!40 (40)Complete Reverse Bear Trap.
What Was That?!?5 (5)First encounter with Pighead.
Treasure!10 (10)Unlock first container.
Would You Like To Know More?20 (20)Find your first Asylum File.

Least Earned

Merciless31 (20)Stomped five Minions to death.
Whoops!15 (10)First kill with a Stun Mine.
Wait For The Boom15 (10)First kill with an Explosive Mine.
Choked Up14 (10)First kill with a Gas Mine.
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My Wookiee-English Dictionary defines the word "achievement" as "roooaaarrrrgggg!!!" or "an action or result accomplished through effort, skill, or courage". Although achievements under Microsoft's G

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Deal of the Week: August 20th, 2013

The recent Deal of the Week trend continues with another week of discounted games from Games on Demand, and this time it's the turn of Konami, with eight games from some of the publishers biggest fra

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Konami Show Off Saw II: Flesh and Blood Box Art

The headline says it all. The box art for the Saw II: Flesh and Blood has been made available on the internet depicting one of the traps we're likely to encounter at some point during our frenzied es

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Saw II: Flesh and Blood

When I wrote an earlier article regarding Saw II: Flesh and Blood, it was fairly well received. The general consensus that was most gamers would be willing to give Saw a second outing to see how it p

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Saw II: Flesh and Blood Dated

Saw II: Flesh and Blood is more or less finished and Konami have detailed that the title will go on sale October 19th, just in a nick of time for Halloween. Saw II: Flesh and Blood will you see you p

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