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    Review for Saw II: Flesh & Blood

    I can remember the first time I played Saw I. Sure there were a lot of flaws like the lacking combat system but for the movie fans, the game was very enjoyable. There was a point in the game where I entered a dark area with dimmed red lights and a couple of fences. The music was creepy and I had a feeling i was not alone. within two steps I heard the sound of footsteps walking fast above me. Chills came down my spine as I was unwillingly walking further in the dark. Then out of nowhere with a loud bang this guy comes rushing towards me with some sort of bat in his hands. Not really used to playing scary games I threw my controller away and had to breathe for a couple of moments to get a grip and say to myself: it's just a game...

    In my opinion, if a game like saw has only one of the just described moments, the game passes my judgment because that's what gaming is all about: The experience. We all know saw isn't created with the intention of replayability so we try to get as much out of a game like saw in the time it gives us. Did Saw II do that?... Kinda...

    After Saw I it was time for the sequel meaning: improvements. First lets begin with the puzzles. There are more puzzles to be solved compared to the first one. Puzzles don't repeat too often and are well mixed in the game. I especially liked the lock pick sequences. The camera takes you inside the lock and you have to maneuver yourself through the various ''lock-discs''. Also new are the floors filled with televisions that display certain images where you have to find a path to get across. Take a wrong turn and get electrocuted. Or the circuit boards which have improved much in terms of looks. Actually the puzzles are what dominates the game, they are fun, very playable and look good.

    The graphics are how you would expect them from a saw game: normal. Nothing fancy here but that's ok. The sound design however missed a couple of days of work because in the fast-paced action sequences there is almost no supporting music. It takes the tension away in the moments you would definitely expect them. The sound effects on the other hand work just fine and compliment the surroundings well. And of course the leading man of the movies Tobin Bell is present in the game voicing Jigsaw himself. He gives the game the creepy yet satisfying tone it needs to compete with the lacking music department.

    Then we arrive at the combat system. The developers totally missed the target here. Instead of controlling your character to decide when you're gonna hit something or someone, all you have to do is follow the on-screen buttons and... well... that's it. If you run away the game automatically prompts for action. You already know that you have time to see what buttons you have to hit to fight or defend and if you miss.. ah well we'll lose some health and try again, without any fear or tension. Nothing is more scary then encountering someone trying desperately to kill him before he kills you, something that, in a saw game, is an absolute must. A nice plus is a different kind of attacker. This time around you’ll encounter someone that can’t be killed simply by pressing buttons. You will have to use the environment and be creative to get the job done which is a nice addition to all the killing madness of the game. Speaking of killing, I couldn’t find a health bar. Again, something that adds to the scary atmosphere, a game like this really needs, is missing. When you get low on health, the game shows a digital heart monitor line. I know the developers meant well but after a couple of levels it was getting annoying and I’m guessing that wasn’t their intention.

    Finally: the story. It's okay. There are more than enough links to the movies to keep the fans happy. Many collectables in the game provide a good back-story and it also ties in nicely with the first saw game. It's also fun that the beginning of the game determines how the game will end making you wanna see what the other end is.

    The achievements are easy to obtain and mostly story/puzzle related. Two achievements require you to play the game on certain days but other than nothing too difficult.

    To sum up: The game may be scary for first time players but to be honest, the game was fun instead of scary and i'm still not sure if that's a good or a bad thing... i'll let you decide.


    Will the people giving me bad votes please have the decent courtesy of explaining why... thank you.
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    Ramon4815162342Don't shoot the messenger :) i agree
    Posted by Ramon4815162342 on 15 May 11 at 00:21
    CheesusCrackersI found the "balance beam / plank" sequences to have the worst controls of any game made to date. It was quite frustrating. The load times were pretty bad for a modern game as well. Die, wait 30 or so seconds. The save system, or really lack of checkpoints was goofy as well. When you spend time picking a lock, then die, who really wants to pick the lock again.

    I thought it had some charm to it, but bad controls really held it back
    Posted by CheesusCrackers on 07 Jul 11 at 11:58
    Nice review. I agree and disagree all at once with scottnangie8. I can see the irritation in some of the sequences, I actually agree that the balance beam sections are shocking in this game, and actually were better in the first. However, I didn't have any major issues with reloading times, but that could be because I had the game installed to the HDD.

    I genuinely enjoyed this game, probably more than the first, I found the way the story concludes to be a very clever outcome (avoiding spoilers), and I think in most cases it improved on it's predecessor.

    I wasn't scared but then I knew what to expect having played the first game, the puzzles however were more of the same with some new ones too, or rather variations of existing puzzles.

    I'd give this game 7 out of 10 personally, and I agree with much of what this review says.

    Posted on 04 Nov 11 at 23:35
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    Saw II: Flesh & Blood Review (Xbox 360)

    Hello (insert name). I want to play a game. But what game are we going to play you ask? It's SAW 2, with our awesome villain, Jigsaw. The game however, not as awesome but improved from the first go.

    If you're looking for top-notch, superior graphics... go away. However compared to the previous installment of the SAW game, they're not so bad. Konami stepped it up just a little bit. The one thing these graphics do extremely wel though is the intensity within certain scenes and traps of it, makes it look absolutely grotesque... which is also what the SAW movies and traps are known for.. Bonus points for an accurate representation of Tobin Bell's Jigsaw persona in the game.

    In the first game, you played as disgraced Det. David Tapp who as we know from the film, was booted off the force for obsessing over Jigsaw. In this game, we play as his son Michael with the exception of the first chapter, who we play as Campbell. Campbell starts the game off in the Venus Fly Trap seen in the opening of the SAW II film. Only difference is Campbell escapes, and at the end of his chapter, we make a big decision that impacts Michael's storyline which then takes over.

    Michael isn't a cop like his dad, but rather a reporter. His motive is revenge and we see interactions with some of the officers (who become Jigsaw targets) at the start of his story. Throughout the game, Michael works through the various traps and puzzles (much improved from last game, however for some people - way too challenging), trying to save them. However there is a twist where he's not just being targeted by Jigsaw which makes for an interesting story worth playing twice, which we have to since once again, there's two different endings (no save points this time players! Konami makes the decision early on with Campbell).

    Well the traps sound torturing enough, and the audio files with clues are ok, but they aren't as good as some other games out there. The character dialogue is absolutely brutal though with one exception. Tobin Bell lent his voice to this game and everything that comes out of his virtual mouth is as golden as his words in the films. A bright spot in a rather disappointing story dialogue.

    N/A - only single player folks!

    Konami has somewhat fixed this from the last one, which just kept bleeding and bleeding after you got the first one...they were non-stop! However Konami has gone to great lengths to annoy some people with having a couple secret TIME-SENSITIVE achievements (can be obtained by switching dates offline). There are two achievements for being quick with each puzzle on both difficties (yet no story difficulty one, go figure that one out), and the usual achievements for saving victims. From the TA ratios though, they're still not too bad but at least now there's some pacing with them.

    Well it definitely warrants at least two playthroughs thanks to the story achievements, and with multiple endings it won't feel the same going through it at least. But with this being a single-player story based game, once you go through it, it's just the usual grind of playing it again or just for self-entertainment. The puzzles in the game are too challenging to go over and over and can give some players headaches that may keep them away for a while.

    Konami deserves at least a few kudos for making this game better than the first one, although that's what all game companies should do anyway with a sequel. For SAW enthusiasts, they'll get their joys and thrills for sure. For new players, once you get past the difficult puzzles, you'll have a fun survival-horror for a few days at least but other than that there's not too much to it. In the end it's up to you. Live or Die, make your choice.

    Written by Ahbooya61. May 21/2011, first posted on my blog @
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    If you’ve followed up on my recommendations, you may remember me saying that the Saw game for the 360 wasn’t too bad. That said, it wasn’t so amazing that I ever thought they would make a sequel, so I was really surprised when one came along back in November. Having found a few days to play it, I can see how they managed to pull it off. I mean, if you start pulling parts off a car, it gets cheaper to make it, right? Same idea with games, it seems.

    Despite the fact that this is billed as a 3rd person game, it’s actually just a puzzle game. During the first one, it was more of a surprise that the game was primarily about puzzles, as all of the screenshots on the back that made it look more like an action game. Besides, how many games would bother setting you up in a 3-dimensional world if all you’re going to be doing is box sliding and pipe wheel puzzles? I realize that the movies were all about people getting out of weird traps and that this made sense for the game, but it seemed like a waste of money and time to make it into 3rd person. Sure, they threw in some janky combat, but most of the time, you were wondering how to manipulate little nodes on a screen.

    Well, they seemed to get part of that idea in their heads for this game. The combat has been removed altogether…sort of. Instead, in the few instances when an enemy runs up to you, you do a button pressing event, and that’s it. If you pick up a weapon, it lowers the amount of successes needed to beat the enemy down to one or two, and almost every new enemy drops a weapon when beaten. It seems unnecessary, adding a few sprinkled surprises throughout the game but nothing else.

    They at least increased the amount of puzzles in the game after the last one. By the end of the first game, I was utterly sick of coming to some new horrific device, only to find that it could be broken out of by doing the same stupid pipe wheel puzzle I’d been doing since the start of the game- only more convoluted than usual! This game has about seven different puzzle styles, but the shame is some of them are really just small variations on each other. There is more than one game where you redirect power, but one of them makes it so that certain colored wires can’t go together. Lock picking is also so easy that you can hardly call it a puzzle, and doing it when you control the pick in one and the tumblers in the other isn’t much of a difference. Also, the cog puzzle from the first game only gets used once!

    The flawed characters made for an interesting enough story, even if the people I saved usually died or tried to kill me within five minutes. It was neat to see a game that had a protagonist you weren’t really happy with, though. You learn early on that Michael did some nasty things to his father, the character from the first game, and it sets you up to think the story just might get good. Never does, though. Your actions through the game make it seem like Michael is a nice guy, since he’s saving people, but you never really get into his mindset, never get to see the selfish guy that got himself into this mess. The plot just serves as something to prop the game’s setpieces up against, and that’s it.

    The time limits on many of the puzzles kept things tense, always leaving me worried that I was going to explode soon. The fact that I usually couldn’t see the clock while doing the puzzle also redirected some of my attention away from the puzzle and onto the fact that I was going to die. Outside of sequences like that, there were a lot of traps sprinkled throughout the hallways and doors, ones that gave you a few scant seconds to save yourself before dying. Many of those traps came out of nowhere, always appearing when you’ve forgotten that they’re in the game. The developers had an almost uncanny feel for when you would start to feel safe about opening doors again, throwing in a killing trap when you weren’t paying quite enough attention.

    Despite all of these complaints, I found this game somehow had more staying power than the first one. The puzzle variety was increased just enough that it kept what I was doing fresh, and the combat usually took me by surprise and kept me wary. The third person perspective may have seemed to be a waste at first, but the tension of travelling through the game helped define it as a horror game with puzzle elements when it could have just been a spooky Professor Layton. Still, it isn’t much more than an afternoon’s diversion for horror or puzzle fans. Only pick it up if you’re a die-hard fan of one of those categories.
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    Wow! Never thought that I would see this. After Saw 1 I thought that the developers wouldn't of bothered with this but to be fair Saw 1 was decent but this. This is just total garbage compared to the first. It's laziness at its best and should definitely be avoided. If you loved the films then you will not love this so called Saw 2 game. Trust me.

    External image

    The Saw franchise was a great series. It attracted a lot of blood thirsty fans and it ended with a BOOM! The game series however is not so much of a boom at all. It's more of a whimper and should stay that way. The series has only had two games and it already is a disaster and I think that this is the last Saw game due to its reviews from big time game websites like IGN who gave it a 4.5. Hell some game websites didn't even bother with reviewing this game.

    In this game you play as two characters although you only play as one of them for the first chapter. The first character you play is called Campell who is a big time drug addict who also suffers from cancer. He is also looking for his son and according to Jig Saw he has him. Unlucky for Campell he is in a dangerous trap called the Venus Fly Trap. If you don't know what that trap is then watch the second Saw film. In order to escape he will have to cut beneath his right eye to retrieve the key. Its only been two minutes and you are already doing something a bit extreme but that was the point of the films so I guess you can say that the developers have captured the atmosphere of the films perfectly. Its just when you start playing the game then you will regret this purchase. I did any way. In fact withing the second week of its release I already managed to buy this game for £15. I can see why.

    External image

    2 minutes in. This happens. 4 hours in. Sold.

    After you have retrieved the key you will have to walk through a few corridors and watch a couple of people die in front of you. Then you will encounter the heavily repeated puzzles like lock picking and connecting some wires together to unlock the door. After all that you will have to make a decision to either sacrifice your life for another or escape the room.

    After all that you will play as the main character called Michael Tapp who is the son of David Tapp (Main character from the first Saw game). Michael's story is basically finding out who killed his father. It's pretty obvious who did it though so Mike has to be a complete idiot. After investigating the scene Michael is kidnapped by the mysterious Pig Head. Michael will now have to escape Jig Saw's little house of terror and find out what really happened to his Dad.

    To be fair though the story does has its moments. It's not the best written storyline around but it beats the horrifying gameplay mechanics. The game also has multiple endings two to be exact so it does make you wonder on how the game truly ends for the third title which will never ever happen. Before talking about the gameplay I will firstly talk about the graphics and the sound design.

    For a game that uses Unreal Technology 3 you would of thought that this game would look like Gears of War. You are wrong unfortunately because some how the developers managed to make this game look old and bland. Saw 1 was decently good looking but this sequel decides to be even more lazier and goes for even more bland textures and stiffer animations. This game also has very limited colour palettes and you can tell because there is an over dose of grey textures. The only thing that is actually coloured is the character models and of course the gore. Surprisingly the game isn't actually all that gory. After cutting your eye you just mostly see faint stains of blood across the walls. There is never any gutty moments and whenever someone is about to die from a gruesome death the bloody camera just decides to cut away. When I say bloody I don't actually mean blood. It's just a word that us Brits say as a light curse word. Speaking of light the lighting is actually pretty decent. In fact the lighting actually covers up the horrible textures that are hidden away in the darkness. Just be sure that you don't shine your flash light on the walls or you'll regret it. Another good point is the atmosphere. The game does look like the films with the gruesome stuff that happens in the background and the look of the traps that you see are quite frightening but they're not as memorable as the ones that you see in the first game though. Still good sense of atmosphere.

    External image

    Oh look TV's. Straight from the films. Rather watched the film than play this.

    Moving on to sound design. Sound design is something that I always look forward too especially when it comes to the voice acting. Surprisingly the voice acting is actually pretty good. It's nothing to brag about but I am still amazed that this is the only thing that the game does right. That might be an over exaggeration but still I am amazed. I also appreciate the soundtrack in this game. Like OK it is taken from the films but still I do love the sound of the violins that created that memorable riff. However despite all that the sound effects aren't all that good. Its not bad but they sound pretty cheesy and feel like that the developers have borrowed some of the sound effects from older games and movies. Apart from that the sound design is the game's strongest point. Now onto the gameplay. Unfortunately.

    The gameplay is definitely the worst thing about the game. The game feels lazier than the first game and I don't see how that can even be possible. They reused some elements from the first game and somehow made it worse. Everything is pretty much a step down. The puzzles are heavily repeated and sometimes they don't make sense. The game lacks explanation for the puzzles and you will eventually find yourself on youtube watching some other poor sod trying to figure out the same puzzle. Most of the time I ended up guessing and just hoped for the best.

    External image

    What the hell do I do!

    Some of the puzzles are even very simple and are quite boring. Even the mini games are heavily reused and incredibly easy to complete. It was the same problem with the first game and the developers decided not to do anything about it. The only thing that the developers completely changed was the combat system. In the first game you would only have to push one button to perform an attack. It was rubbish cause it was just one repeated punch. No combo or anything. In this game though the developers added in Quick Time Events. It may seem like a step up from the first game but it is not because the Quick Time Events are poorly executed because it can be unresponsive. The only good thing about it is that it looks more flashy but I just prefer Falcon punching some guy in the face than hoping that the game accepts the input and hope for the best. I think it is safe to say that the gaming mechanics are completely broken.

    External image

    Most of the time this does not happen.

    If there is any point of buying this game is for the achievements. They are incredibly easy and you can pretty much get 80% of them through the first play through. In fact the only ones that you actually need to play the game twice is basically completing the game in insane mode but do you really want to play the game again? it's not worth it I'm telling ya.


    + Great voice acting.
    + Easy achievements.
    + The atmosphere.

    - Broken gameplay.
    - Playing it.
    - Trying to sell it but no one has bid for it in your auction on ebay.

    Score Summary:

    Graphics: 5/10
    Sound: 6/10
    Gameplay: 2/10
    Story: 5/10
    Replay Value: (Don't make me laugh) 1/10
    Achievements: 9/10 (If you are willing to play it again)

    Overall: 2/10

    Is it your Cup of Tea?

    Are you kidding? Hell no! Not even the most hardcore fan should play this. It's an absolute mess.

    Overall this game should be forgotten and should be buried in a dessert along with E.T. the Atari game. I am not even joking.