3. Saw 2: Flesh & Blood Story walkthroughUpdate notes


The walkthrough will be structured so that you always know where to go and what to do, and all the collectibles will be included in the text walkthrough. At the beginning of every chapter there will also be a summary which includes a video that shows the location of all the collectibles of every Chapter, in the same order as they're listed in the text walkthrough. The walkthrough will also point out optional items (typically the health recovery items) available in the various areas; please keep in mind that you may occasionally not find the items listed (this occasionally happens with secondary items that you have a surplus of).

The collectibles will be pointed out in bolded text and we'll keep count of them relatively both to the total of a specific collectible in the game and to the amount of collectibles of a specific chapter. For example, when you find the third Case File of Chapter 3 you will read "Case File # 04/50 (Chapter 3 # 05/17)", where "04/50" means that it's the fourth Case File out of fifty in the whole game, and the "05/17" means that it's the fifth collectible of Chapter 3 (which doesn't necessarily make it the fifth Case File of Chapter 3, since there are other collectibles too).

Regarding the "spoilers issue", the walkthrough will have just minor references to the plot, which is in fact quite weak and not particularly enjoyable/relevant in the game. The real spoilers in a game like this are the solutions of the puzzles and minigames, and in this page, for the sake of guiding you through the game, they will all be revealed and explained. If you prefer to follow a walkthrough without the solutions of the puzzles and minigames, please avoid this page and read the page after this one (Story Walkthrough - No Help).

Before starting, remember not to use the "Flashback" command from the Title Screen menu until you've completed the game once (check the General hints and tips for more info on this). Feel free set the difficulty on Normal (there's no need to make a full playthrough on Insane).

Keep in mind that the game will often close the doors behind you, or prevent you from backtracking one way or another, so try not to miss anything as you go. You can always replay the chapters where you skipped something in a second moment with the Flashbacks feature of course, but (again) don't do so before completing the game once first.

Title Screen

After booting the game a few intros will play. Then a screen which says "Saw II Flesh & Blood - Press Start" will appear and the Saw theme will start playing. While this screen is being displayed, press and hold RT. Then press the following buttons (while keeping RT held) (the directional buttons are referred to the D-Pad): Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Lef, Right, B, A, Start. If you did everything correctly you will unlock:

Old School

Entered the legendary Konami Code

Old School
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

In case you wonder, this "cheat" doesn't do anything else other than earning you this achievement.

Chapter 1 - Campbell

Collectibles Summary:
- Case File: 1
- Puzzle Piece: 1
- Billy Doll: 1
- Audio Tape: 0
- Collectibles video

- The first chapter is a tutorial that will introduce you to most of the features of this game. Before starting to actually play, you can press Back (during the introduction scenes, maybe) and then access the game Settings (press LT/RT to navigate in the menus) to change the default movement of your character to "Run" instead of "Walk" (there's really no point in walking slowly). Adjust other options too if you need.

- After the introduction scenes, your first task is to get a key. In order to do so, tap the button displayed on the monitors on the right of your screen, and then press LS_Right when this button appears on the monitors. Repeat until you succeed. You will unlock:

Would you like to play a game?

Completed the Eye Surgery Minigame

Would you like to play a game?
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

- After a few more scenes, exit your room to reach another (better lit) room. You'll be told about healing yourself with "Health Hypoderimc" items. They are usually found in medical cabinets (attached to walls), although they're occasionally found in random drawers and similar containers. After getting one, you can use it to restore your health to 100% (regardless of your damage) by pressing LB. It's advisable to do so only if you're about to die (when you're low on health an ECG - Electrocardiography - icon will appear at the center-bottom of the screen)
- Continue towards a "gear-door". In order to unlock it you need to solve a minigame on its left. Before attempting the minigame, go near the mirror on the right and look closely to the incision on your character's chest
- The minigame to unlock the gear-door is the "Dial Puzzle". To complete it, you need to rotate the various concentric "rings" (dials, whatever) to form a figure, which in this case is the same you've on your chest. Moving the most external dials will also move the internal dials, and for this reason it's a good idea to set the dials in position from the most external to the most internal ones. The most external dial in this case is an arrow, and you want it to point to the left. The final result will be something like this

- Walk upstairs to a dark room and you will get a flashlight. You can turn it on/off whenever you want by pressing Y. It's usually advisable to have it turned off for obvious reasons
- You can explore the room and examine a few objects on the dark desks to assist to some of the tortures that Jigsaw planned if you want
- In this same room you can also find the first "fluorescence" tracks here and there. On the ground you can find some human figures (nevermind about them). On a white cardboard on the left you can read (with the light turned on) some red words ("You can see, but do you understand, Campbell?"). If you keep your light on this cardboard for a few seconds and then turn it off, the fluorescence numbers written on it will be revealed (573)
- Reach the right side of this room to find a "combination door". This is one of the doors that will open if you put the correct combination of numbers in the lock. In particular, the numbers of the combination must be aligned at the center of the lock like this). Confirm with A when you've done, and enter the next room

- Walk forward a bit, then be ready to press a button first, and then button-mash another button. This is the first of a long series of Traps that will be found during your explorations of the game. You'll find Traps when you walk in rooms/hallways and when you open doors. In the first case, you must have relatively quick reflexes to save your character's life. In the second case you have a ton of time to react and press the buttons to avoid the danger
- Grab a Pipe from the table in front of you, then use it to break the wall on the left
- Squeeze through the wall to exit outside

- Notice the character inside a building as you pass by some windows: that's what happens when you don't dodge a Trap when a door opens
- Follow the narrow alleys until you're told to crawl to continue below a fence
- Keep following the alleys to the right until you need to crawl through a broken wall on the left (don't worry about the mouse that will suddenly appear as you crawl; he can't hurt you)

- In this room you will find a large old tape recorder (on a desk on the left) which is the "Save Point" in this game. We'll just refer to it as "Save Point" from now on. They're not "too" frequent (except in this first Chapter), so make sure you save whenever you come across one
- Near the Save Point there's also another Health Hypodermic to pick up. As you get it, you will also get a Nail (this is the only case where you get something different than a single Health Hypodermic from a medical cabinet), which is the item you use to lock-pick the doors in this game
- In this room, check the dark corner opposite of the one where the Save Point is. On a chair you will find Puzzle Piece # 01/25 (Chapter 1 # 01/03). You will unlock an achievement for getting your first puzzle piece:

Start with the Corners

Found your first puzzle piece

Start with the Corners
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

- The door to exit this room is the first door you have to lock-pick. Lock-picking is a minigame where you will seem to be "falling" towards a keyhole of light, but between you and that there are several (three, on Normal difficulty) rotating gears that have openings in them. Of course your goal is to "fall" in correspondence of the holes of the gears, by moving LS and also pressing RT to reduce your free-falling speed. You will often be able to complete this minigame without having to reduce your speed, though it depends more on the pattern of the gears (it changes every time you try the minigame) than on your skills
- Keep in mind that you will consume your Nail to lock-pick only after succeeding. In other words, you're not penalized for failing

- Past this door you will be in a small back alley. On your right, past a fence, you can see the "sow-face" character; ignore this one, and go left instead
- You may notice a red sentence on the wall, questioning "History Repeats Itself?". You will understand what it's talking about as soon as you open the next door: a Trap will try to kill you, but you will press the two buttons in time to dodge the danger
- Keep following the only possible way, enjoying the view of more victims here and there

- Continue in a white hallway (a Trap will trigger as you proceed: stay on guard!) and past two doors to reach a large open area
- At this point the game will tell you about running/walking (by pressing RB you can change the speed of your movements), but then again there's no treat for walking slowly, so just keep your default movement to "Run"
- Press the button near the elevator on the right. You'll be introduced the Rammer enemy, a creepy annoying guy that you can't touch. He will charge at you, and you'll need to defeat him in a sort of "torero" minigame: stay near something that can kill him, then dodge his charge at the last second to kill him
- In this case, you need to press the elevator button again to open the doors of the elevator itself. Since there's no actual elevator, you can lure the enemy to charge at you when you're standing with your back before the empty shaft; dodge the charge to send him to his death. You will also unlock an achievement for succeeding:

Battering Ram

Defeated "The Bullish Man"

Battering Ram
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

- Another door has been opened after the death of your enemy. Go through it, and then through another door to reach a hallway with a few rooms to explore
- First of all, ignore the path to your right and continue forward. You'll find two doors on either side. On your right is a red-walled room. You can look at the clock on the wall opposite the door, and notice that the time is set to 4:00
- Still in this red room, check on the right side to find a cabinet ("Filing Cabinet") to loot to get a Coupler. The Coupler is the typical item related to the "Polarized Circuit Board" minigame, which you will soon find
- Then exit this room and enter the one opposite the red room. It's a very small green-walled room with another clock that's stuck at 9:00
- There's also a barricaded fence on the right of this small green room. You can spy the blue-walled room adjacent to the green room through the fence. You will notice a wheelchair with a puppet sitting on it, as well as another clock that is marked 3:00

- Exit the green room and continue through the hallway that you previously ignored. As you go, on the right you will find a room with another Save Point
- Opposite this room there's a gear-door with a box on its left. Put the Coupler in this box to open up the Polarized Circuit Board minigame. The goal here is to connect the two red buttons to the small battery by creating a circuit made of red and white "sticks". The red sticks can't be matched with other red sticks, and the yellow sticks can't be matched to other yellow sticks. In other words, your circuit must be made by alternating a red and a yellow stick to bring the power to the two red buttons

- Go past the gear-door once the minigame is completed. In front of you there will be a cart you can push from the left, but ignore it at first
- Instead, check the combination-door on the left. This time the lock has three colors marking the three numbers of the combination, and the colors are green, red and blue. The association is intuitive here: insert the time marked on the clocks in the green, red and blue rooms (943) to open the door. Inside this room you can get Billy Puppet # 01/07 (Chapter 1 # 02/03). You will unlock an achievement for getting your first Billy Puppet:


Found your first Billy Puppet

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

- Exit this room, and now push the previously-ignored cart (or "barricade", as the game calls it) all the way to the end (sometimes you'll have to push it with LS only, while other times you'll have to button-mash the button prompted on the screen to continue), which is a spot on the floor marked with a red " X ". This will open the next gear-door
- Go through it to reach a dark hallway. Go left, and pay attention to your right side as you walk to see some big boxes. On one of them is Case File # 01/50 (Chapter 1 # 03/03). You will unlock an achievement for getting your first Case File:

A Little Background

Found your first Case File

A Little Background
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

- Follow the hallway and go through the door somewhere on the left. Follow the only possible way until you'll come to a sealed gear-door. A tape will automatically be played at this point; wait until the record is over, and the gear-door will automatically open. Keep going on until you reach a beam
- The beam-crossing is somehow troublesome without a decent explanation on how it works. On the screen you'll be prompted the LT and RT buttons, alternatively. These are the buttons you have to press to walk on the beam, and you can pretty much press them randomly, repeatedly, without really paying attention if there's LT or RT on the screen; just button-mash them both. At the same time as you randomly press these two buttons, you also want to move LS_Left/Right in order to balance your character. If you see he's about to fall to the left, press LS_Right; vice-versa on the other side of course
- Once again: button-mash LT/RT randomly, and pay real attention only to the balance of your character, correcting it with LS_Left/Right whenever necessary. There's no need to slow down your walk (i.e. your LT/RT button-mashing) when your character is swinging a bit: just correct the problem with LS, stopping your walk won't make it better. You'll easily and quickly make it to the other side of the beam if you understand how to do it
- Before relaxing, be ready to press another button after crossing the beam. Then watch the scenes that will end this chapter

You can fall off the beam or succeed, and this will change the ending that you'll get after completing the final (eighth) chapter. It has no other consequences on the gameplay, but in order to exploit a small bug of the game (and save another playthrough) you want to succeed your beam-crossing sequence in Chapter 1. If you accidentally fall off the beam, immediately press Start and choose "Restore Checkpoint" to try again.

Chapter 2 - David

- This chapter has nothing to collect/explore. All you have to do is walk (with a first-person point of view for the first moments) towards four characters (three in a room, another in the following hallway) to engage short conversations. If you want you can also read a poster on the wall near the door of the room where the first three characters are: it will trigger the game credits
- Then reach a mirror and you'll get back your third-person camera. Simply follow the "Exit" signs to go downstairs and then outside and complete this short chapter

Chapter 3 - Henry

Collectibles Summary:
- Case Files: 9
- Puzzle Pieces: 4
- Billy Doll: 1
- Audio Tapes: 3
- Collectibles video

- From this chapter on you start playing for real. You begin in a cage: push it forward, and don't worry about losing the "race" (you actually can't win)
- When you reach the end of the line, the cage will open. The game will also tell you about the hazards on the ground (the broken glass is pretty much the only hazard of the game, although there will rarely be other kinds of dangers in future chapters); try to avoid them, although you don't take too much damage from them
- Outside your cage, explore the left of the room to find a Health Hypodermic
- Then look for a cart with some mattresses on the right side of the room. Push the cart away to reveal a hole in the wall: squeeze through it

- On the other side of the hole, look on the left wall to find a very small "peephole" from where light comes out, just under some red-painted letters/numbers. Peek inside to see some red words painted in the room on the other side of the wall: "Prove you deserve a SecOnd chaNce"
- Exit the "peeking mode" and find the light switch on the other wall of your room/hallway. Turn the lights off, and a bunch of fluorescence letters associated with numbers will appear on the wall where the small hole of light is. You've probably guessed that the solution to the current puzzle is getting the numbers associated with the letters S-O-N" (732)
- Put the correct combination (732, again) in the lock of the combination-door nearby to continue

- In the next room, immediately on your right is a "false door" (there's just a wall behind it). Go left, and you'll see two more doors: one on the left (it leads to an empty room, which is the one where you read the clues for the previous combination door) and one in front of you
- Continue through the door in front of you to reach a larger room. As soon as you enter, go forward and check the shelves to find Case File # 02/50 (Chapter 3 # 01/17)
- Locate an elevator on the right side of the room and call it by pressing a button. Go inside the elevator, grab a Cruch (it's one of the few possible weapons) inside and ride the elevator up

- At the top of the right, make a few steps forward and wait until the recorded tape automatically plays and comes to an end. A door will be unlocked then, and a man will come from there
- This is your first "regular" enemy. You can defeat regular enemies in melee fight. You don't need a weapon, you can defeat them barehanded too, although of course it will take more hits if you're not armed. Some weapons deal more damage than others; the Cruch will require three hits to kill your enemy. All the weapons will shatter after killing an enemy, regardless of the hits it takes to kill them. The battle system is fairly simple, just don't anticipate the buttons on the screen or you'll miss the hit
- Once the enemy is dead, grab the Nailbat weapon he drops (it's a one-hit-kill weapon), then loot his dead body. Although most of the enemies do not have any useful item to pick up, some do; in this case, you will get a Fuse by looting the corpse

- After getting this key item, proceed upstairs
- You will reach a room with a control panel that needs a "Fusebox" to be repaired and activated. In this room there's also a drawer on the left; examine it to get a Health Hypodermic
- Put the Fuse in the control panel. This will open the previously-sealed gear-door downstairs
- Go back downstairs and continue through the door you just opened. Proceed further through a broken wall to reach the next rooms

- In the next rooms you will soon come across a random victim who's been trapped and needs your help. There will be a 30-seconds timer and a minigame you have to solve in order to rescue this victim (that is the only "optional" victim of the game; you could not save him to progress with the story, but you need to do so in order to get a collectible)
- The minigame consists of four numbers (randomly generated every time) and three buttons you can press. The buttons are located between the numbers (a button is between the first and second number, another between the second and third, another between the third and fourth), and pressing the button will switch the order of the numbers on the sides of the button. For instance, if the first button is between the numbers "4" (first number) and "7" (second number), pressing this button will switch them so that the first number becomes "7" and the second number becomes "4". The ultimate goal of the minigame is to order the numbers from the lowest (left) to the highest (right). Just keep switching the couples of numbers with the associated buttons until you sort them correctly
- By completing this minigame within the time limit you will unlock:


Saved a person that you didn't have to

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

- Continue to your right to reach a door which requires a combination of four numbers to be opened. You can peek through the hole in this door to read the combination from the wall in the next room (3054)
- Unlock this door by putting the correct combination and proceed through a few rooms with broken walls. At one point you'll find a place where you can crawl: do so to reach the room where the victim you just saved was trapped
- In this room you can find the "Answering Machine" (an audio tape player) of Griff (the guy you saved). You can play the tape if you want to add some extra pieces to the story, although it's not necessary

- Go through the open door taking you to the bathroom where Griff is sitting. Please note that if you failed to rescue him you will find a broken wall (past which you can jump down, thus skipping a collectible) and closed combination-door (that takes you to the bathroom). You can still access the bathroom if you put the "640" combination, which was displayed on the monitor in front of Griff when he was trapped
- Either way, jump down the hole in the ground on the left past the broken wall in the bathroom. After landing, continue in the next room which is another bathroom

- In this bathroom you will find a small red box on the sink. Pick up Puzzle Piece # 02/25 (Chapter 3 # 02/17) from the box itself
- Un-bolt the door of this bathroom from the inside to reach the next room (which, on a side note, is where you would have landed if you jumped through the broken wall passage that would have been created by the explosion caused by a failed attempt of rescuing Griff)
- In this next room there will be an enemy on the right. Don't get caught off guard, and fight him back. You can loot his body to get a Health Hypodermic, and also get the Baseball Bat weapon he drops when dead
- In this same room, on a drawer, you can collect Case File # 02/50 (Chapter 3 # 03/17)

- Proceed forward to reach a long hallway. Be ready to avoid a Trap as you go, and then continue on the hallway
- On your left as you go there will be a locked gate which needs a key to open. Proceed past it to reach three more doors with 4-numbers combination locks. You can peek in each of them to read the correct combination from the walls in the rooms past the doors themselves
- The first door on the left (combination: 8120) has a "Weapon Case". Ignore it for now
- Past this one you'll find two more doors, one on the right and one on the left. Open the one on the right first (6438): on the floor of this room you will find Puzzle Piece # 03/25 (Chapter 3 # 04/17)

- Open the last door now (watch out for a Trap that will trigger when you peek!) (5430). In this room you will find a suitcase on a bed. Before opening it you'll need to solve a minigame, the "Jigsaw Box" minigame (it's the only one in the entire game). The minigame is fairly simple: you have to place a bunch of gears in a correct position so that you can link the two non-movable gears (one of which is rotating)
- After opening the box you will get "A Small Key". Before exiting this room, check behind some wooden pieces on the right side to find three cabinets. One of them is empty, but the other two contain a Health Hypodermic and a Handmade Lockpick. The latter is the item used to open the Weapon Cases

- Exit this room. Although you should already have a weapon, detour in the room that you'll find on your right as you backtrack (the one you probably already opened), where the first Weapon Case is. Lock-picking a Weapon Case is similar to lock-picking doors, except that you won't move "yourself" during the freefall (you'll go straight towards the keyhole of light), but instead you'll be able to rotate the gears so that they're positioned in a convenient way to let you pass through. This Weapon Case has a Nailbat, so it's a good (but small) deal to switch your Baseball Bat for it
- Either way, go back to the locked gate in the hallway and use the key you previously got to open it and continue

- Past this gate there's another beam to cross. After crossing the beam, detour on your left to find a darker space with three nightstands; two of them are empty, while the third one (the one in the corner immediately on your right) has a Nail you need to proceed
- Also in this dark area, continue on the left to find Case File # 04/50 (Chapter 3 # 05/17) on the floor
- Go back to the previous hallway, and follow it to the end to reach (on your right) a door you need to lock-pick. Do so with the Nail you just got to access the next room

- In this room there are two more nightstands. Open them to get Health Hypodermic and another Nail. Make sure you get the latter
- After getting at least the Nail, locate a broken part of the floor and jump down to the lower level. After landing, exit your current room and go right to come across another door you can lock-pick
- Lock-pick this optional door with the optional Nail you should have obtained before jumping down, and access this optional room to find Puzzle Piece # 04/25 (Chapter 3 # 06/17) on the floor

- Exit this room and go downstairs. After a short cutscene, check the counter on your left (from the bottom of the stairs) to find Case File # 05/50 (Chapter 3 # 07/17)
- On the same counter, but more on the left, there's also a Save Point (the usual "Old Tape Recorder"); access it from the other side of the counter
- From the counter, you can see an open gear-door just in front of you; don't go there yet. Instead, go left to find the entrance to the restrooms. On the ground of the restrooms you will find Case File # 06/50 (Chapter 3 # 08/17)
- Also in the restrooms, check one of the toilets to start a grab-the-item minigame. For some reason instead of removing the syringes your character will decide to blindly put his whole arm inside the toilet to grab the Nail inside of it. You'll have an X-Ray view of the toilet, so finding the Nail will be no problem

- After getting the Nail from the toilet, exit and go back to the main hall of this hotel-looking place. Keep ignoring the open gear-door on your left, and proceed past it to find a door you can lock-pick. Do so with the Nail you painfully obtained a moment ago, and enter the next rooms
- Immediately on your left you will see a combination-door. Past this one, also on the left, there's a door to a service room, and then another door to the next room where a Water Heater is. Turn on the water heather first; then open the faucet of the sink in the service room, so some hot water flows, causing some hot steam to steam-up the mirror. This will reveal two numbers on the sides of the reflected image of the number painted on the wall opposite the mirror (the two numbers are "9" and "2", and the number in the middle is a "4")
- After getting the correct combination (942), open the combination-door to find and collect Billy Puppet # 02/07 (Chapter 3 # 09/17)

- Exit the service room and finally go through the open gear-door, which will close behind you after you're through
- You will immediately find another gear-door ahead of you, with a minigame you have to solve on its left. This is your first "Point To Point Circuit" minigame, which is quite intuitive and simple: create a connection between the yellow bulbs to complete it

- Go past the gear-door that will open to find another puzzle ahead of you (we'll refer to this minigame as "puzzle-floor" from now on). On your left you will see a monitor where a couple of images will alternate (the images are a Heart and a Tape)
- On the floor, there's a bunch of tiles with images painted on. You need to step only on the "correct tiles" (those showed on the TV monitor); your maximum range is one tile in any direction (forward, backward, left, right, and the four diagonals) to proceed

- After getting to the other side of the floor-puzzle, you'll be in another room. Go right from your default position, and open the drawer you come across to get a Handmade Lockpick. You can use it to get a Nailbat from the Weapon Case on the right wall (you should already have one, but anyways)
- Then you'll have to open a combination-door to proceed. Before the door you can read "Time is on your side" on the floor. Opposite the door is a table with an Audio Tape # 01/20 (Chapter 3 # 10/17) on. You will unlock an achievement for getting your first Audio Tape:

Play ME!

Found your first Audio Tape

Play ME!
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

- You can see a total of three clocks on the walls on the sides of the locked door; two on the left and one on the right. The one on the right has a puzzle piece painted on, and this hints that the solution has something to do with this particular clock. So, what time is it?
- Put the correct numbers in the combination-lock (826, like 8:26 of the time displayed on the clock) to open the door

- In the next room there'll be an enemy right in front of you. Defeat him and loot his dead body to get a Key required to proceed
- Before continuing with the story events, take a look around in this room. In the upper-right corner there's a table with Case File # 07/50 (Chapter 3 # 11/17) on
- There are also three white mannequins in this room, with red buttons embedded. One of them is near a door with a timer on it (20 seconds). The timer will start as soon as you press any of the buttons on the mannequins. If you press all the three buttons, the door will open, thus letting you reach a collectible in the small room past the door itself. The door will automatically close again at the end of the countdown. There's a button to permanently open the door inside the room behind it
- For obvious reasons it's advisable to press the buttons on the mannequins farthest from the door first, and then the button on the mannequin closer to the door; make a run for it, and you will be able to get Puzzle Piece # 05/25 (Chapter 3 # 12/17) on the chair inside the room

- Back in the previous larger room where the mannequins are, now locate a door near a "Stairs" sign and unlock it with the key looted from the body of the previous enemy
- You'll be, guess what, near a staircase. The stairs go up and down; those going down will take you nowhere useful (you can see a Case File from the bottom of the stairs, but you'll only be able to get it later), so go up
- Open the door (be ready to dodge a Trap) upstairs to enter another room, then exit to proceed on a balcony. Go right to find a Pipe on the floor; grab it and use it to smash a barely cracked wall (somewhere near the Pipe) to continue by squeezing through the hole you will open

- Past the hole in the wall, crawl through a passage to reach another floor-puzzle. This one is bigger than the previous one, but works just the same way (there are three icons this time: Nails, ECG, Cut-Off Foot)
- You won't cross the whole puzzle-floor this time, but you will automatically complete this minigame by stepping on the last of the "good tiles"
- Anyways, past the puzzle-floor you will go through a cracked wall, and immediately on your right, on a wooden table, you will find Audio Tape # 02/20 (Chapter 3 # 13/17)

- Then go through the door on your left to exit to the balcony again. Ignore the "Jump Down" opportunity in front of you
- Proceed on the long beam on your right to reach another room where you want to grab a Fireaxe
- After getting it, backtrack on the beam to reach the previous room again, and use the Fireaxe to cut the metal chain (it's in the room where you got the last Audio Tape)

- Exit on the balcony again and this time jump down in front of you to go to the bottom floor of the previous large area. Jump down the hole in the floor that you created by making a cage fall
- After the automatic jump, just in front of you there will be a white door. Un-bolt it first, then open it to find a small room. In this small room, in front of you, there's a small table with Case File # 08/50 (Chapter 3 # 14/17). On a side note, it's the one that you could have seen from the bottom of the previous stairs

- Exit this room and follow the hallway through an open gear-door to reach the next room
- In this room, after a short cutscene, a 3-minutes timer will start. You'll be told to "move the carts to activate the door switch", without really making it clear that the door switch is that metal thing on the ground immediately on your right (from the position where you start after the cutscene). It's the same kind of switch that you had to press at the very beginning of this level to exit the cage where you started. If the timer goes to 0 before you hit the switch it'll be game over
- Here's a schematic representation of the solution. In words, first of all let's give the meat-carts some numbers for reference. Looking at the room from the door-switch on the ground to the opposite side, you have the door with the timer on your right. Let's refer to the door-switch position as South, so the timer is East. The first four carts are in the four directions around a pillar; the one "South" of the pillar will be Cart # 1, the one "West" of the pillar will be Cart # 2, the one "North" will be Cart # 3 and the one "East" (which is also the one that you'll need to push on the switch to activate it) will be Cart # 4. The last cart, further "North" of these four, will be Cart # 5
- Given these arbitrary references, first of all push (or pull, whatever you need) Cart # 5 East twice. Then push Cart # 4 North twice. Then push Cart # 3 East once. Next push Cart # 2 North three times. Then push back Cart # 3 West to its default position. Push Cart # 1 West once. Finally push Cart # 4 all the way South (five times) to hit the switch with it

- After completing the puzzle, the timer will stop and a gear-door will open: go through it
- Keep going; at one point an enemy will attack you from behind a corner on the right (you will probably hear a "What was that?"-like question just before he attacks you). Get the Crutch he was wielding and loot his body for a Health Hypodermic if you want, then proceed through another door
- You'll be going up some stairs with candles lit on the ground. At the top of the stairs, just in front of you there will be a stove with Case File # 09/50 (Chapter 3 # 15/17)

- Continue in the next room. After a cutscene, go right to find Case File # 10/50 (Chapter 3 # 16/17) on some black shelves
- Then you can focus on saving Zeke from his trap. Although he will try to hurry you up, you can take all the time you want to find the numbers, as long as you don't pick up a wrong number. In particular, you'll tell him the numbers by interacting with the buttons on the mannequins that have the number painted on
- The correct combination can be found written on a wall behind a barricade somewhere on the left side of the room. We can refer to Zeke's room as "North of your room" for an easier reference. There are two barricades hiding numbers on the "West side" of the room, but the correct one is Northwest, and it's the barricade hiding a series of number that starts with "8" (which is the first number that you already told Zeke automatically during the cutscene). The correct series of numbers is also "bolded" (the numbers are a bit "fatter" than the rest of the numbers on the walls)
- The solution is 80647. The 8 has already been pressed (it's the mannequin "Southeast"). The mannequin with the number 0 is "South". Number 6 is in a small frozen room on the East side. Number 4 is Northwest. Lastly, number 7 is Northeast

- After completing the puzzle, a door will open. Go through this door and a cutscene will trigger. After the cutscene, on a red armchair just in front of you, you will see Audio Tape # 03/20 (Chapter 3 # 17/17)
- Proceed towards the next door, which is sealed. On its right is a red table with a box, and in the box there's a Key. Pick it up, and a record tape will automatically start playing. At the end of the tape, the door will automatically open

- You're in a room where you've already been. Backtrack on the only possible way (go left), following the "Exit" signs. On the way you'll have to solve a Point To Point minigame before reaching back the hall of the hotel
- Once you're near the hall you might as well save the game. Then proceed forward, in front of the bottom of the stairs where you originally came from, and use the Key you got a minute ago to open up a fence/gate/door

- You're face-to-face with Henry, the central victim of this chapter. After a cutscene you'll have to solve a new minigame called "Lights Out". You'll need to solve it three times in total to complete the chapter
- The minigame is simple and intuitive: there are various "buttons" that can be turned on (they're lit in this case) and off (they're not lit). If you press a button, it will revert its status as well as the status of all the adjacent buttons (that is to say the ones up/down/left/right). So if you have a line of three buttons [On]-[On]-[Off] and you press the central button, you'll have this situation: [Off]-[Off]-[On]. In order to complete the minigame you need to turn all the buttons off, so in the previous example you should press the first button instead of the central one. The first puzzles of this kind are very simple, although they will require a bit more thinking (which will probably mean random attempts :p) in later and harder versions
- In this particular case take your time (pause the game if you need) to plan your moves, because if you make too many mistakes it'll be game over

By completing this chapter you will unlock:

Henry Jacobs

Freed Henry from the trap

Henry Jacobs
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Chapter 4 - Sarah

Collectibles Summary:
- Case Files: 10
- Puzzle Pieces: 4
- Billy Doll: 1
- Audio Tape: 1
- Collectibles video

- After a cutscene, approach the "shotgun vest" in front of you to continue. This "vest" will only be a suit (equipped with flashlight by the way, so you can again press Y to turn the light on/off) for most of the game, although in a few situations it will cause you problems if you don't pay attention to some dangers that can trigger the mechanism of the vest and cause your death
- Continue in the next room. After a cutscene presenting the next Victim that you have to rescue, you can go right to find a Save Point on a table

- Continue counterclockwise around this room until you find a door where you can go. As you approach it, your vest will start making noises and flashing red lights. A cutscene will also trigger
- It might not be too obvious that your suit is resonating to the presence of a glass box. When you're far enough, the lights in the glass box will be yellow. If you're close enough, the lights will turn red, and your suit will react to its presence, starting a countdown at the end of which you will get killed. The countdown is not displayed with numbers, but the flashing lights on your vest and the noises it makes will be faster and faster, until the climax is reached and you get killed. The closer you are to the glass box, the faster the countdown will proceed

- On the left of the room where this first glass box is, you can toggle the buttons of a "fusebox" to turn off the glass box itself
- Continue in the room on the left of the one with the glass box, and you will notice that something like a cart is missing. Proceed through the next doors and you'll come to a sealed gear-door with two monitors and buttons on either side
- Press the left button only (the right one will slightly damage you), that is the one near the monitor that doesn't display any image. After a few seconds, the gear-door will open

- Continue in the next room. Immediately in front of you there will be a puddle of water with electric wires, and the whole floor will be a dangerous hazard for you at that point. Therefore, go right and continue until you reach some stairs (pick up a Health Hypodermic from the usual cabinet as you continue)
- Ignore the door on the right before the stairs, and go upstairs. On your right is a door that needs a key to be opened (ignore it for now). Jump down to the left, just opposite this door
- After landing, look for a green-lit control panel to toggle to remove the electricity from the puddle of water

- Now that it's safe to proceed, continue in the middle of the room, towards the many dryers. As you continue, look for Case File # 11/50 (Chapter 4 # 01/16) on a table on your right
- Then examine one of the dryers (the only one that is working) to stop it and open its door. Grab the Gear key item inside of it afterwards

- Go around this area again and this time enter the room on the right before the stairs (be ready to dodge a Trap as you enter)
- Go right after entering, and place the Gear item on the machinery on your right
- After a short cutscene, proceed by squeezing through the pipes in front of you in this same room to reach the key that just appeared. Pick it up to get Key, button-mashing the displayed button when necessary
- Turn around and squeeze back through the pipes; before and after the squeezing section, be ready to press a couple of buttons to avoid some sudden dangers

- Now that you have the key you can proceed upstairs and unlock the door on your right to continue in the next room
- You'll find yourself in a hallway with a sealed gear-door in front of you. On your right there are also two dark rooms; the first one has a Weapon Case that you can't access directly
- The second dark room on the right continues with more rooms and doors. If you go through it, you will find a Nail in a drawer that you can use to lock-pick the next door (that will prompt a Trap when you open it). Past this door you will find a Handmade Lockpick on another drawer/cart, and past this item also a door you can un-bolt from your side. Do so and then open it to be in the room with the Weapon Case itself, now ready to be forced to get the Pipe. It's not exactly worth the disturb, but anyways

- Back in the hallway, unlock the sealed gear-door by completing the Point To Point minigame on its left. This time it will be a bit bigger than the previous similar versions you found, but it's still an easy task
- Past this door you'll be outside, in the rain. If you go left towards a fence, you'll notice that your suit is resonating to the presence of a glass box you can't turn off
- Go right instead, and a short cutscene will trigger, opening your way
- Continue to the right, and follow a ladder and three stairs to reach an open door (there are more stairs going up, but they lead nowhere)

- Go through this open door, and proceed past another gear-door (also open) that will then close behind you
- You're now in a bedroom with a hole in the wall where you can crawl, but also a bathroom on the left. Ignore the hole for now
- Go in the bathroom. Immediately on your right there's a broken wall which leads to a small dark room. In the upper-right corner of this small dark room, on the floor, is a red box with Puzzle Piece # 06/25 (Chapter 4 # 02/16). If this is your sixth Puzzle Piece, you will unlock:

Puzzle of Flesh

Found 1/4 of the puzzle pieces

Puzzle of Flesh
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

- Exit the bathroom and crawl through the wall now. You'll reach a room with a dead guy on the floor. On a table on the right in this room you will find Case File # 12/50 (Chapter 4 # 03/16). If this is your twelfth Case File, you will unlock:

Some light reading

Found 1/4 of the Case Files

Some light reading
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

- Continue in the next room. A door with a Billy Puppet will close in front of you, and a timer will start clocking off. If it goes to zero, as you may expect, it'll be game over
- On the room on your left there are several buttons associated with numbers and bombs. You need to pick the correct button to survive and proceed with the story (if you pick the wrong one you'll detonate the bomb). In the previous room there are some fluorescent-clues on the walls. In particular, on a wall there are some red numbers written, and two of them are included in a fluorescent-drawing of a puzzle piece figure (the numbers are 2 and 5). On the opposite wall you can see the fluorescent track of this operation: [Puzzle Piece] + [Puzzle Piece] = [Puzzle Piece]
- All these clues hint that the solution is 7 (2+5). Look for the box that, when you approach it, reads "Jigsaw Box 7", and press A to open the box. Get the Key inside of it, and use it to unlock the door below the timer

- Proceed through this door to be in a hallway. The Billy Puppet is not there anymore, in case you were wondering
- The hallway continues left and right, but on the left there is no light and nothing to pick up/access. Therefore go right through an open gear-door
- After a short cutscene/record tape, continue through the open doors on your left, ignore the elevator (which currently doesn't work) and proceed right to a balcony

- On this balcony you will see a couple of other people up some scaffoldings/higher floors. One of them spends his time throwing molotovs at people to set them on fire, and after doing this to the other random guy he will focus on you
- Avoid the molotovs he throws at you (if he has time to do so at all), and continue to the left until you find a door that takes you to the stairs

- Reach the stairs and go upstairs (the only possible way) to be back on the balconies. The previous pyromaniac guy will be on the left, walking on some beams, and he won't be able to hurt you anymore for a while -- just ignore him and proceed to the right-most side (stay near the wall to find some floor to step on) of the balcony
- You will reach another room with a door on either sides and a table in front of you. On the table you can get Case File # 13/50 (Chapter 4 # 04/16)
- Go through the right of the two doors first now

- You'll be in a small hallway with a door on the right which has a Billy Puppet inside, and another on the left. Peek through the door on the left and dodge the Trap, then peek again to spot the numers (2130)
- Enter the room after putting in the combination. Inside, on the left as you enter there's a "International Nautical Flags" picture. Then on your right is a side-room with three portions of the walls that have been scratched, and partially show some flag colors. Match the scratched walls' flags with the picture's flags and read the numbers written below the flags in the picture (523)
- Use the combination to unlock the last door you ignored, behind which is Billy Puppet # 03/07 (Chapter 4 # 05/16)

- Go back to the place where you got the previous Case File and go through the left door now
- You will see two sets of three monitors each, showing you a picture and a number alternatively. Take note of them (for example, Right Set = Skull - 1, Nail - 2, Snake - 3), both for the left and for the right set
- On the upper right/left sides of the room is a small puzzle-floor to solve: step on the tiles when they display the "correct" image (with the sample combination we wrote earlier, wait until the first tile on the right side is the Skull and step on it, then wait until the second tile is the Nail and step on it, and then wait for the third tile to be the Snake and step on it). On the left side the pictures will be upside-down, but the one closest to you is still the "number 1" one
- You'll reach a Lights Out minigame on both the sides of the room. Solve them both to open the gate, behind which is a Valve; pick it up

- Put the Valve near the pipes on the other side of the room to open a passage in the floor
- Jump down to reach the Pool Pump. Push it forward through a door (on the right of which is a Health Hypodermic) and continue until you get to a door which is bolted from the other side
- Now go right and crawl through a hole in the wall to reach another room. Don't get upset about the person walking in this room, he'll just leave before you can enter
- Back on your feet, check the right side of this new room to find a dresser with Case File # 14/50 (Chapter 4 # 06/16) on it

- Continue through a door on the left. You'll reach a passage where a four-tiled puzzle is before you. The monitors displaying the correct tiles to step on are on your right just before the tiles. Should you walk on the wrong tiles, be ready to press a button to dodge a Trap
- Past this simple puzzle you'll be in another hallway. On your left there will be a red table with a box on. Open it to get a Nail
- Also on the left side of the hallway, you want to un-bolt the door that was blocking your way previously (and open it, while you're here), and lock-pick another door with a Nail (don't enter for now)
- Leave the pump behind for a moment, and reach the right side of the hallway (expect a Trap as you walk). Check the door on the right side: you can peek once to trigger a Trap. Peek again to find the numbers that you need to use to open the door (0876)
- Enter this optional room to find, hidden in the darkness, an open box on a small table which contains Puzzle Piece # 07/25 (Chapter 4 # 07/16)

- Go back to the Pool Pump (through the door you un-bolted a moment ago) and push it forward all the way to the end
- The pushing will end when you reach a spot on the floor marked with a red " X ". At this point leave the pump where it is, and enter the room on the right through a gear-door
- You'll be in a bathroom. Climb up a ladder to reach the upper floor. On this upper floor, immediately on your right is a sink with Case File # 15/50 (Chapter 4 # 08/16) on it
- Continue and go through a dark room to reach another lit room (there's also a Health Hypodermic on the left, in the dark room)

- Go through the gear-door on the right. After a short cutscene you'll have to face a Rammer ("Patrick"). Lure the creep towards a cracked wall on the right side (there are some red words on the floor near the spot you want him to hit) and let him charge at it three times to get rid of him and open the path forward. By defeating him you will also unlock:

Now THAT'S using your head!

Escaped "The Bullish Man"

Now THAT'S using your head!
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

- There's also an Answering Machine (about Patrick) on the right side if you want some extra info on this random guy
- Continue on the only possible way to reach the main room where you've already been a few times. Ahead of you is a beam to cross: do so
- Hug the wall to find the path to continue, and proceed on two more beams

- Past the beams you will find a red table with a box right in front of you. Pick Audio Tape # 04/20 (Chapter 4 # 09/16) from the box
- Enter the room on the left, and jump down through the hole in the floor
- Exit the room where you are after landing to reach an hallway. In front of you is a locked gear-door, while on the right is a combination door. Go left and expect a Trap as you walk onwards. Enter a very dark room on the left side

- In this dark room, immediately on the right as you enter, is a small table with Case File # 16/50 (Chapter 4 # 10/16)
- Proceed through the room and shade the light here and there to spot some tracks of humans who were here before you, as well as red numbers near them
- On the right side of this room is the bathroom, with some signs pictured on the mirror which complete the image of the signs on the opposite wall (just look in the mirror, anyways). The signs are Saw, Knot, Axe. Read the numbers painted on the ground/wall/ground near the dead figures in this order to get a combination (815). There's a couple of extra figures as well (one dead with a pistol and another from something else on a table); ignore them
- Use this combination to unlock the last combination-door you came across (on the other side of the hallway)

- Now use the Polarized Circuit Board near the gear-door and solve the puzzle to open it: in front of you there will be the Pool Pump again
- Push the Pool Pump all the way to the elevator
- Go down the elevator, along with the Pool Pump
- At the bottom of the ride, keep pushing the Pool Pump from its handles to ultimately put it in position

- Return to the room where Sarah is (don't go through the door on the left of the pump near the "Missing something?" words; backtrack and go through the passage on the right of the elevator)
- A new door has been opened now. It's the one near the Save Point (might as well save as you pass by). You'll have to crawl to continue
- After crawling, go right. You will easily spot a yellow ladder leading upwards, but don't take it yet. Instead, locate another ladder going downwards behind the first ladder, and take it to reach the bottom level. Here, behind you, is another red table/box with Puzzle Piece # 08/25 (Chapter 4 # 11/16) inside
- Go back and climb up the ladders all the way to the top. Then proceed through a couple of doors to trigger a cutscene

- After the cutscene, continue on the only possible way through a couple of open gear-doors (the second one will close behind you)
- At this point you are in another hallway, with a door on your right. Expect a Trap as you enter. Inside you will find Puzzle Piece # 09/25 (Chapter 4 # 12/16) in the usual box, as well as a Weapon Case with a Baseball Bat inside (you can find a Handmade Lockpick in a small wooden cabinet in the previous hallway)
- Go back to the hallway. The path to the left leads to a combination-door, so proceed forward in a large dark room instead

- There's a bunch of mannequins in this room. On the left side there's an empty cabinet, just for record's sake
- On the right side there's a light switch: toggle it, and an enemy will attack you from the room near the switch. Defeat him, and get his Baseball Bat afterwards
- Enter the room from where he came, and get the Health Hypodermic inside
- Now turn off the lights and have your back near the light switch. From this position, look at the other side of the room. Use your flashlight to see some tracks both on the wall of the other side of the room, and on the mannequins that, facing the other side of the room, are on your right. Position yourself so you look these two mannequins right in their face, and play with the camera angle until you see the three numbers for the next combination (938). If you can't see the tracks, turn the lights on and off again, so the fluorescence comes back in case it elapsed

- Return to the previous hallway, and reach the combination-door (on your right, as you go). Put the correct numbers to unlock it
- Inside this room, immediately on your right is Case File # 17/50 (Chapter 4 # 13/16), on a small cart
- The TV hinting the correct tiles for the next floor-puzzle is right in front of you. Take note of the symbols (Tape Player, Pills, Camera, Pills again). Get to the other side of the floor-puzzle to continue -- beware that some of the tiles will alternate, so you may have to wait a few seconds until the tiles of the correct path show up. Keep in mind that you need to also follow the order of the sequence displayed on the monitor, so if a tile alternates Pills and Camera but you previously stepped on a Pills-tile and a Tape Player-tile before that, the correct one will be Camera

- Proceed through a door in front of you (there's a locked door on the left; ignore it), through a dark area, and then up some stairs leading you to a better lit area
- In this lit area you will easily spot Case File # 18/50 (Chapter 4 # 14/16) on a table. There's also a Health Hypodermic nearby
- Continue in the next room. After a short cutscene, a timed-puzzle will begin. First of all get Case File # 19/50 (Chapter 4 # 15/16) from the table in the middle of the room
- The puzzle is fairly simple: there are eight pictures, and each picture is displayed partially on two different monitors (the combination of the two parts makes a whole picture). Your goal is to match the eight couples by selecting the two pieces of pictures one after another. The puzzle won't reset if you select the wrong TVs (I mean if you find the first two couples and then fail to match the third one, then the first two couples will still be completed, so you don't need to memorize those you've already completed)
- The puzzle is randomly generated every time, so if you have to restart a checkpoint you will probably not have the same puzzle again
- Here's the pieces put togeter in a 4x4 grid with an empty grid ready for use. You can save this image to your computer, open it in Paint or similar programs, then move the pieces of the sample grid (the left one) to the right grid (the right one) in correspondence with the position of your in-game grid (say you have the poison-looking puzzle piece in your first row/second column TV: select that piece from the left grid of the picture and move it in the first row/second column of the right grid), so you can easily paint your own puzzle and make the solution easier to see. Either this, or old fashioned pen and paper, or some good memory and luck: your choice. For record's sake, the pictures represent: Hang Knot, Knife, Poison Bottle, Hacksaw, Pistol, Circular Saw, Razor Blade, Razor

- After completing the puzzle, proceed outside through the door that just opened. Go around and jump down the broken floor when you can
- As you jump down, get ready to dodge a bullet (like a Trap, by pressing a button). Your enemy has a pistol with infinite bullets, but limited bullets per loadout (six bullets). Wait until he has to reload (count the bullets he fires, or just wait until you see that he's not pointing the flashlight at you; he usually also says something when he's reloading), and then get out of cover to make your way to him. Proceed clockwise around the room, taking cover whenever you find something to hide. There's no need to press A to take cover "officially" to be safe; it's enough to stand behind a pillar
- When you're close enough, wait for him to reload again and run towards him to force him to a retreat

Note that due to an in-game bug if you're fast enough you can actually defeat him in melee combat during his withdraw. If this happens, he will drop his weapon (that you are not supposed to ever get), the Revolver. Provided you manage to kill him, DO NOT pick up the Revolver from the dead body. This weapon is glitched (the game freezes if you attack with it), and can literally stop you from proceeding if you're bound to fight someone and you don't have another weapon to switch the glitched Revolver for (you can't drop the weapons in this game, so exchanging it is your only option to get rid of it). If you've accidentally picked it up, don't worry: you'll have a chance to switch it for another weapon (thus avoiding the glitch) before the next fight triggers.

- Go inside the room behind where your enemy was to find, on a table on your right, Case File # 20/50 (Chapter 4 # 16/16)
- Complete the Lights Out minigame in this same room to unlock a gear-door
- The door you've unlocked is, as you exit the room where you've unlocked it, on the right side. You will reach an elevator: ride it down
- You're back in the room with Sarah. Now you can access the bottom of the structure where she's trapped and climb up a ladder to trigger the last minigame of this chapter

- The minigame wants you to align some rotating pieces of pipes. There are three independent group of pieces to work on (they all work the same way though). To succeed you need to press A on a rotating pipe to stop its movement, and wait until the pipe above/below it is aligned with the piece you're currently keeping still. When they're aligned (no need to be perfect, but try to be accurate of course), release A so they can spin together. Align all the pieces of a group of pipes, and they will automatically stop at once, thus allowing the water to flow
- The first group is no problem, since you can stop the pieces just in correspondence of their final position (vertically). The second group is more tricky, since when you stop the pieces they will be rotated 90° (horizontally)
- The third group is even more tricky, since you stop the pieces when they are +135° (90°+45°) clockwise from their final position; moreover, the first two pieces rotate clockwise while the third one rotates counterclockwise. You can pretend that the pieces of pipes are the hands of an imaginary clock, like in this image. First of all, stop the first piece (the upper one); it will point at "1" and "4" of the imaginary clock. Release the A button when you see that the second piece is pointing at "1" and "7" of the imaginary clock. Then select the third piece and hold it until you see that the second piece is pointing at "10" and "4". This will solve the puzzle

- After the cutscenes that will follow your success you will unlock:

Sarah Blalock

Freed Sarah from the trap

Sarah Blalock
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

- Go back to the bottom level, and proceed through a newly-opened door on the left side of the area. It leads you outside
- Keep going through another door to complete this Chapter

Chapter 5 - Joseph

Collectibles Summary:
- Case Files: 8
- Puzzle Pieces: 4
- Billy Doll: 1
- Audio Tapes: 5
- Collectibles video

- Go around the room on the left side and align a couple of "barricade" carts so they're both aligned with some higher box-stacks on the top of which is a bloody "thing" with flies flying around

- Go to the right side to reach a Health Hypodermic and a door you need to lock-pick. You can find a Nail from that bloody thing (walk on the carts to reach it)
- Enter the next room. You will find a Point to Point circuit to fix. This time there are two lights that you need to activate with separate circuits. If you send the "yellow power" to the green bulbs, the gears will go crazy and mix up randomly. Do your best to avoid this, or you'll need to start over. Here are the 8 possible puzzles that can occur in this Chapter (as well as the next one)

- Once you get through, enter the next room. Listen to the recorded tapes, then reach the other side of the room to find, on a machinery behind the elevator's place, Case File # 21/50 (Chapter 5 # 01/18)
- As you go you may also be able to notice the sow-headed figure behind a grid on the right side. You can only watch this figure getting away, so nevermind about it
- You will also pass by another TV set that will automatically turn on, introducing you to this Chapter. At the end of this other recorded tape, a gear-door will open on the left side of the room: go there

- You will come to another Point to Point circuit: complete the puzzle to open up another gear-door
- After a short scene, proceed in this new room with a trapped guy inside a locked cage. On the left side there are two doors, one of which is bolted from the other side (the other one is where you'll need to put a Valve in). On the right side there's another door, as well as a Health Hypodermic
- Start by going through the door on the right side, and dodge the Trap that will try to kill you as you enter

- Proceed after a short cutscene, and expect a big container to drop from the ceiling, startling your game character and blocking the way to the freight elevator
- On the left side of this area you can find a combination-gate and two doors where you can enter, as well as a Weapon Case for reference and a Fuse Box you can toggle (do so)
- If you go through the door farther from the combination-gate (it's behind a bunch of stacks of boxes) you will enter another part of this open area where, on a lit table, you can find a Handmade Lockpick to open the Weapon Case. If you accidentally picked up the Revolver, make sure to get the Baseball Bat from here: you will drop the glitched weapon (the Revolver) and get a non-glitched weapon (the Baseball Bat), just in time for the next fight

- Next go through the door closest to the combination-gate
- The hallway where you'll be in is dark. Ignore the locked door on the left side, and keep going on to reach another door also on your left
- Enter inside this room, which is a restroom, and search in one of the toilets full of syringes to get a Coupler

- Exit this room and go back to the previous dark hallway. Continue to your left to find a third door. Go through this other door, and dodge the Trap as you enter the next room
- In this small room you can find a Nail in the drawer on the right, and a Polarized Circuit Board. Use the previous Coupler to solve the minigame and restore the power in the room where we'll go next
- With the Nail obtained in this last room you can lock-pick the door that you previously ignored, in the hallway before this room. Lock-pick that door now, and enter inside: it's a restroom
- On your right there will be a light switch (you can use it only if you completed the last Polarized Circuit Board minigame, which isn't really mandatory though). On the left there are some big yellow doors: open them to reveal the toilets. Turn off the lights to read the fluorescent-numbers painted on the walls behind the toilets (620)

- Now that you have the combination you can exit outside and open the combination-gate
- Proceed upstairs to find a Save Point. On the same table where it is, you can also collect Case File # 22/50 (Chapter 5 # 02/18)
- Continue in the next room. On the right there is a control panel that you want to operate in order to control a magnet with which you can lift and drop away the big container that startled your character earlier. It's the only one you can move, so you don't have much choice. Just drop it on the top of other containers to put it where it can't disturb you
- As soon as you stop controlling the magnet, an enemy will attack you from the door on the other side of the room: don't get caught off guard--fight him back
- Get the Pipe he dropped from the ground if you want, then go through the door that he opened to find a button: press it

- Backtrack a bit to reach the freight elevator, then ride it up
- Continue on the only possible way after the ride, and expect a Trap on the floor as you walk onwards. Proceed past a door, and in front of you there will be immediately another door; on your right there's a puzzle-floor instead
- Ignore the door, and go through the puzzle-floor first. Past it there will be another door on your right: enter inside this other room, and go through another couple of doors (the first one will trigger the usual Trap) to reach a red table with a red box on: grab Puzzle Piece # 10/25 (Chapter 5 # 03/18) from the box

- Go back to the last door you ignored (the one before the puzzle-floor). A short cutscene will trigger, and a platform will be lowered, allowing you to continue
- As you proceed you'll go through a gear-door that will automatically shut behind you. Past this door, there's a room in front of you and some stairs on your right. Go through the room first, and get Case File # 23/50 (Chapter 5 # 04/18) from the shelves on the right
- Then go downstairs, and after a short cutscene another shooting sequence will begin. You'll start in cover automatically; make your way to the right side, cover after cover, until you reach a Health Hypodermic near a Lights Out minigame
- Complete the minigame to unlock a gate, and then go through that gate to continue making your way to the enemy. You will eventually come to a door, then go upstairs and find another door (watch out for a Trap here)
- At this point the enemy will be below you. Use a control panel to automatically drop something on the floor near his position, forcing him to escape. Yea, after all this mess all you've accomplished is a promise to meet him again
- Pick up the red Valve hanging out from a chain near where you are. A gear-door will automatically open as you get this item

- Go through this door and continue downstairs. You will find Audio Tape # 05/20 (Chapter 5 # 05/18) just at the bottom of the stairs, on the usual red table. If this is your fifth Audio Tape, you will unlock:

Mix Tape

Found 1/4 of the Audio Tapes

Mix Tape
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

- Before going to the left side, turn around and proceed past the stairs to reach the area where the previous enemy was shooting from. Here you will find, on another red table (on your left), Puzzle Piece # 11/25 (Chapter 5 # 06/18)
- You can now finally go back to the room where the last guy you needed to save was. The door behind your back will close as you continue. Anyways, put the Valve in place in the room immediately on your left, and press a button to complete this portion of the story, setting free the trapped guy
- Reach him afterwards, and he'll give you a Key. You can find the Answering Machine for Anton (the guy you just saved) in his former cell. He'll go knee and pray somewhere in the darkness (not that it really matters, anyway)

- Backtrack towards where you originally came from (on the opposite side of the room where Anton's cell is). A gear-door has opened (it's the only one still open actually), allowing you to continue
- Go upstairs (notice the guy with the boiled head on the left as you go) and solve the usual Point To Point puzzle to open up the next gear-door
- Proceed counterclockwise around the new room you've unlocked, and press a red button as you go. This will open up the next door
- Feel free to ignore the two chicks behind a grid on the right side. Keep going right and you will come across a few barrels on which is Case File # 24/50 (Chapter 5 # 07/18)
- Near this last item is the door to the Lacquer Studio, that is where you'll go to continue

- Solve the next Point To Point minigame to open a gear-door. Past this gear-door is a ladder on the right; go down the ladder and you'll see Case File # 25/50 (Chapter 5 # 08/18) right in front of you, on more barrels. If this is your twentyfifth Case File, you will unlock:

Half the story

Found 1/2 of the Case Files

Half the story
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

- Enter the next large area. On the left side there's a Health Hypodermic near a sealed gear-door
- On your side of the room there are two "barricade" carts you need to push forward. In the middle of the room there are some explosives (with red flashing lights) attached to a small rotating crane: avoid them and push the carts all the way to the wall on the opposite side of the room. Put both the carts in position to unlock the gear-door we mentioned a moment ago

- Go through the gear-door that you just opened. You'll access a poisoned area where your health will constantly drop down as you move around. You'll probably need to use 2-3 healing items to stay alive
- First of all stick to the left side and proceed clockwise to eventually find a small broken part of the floor where you can jump down: do so
- After landing in a small safe spot, continue to the left (again in the poisoned area) to find a ramp that can take you up again. Follow the path that leads you up, to a metal walkway. You will soon come across an optional door (safe area too): enter inside this optional room (watch out for the Trap as you get in) to find Health Hypodermic on the left wall, and Puzzle Piece # 12/25 (Chapter 5 # 09/18) on small box on the ground near the tables on the right. If this is your twelfth Puzzle Piece, you will unlock:

Starting to come together

Found 1/2 of the puzzle pieces

Starting to come together
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

- Go back to the poisoned area and continue further upwards on more metal staircases. There's really only one way to go. At one point you'll have to cross a beam, and then lock-pick a door -- there's a Nail in the "filing cabinet" somewhere on the right of the door

- When you're finally inside this last safe area, get the Health Hypodermic on the left wall, and then pick up the Audio Tape # 06/20 (Chapter 5 # 10/18) from the glass table on the right
- Go through another door (a Trap will trigger as you enter), and then through yet another door to reach a staircase that will take you down to another Point To Point minigame. Complete it to unseal the next gear-door
- Drop down from the metal walkway where you are when you find a spot where to do so. After landing down, check the stack of boxes immediately near your position to get Case File # 26/50 (Chapter 5 # 11/18)
- Near where you landed there's also a ramp that you can ignore (it leads to the other side of the area, which has nothing interesting right now), and then an open door ("Exit") past the ramp. Go there

- The door will automatically lock behind you. An enemy will attack you: defeat him and then get the Baseball Bat he'll drop. Loot his body to also get a Nail
- On your left there's a door you can open to enter a small room where a Weapon Case is, along with a small drawer where you can find the Handmade Lockpick to get its content (a Pipe weapon) (feel free to ignore this room)
- A gear-door will also be opened after winning the previous fight. Go in this new room to find a combination-door and a lock-pick door. On the left of the lock-pick door there are more boxes with Case File # 27/50 (Chapter 5 # 12/18) on

- Lock-pick the door with the usual Nail to get inside the next part of the area
- On the left side of this area full of red signs everywhere you can find a red table with Audio Tape # 07/20 (Chapter 5 # 13/18) on
- Look at the pillar with red signs on, standing in the middle of this room. If you look at it from the right angle (about from Southwest to Northeast) you will manage to complete the signs on the pillar with the signs in the background. This will let you read the numbers of the next combination (452)
- Open the combination-door you found in the previous door and proceed

- Past the combination-door, expect a Trap on the ground. Continue onwards, and a short cutscene will warn you about chemical dangers on the ground (they're fairly easy to spot; easier with the lights on, of course). Just watch your steps and proceed to the left side of the area (hug the walls to find a safe passage)
- At one point you'll reach a safe room with no hazards on the ground. There's a sealed door on the left side. There's also a button on the upper-left corner: push it to close a rolling-shutter door and open another one
- This will free a Rammer (is Jigsaw breeding bullies or what?). Dodge his attacks as usual, and go in the room where he came from (the only open one) to find Audio Tape # 08/20 (Chapter 5 # 14/18)
- Press the previous button again to restore the default opening of the rolling shutters. Make sure that the Rammer didn't get caught back in the room where he was, and then lure him towards the small room that you re-opened (lure him near sealed door). Once he's there, quickly press the button again to trap him in this small space
- Wait a few seconds, and a gear-door will open on the other corner of the room. Before going there though, operate the button a last time to open up the area where the Rammer was. He's gone away (you won't find this one again), opening the sealed door which is now available for you

- Proceed in this optional area to find a door in front of you which leads nowhere (ignore it), and a side room on the left which leads to a combination door. There are some symbols on the wall of this small room, and as you may imagine they contain the solution to the combination. If you look at the wall with your head on your right shoulder, you will recognise the symbols as three columns of roman numbers. Each of the columns follows a specific progression (the first column follows the +1 rule: II, III, IV, V, VI; the second column follows the +2 rule: II, IV, VI; the third column follows the -1 rule: V, IV, III, II, I). Here's a visual representation of the solution. The key numbers you want are the "next" number of the progression (780)
- Use this solution to unlock the combination door nearby and access the small red room with a Billy Puppet # 04/07 (Chapter 5 # 15/18)

- Now go back to the previous room and go through the gear-door that previously opened to reach the Machine Assembly room. In this room there's chemic hazard on the ground again, so watch out
- In order to proceed, locate a somehow hidden ladder near the stack of boxes on the right side. Before climbing up, go around the boxes (stick to the wall on your right) to find Puzzle Piece # 13/25 (Chapter 5 # 16/18) on the usual red table/box
- Then climb up the ladder and use a beam to reach the other side; drop down to continue in the next room

- In the new room, immediately in front of you/on your right you will see Case File # 28/50 (Chapter 5 # 17/18) on some more boxes
- Proceed by pushing a cart (hung at the ceiling) forward first, and then push it back from the other side to open up the path up some wooden ramps (I guess crouching is too much to ask) to reach a conveyor belt
- Crawl on the conveyor belt (...) to another room, where a cutscene will trigger

- After the cutscene you can access a control panel (somewhere on the left side) to trigger the next minigame. You have to remove some obstacles from the conveyor belt, activated as soon as you operate the control panel. A gear-door near the panel itself will also open after operating it
- Go through the gear-door just opened, and pull the first cart (hung at the ceiling again) near the conveyor belt twice, so you remove it from the conveyor belt and you also remove it from your way
- Continue past this first obstacle and remove another cart (pull it twice too)
- Keep going around some fences/walls to find an area with some stairs on the right and three more carts on the ground level. Go up the stairs first, so you reach the other side of the area down some stairs. On the right is another cart to pull twice
- Go back to the three carts you previously ignored, and pull each of them in a convenient order (basically pull the first carts you come across) to have enough space to remove one of them from the conveyor belt. You'll have to pull the first one twice
- Proceed forward. Unbolt a door to reach another area; don't freak out when you see a figure running up some stairs. You will also hear a *splat* noise later -- it's him getting killed by a trap. You need to go around some stacks (counterclockwise, stick to your left) to go up the same stairs of the figure you just saw. You will then reach the other side of the room again (you may recognize it now: it's the part of this area where you've previously been, and you're coming from the stairs that previously led nowhere useful) -- go left, past the dead body that is on the floor near an open door to access another area from where you can find and pull (once is enough) the next, last cart
- Backtrack to the other side of the area (go up and down the staircases again). A gear-door has been unsealed, and you can proceed through it

- On your left you will easily spot Audio Tape # 09/20 (Chapter 5 # 18/18)
- Complete the next Point To Point minigame to open up another gear-door
- Past this other gear-door you will see some red flashing lights on your right: that's the box which was on the conveyor belt. Open it from the correct side to get the Lever from it
- Put the lever in position near the elevator to open up the doors of an elevator, and then ride it down

- You've finally reached Joseph. After a short cutscene you'll have to get through a new minigame, which is a sort of combination between Point To Point and Lights Out: it's called "Kaleidoscope" and looks like this. In particular, you can rotate some "things" (let's call them "gears") that have red and white painting on them. There are also light spheres between the gears, and you need to turn them on. If you put the same-colored side of the gears (for instance, white side and white side) on either sides of the light spheres, the light sphere will turn on of that color. It doesn't matter which color you turn them on: the goal is simply to turn all the light spheres on, by rotating the gears so they "sanwdich" the light sphere with the same-color side
- You can pause the game and think over the minigame to solve it more easily. You'll need to solve a total of three of these minigames (two of which have a third and even a fourth color involved too, but the concept is always the same of course) to finally complete this Chapter. Don't underestimate the puzzles; it's a good idea to start off with the one on the left side, since it's the hardest (four colors). I found it easier to work on them by starting with the lowest row of gears, which seem to be the most problematic ones. I haven't found the same puzzles a single time after attempting them more than 20 times, so you'll have to solve them on your own this time
- By saving this victim you will complete the current chapter and unlock:

Joseph Poltzer

Freed Joseph from the trap

Joseph Poltzer
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Chapter 6 - Carla

Collectibles Summary:
- Case Files: 6
- Puzzle Pieces: 4
- Billy Doll: 1
- Audio Tapes: 6
- Collectibles video

- Walk through the hallways and you'll come to a room where a cutscene will trigger, introducing the next victim
- After the scene, on the right side of the room you can find a Save Point, and near the Save Point also a door you can lock-pick. There's a drawer somewhere near the stairs on the left that contains a Nail for this purpose

- Lock-pick the door and enter inside. An enemy will assault you from a dark room in front of you -- defeat him and get the Fireaxe he'll drop
- On the left side of this room is a lit space with Health Hypodermic near a wall and two items on a table: Winch Handle, a story-related key item, and Audio Tape # 10/20 (Chapter 6 # 01/17) on its left. If this is your tenth Audio Tape you will unlock:

Easy Listening

Found 1/2 of the Audio Tapes

Easy Listening
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

- Now exit outside and up the metal stairs on the left side of the previous room (the only ones you can find, really) to reach a machine where you can put the Winch Handle in. Do so to raise a platform, thus revealing a passage under it
- From this machinery, turn around and locate three big brown boxes in a dark corner, near a shelf. On one of them is Puzzle Piece # 14/25 (Chapter 6 # 02/17)
- Go under the platform you raised to find a passage to the lower levels, and a ladder to reach them. Go down the ladder

- At the bottom of the ladder, exit outside through the gear-door right in front of you. As you continue be ready to dodge a Trap on the ground
- Continue on the only possible way, noticing a helpless victim in the nearby building. As you go you will see a wooden table on your right, with Audio Tape # 11/20 (Chapter 6 # 03/17) on
- Past this collectible is a gear-door which can be opened by completing the usual Point To Point puzzle

- Go past the gear-door that you'll open (it will automatically close behind you) and proceed to the left. You'll come to another door that you have to lock-pick -- there's a Nail in the usual drawer/cart near this door
- Inside the room past this door you will find Puzzle Piece # 15/25 (Chapter 6 # 04/17) on the table on your right. In this room there's also a Health Hypodermic
- Go back to the previous hallway and locate a narrow passage which leads towards an area with blue electricity tracks on the ground

- In this "electricity" area there are some carts you need to push and pull to continue. First, push the cart in front of you twice, so you stop just in time before stepping on the electricity floor (which instant-kills you)
- Then turn left 90° to see another cart: push it once, so you reveal the handles of another cart just on your left
- Pull this other cart once. At this point you can reach the "Small Generator" behind this third cart (on the side opposite where you pulled it from): operate it (button-mash the displayed button quickly, or you'll take damage and fail) to remove the electricity from the floor
- Now you can push the first cart all the way to the "button", thus opening a gate on the left of this area
- Before going there, position the second and third carts back in their original position (push the third cart once, pull the second one once)

- Proceed through the gate you just opened. You will notice that the gear you're wearing will start blipping (you will see red flashing lights and hear noises); if you look at the right wall just past the gate you can see the two lights of a nearby glass box: try not to lure around it for too long (there will be another glass box on the way soon enough)
- If that wasn't enough, the pyromaniac guy is back, and will occasionally throw a few molotovs at you (leaving some fire hazard on the ground for some seconds). You can't do much about him, so just try to complete everything quickly
- Go left past the gate and pull twice the only cart you can interact with
- Go past the cart you've pulled (you'll come to the other glass box now) and follow the path around the stacks to the right in order to pull once, one after another, two carts
- Go back to the better lit part of this area; you'll find another cart that you can now pull to open your way forward to another room

- The door will close behind you in this "fire" room
- Stick to the right to go around a gated area and reach a red valve: operate it to eliminate a fire beam which was on your way, and then proceed to the other side of the room
- As you continue, don't get startled by the figure that will scream from the platforms ahead of you. In fact, be happy of his fate, since it will bring you this achievement (automatically unlocked):


Barry died

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

- Keep going through a gate. In front of you (past the open gate) is a shelf from where you can get Case File # 29/50 (Chapter 6 # 05/17). It's not very visible, but you'll find it
- Go left and listen to the Answering Machine for Barry on a table if you want, then keep going

- You will reach the Generator Room, which you might recognize from earlier (you saw this room as you passed by). Anyways, there's a dead body on the ground that you can loot to get a Nail
- Go left from the corpse to find Audio Tape # 12/20 (Chapter 6 # 06/17) on a table
- Locate a door to lock-pick on the right side, and enter inside the next room

- Immediately in front of you is a desk from where you can pick up a Coupler. Grab the Health Hypodermic on the right while you're here, and exit outside again
- Check the Polarized Circuit Box near where you got the last Audio Tape, and use the Coupler to unlock it. Solve the minigame and then press the button that will spawn nearby

- A new door has been opened now. Past the door is a ladder: climb up it and then go through another door (watch out for a Trap as you open it)
- Proceed forward in the next hallway (there's a rather visible Trap in front of you, be ready to dodge it as you go)
- You will reach a room where, after a short cutscene, you'll have to solve a Kaleidoscope puzzle to avoid getting crushed by a moving wall from the left. It's one of the simple ones with only two colors, don't worry (but hurry up)

- The left wall will retreat as soon as you complete the puzzle. A new door is now open, and you can go through it
- Immediately in front of you past this door, on the floor, you can find and get Case File # 30/50 (Chapter 6 # 07/17). It's not very visible, but you'll find it if you search for it
- Go left and crawl through a hole in the wall

- After a short cutscene, operate a red valve to turn off the steam from the path of your partner, who will do the same with another valve to clear your path
- You will be able to reach another red valve, but don't use it or you'll kill your partner. Instead, locate a small ladder on the right just before the next steam that blocks your path, and reach the bottom level to find another red valve. Operate this one, then go back up the metal platform where you were
- Continue on the walkway to find another ladder to go down again: do so (notice the blue "Choose Wisely" sign before going down the ladder, and then an apparently random blue scribble on another sign at the bottom of the ladder) to reach three valves
- You can't operate them just yet. Before them you'll find a minigame, an "unofficial" version of the Dial Puzzle (you came across one of these much earlier in the game, in Chapter 1). The solution is intuitive, and you could also see it on the sign at the bottom of the ladder (other than in this picture). It's advisable to work from the most external dials to those closest to the center, since the external ones will also move the internal ones
- Once you've linked the two blue extremities of this sort of Dial Puzzle, the blue valve will become available: rotate it to let your partner proceed and turn off the steam for you
- Go back up the walkway and continue to come across a red valve to operate: it's the last one

- After a few cutscenes a gear-door will open: proceed there and a recorded tape will automatically play
- Grab Audio Tape # 13/20 (Chapter 6 # 08/17) from the table on the left, and wait until the record ends, thus opening another gear-door in front of you
- Go through this door and you'll find yourself back in the first area of this level, near the machinery that you first operated to lift a platform. Go downstairs and locate the new gear-door that has been unsealed (the one taking you to the "Storage Warehouse"): go there

- You'll be in the usual hallway, with an Audio Tape # 14/20 (Chapter 6 # 09/17) on the table to your left
- Complete the Point To Point minigame on the right to open another gear-door, and get through it

- You'll find yourself in a large warehouse. If you proceed forward, on your left there will be a door that you can open; don't do so, since it just leads you to a poisoned area where you can't do anything right now
- Opposite this door/room you can find (in the warehouse area) a red cart/drawer behind some stacks of boxes. It contains a Health Hypodermic
- Then walk around the stacks on the other side of the area until you find a passage where you can squeeze through (it's near a lit candle on the ground)
- Do so (squeeze through the stacks) to be able to reach a generator. Turn it off to remove the electricity from a passage on the floor
- Still in this same area, before squeezing back through the stacks, locate a "barricade" (a cart with four barrels on) in a corner. Pull it to reveal Puzzle Piece # 16/25 (Chapter 6 # 10/17) on the floor where it was at first

- Now squeeze back through the stacks and proceed past the water puddle on the ground (where the electricity was) to reach a door (in front of you) and a ladder (on your left)
- The ladder leads you up some scaffoldings. From there you can look below you to see some red paintings on the ground and boxes. They contain the solution to the next puzzle (you're looking at it from the right angle if the red arrow points "up")
- The door is sealed, and can be unlocked by completing the Dial Puzzle. The solution looks like this, in case you don't want to waste time reading the in-game symbols from the high scaffoldings. In words, you can see that the dial is divided in 8 sectors by white lines. Most of the dials has an "empty" symbol in one of the sectors; the only exception is the most internal one. Let's name the 8 sectors with numbers from 1 to 8, clockwise, calling "1" the section which, if the dial was a clock, is between "12 o'clock" and "midway between 1 and 2 o'clock". Rotate the most external dial (circle signs) until its empty sign is in the second sector. Then rotate the dial with rhombuses-looking sign until its empty sign is in the eighth sector. Then rotate the next dial (with arrow-point-looking signs) until the empty sign is between the fourth and the fifth sector ("at 6 o'clock" so to speak). Finally make sure that the full circle above the triangle of the most internal dial is between the fourth and fifth sector as well (so basically the triangle is upside-down and the full circle is below it)

- Once the door is unsealed you can enter another small room. There will be Health Hypodermic right in front of you, and then another ladder on the left: climb up it
- After climbing up, proceed on the only possible way and look on your left to find some messy shelves and a desk; on the desk you can pick up Case File # 31/50 (Chapter 6 # 11/17)
- Continue on the walkway and crawl when necessary. After crawling you'll see a poisonous room on the left; before going there, go forward on the walkway and press a red button to lower a ladder, thus creating a path that takes you directly near the poisonous room on the bottom level (the one you previously ignored)
- Ignore the ladder for now, and continue on the walkway towards where you see some gas. This is the upper part of the poisonous room. You can find three drawers here: one has a Health Hypodermic, one is empty, and the third one has a Coupler inside
- Use the Coupler to unlock a Polarized Circuit Box somewhere on the walls near this walkway, and complete it (it's very simple)

- After completing it the poison will be removed from the air
- Before jumping down in the room below you, locate another "crawl passage" in a corner somewhere on this walkway, and go through it. You'll reach a room where you can get Health Hypodermic (from the wall) and Puzzle Piece # 16/25 (Chapter 6 # 12/17)
- Crawl back to the walkway and jump down to the previously-poisoned room. Listen to the recorded tape that will automatically play; at the end of the record a door will open

- Continue and you'll find some stairs (there's also a door on the right, but it's bolted from the other side, so nevermind). Go up the stairs, and examine the lockers on your left to get a Nail
- Lock-pick a gate/door to continue. Past the gate/door you can get a Health Hypodermic from the desk immediately on the right. There's also a dead body on the ground with a free Fireaxe to pick up if you need
- Moreover, there's a Save Point on a table, and Audio Tape # 15/20 (Chapter 6 # 13/17) on another table
- Finally there's a Lights Out minigame on yet another table. Complete it to remove a platform from the floor somewhere in this room (out of the gated area where you are right now)

- Jump down through the broken floor now that the platform has been moved away
- You'll reach a room with a bunch of cabinets, as well as a Health Hypodermic. Although most of the cabinets are empty, two of them contain a Paint Thinner and an Ammonia -- get them both. Don't get caught off guard by the enemy roaming around in this area
- On the desk near the cabinet where the Ammonia is you also want to pick up Case File # 32/50 (Chapter 6 # 14/17)
- When it's all looted, un-bolt the only door of this room, which is the door you came across earlier too (the one at the bottom of some stairs)

- Reach the previously-poisoned room from here, and put the Chemicals in position. Then you'll have to solve another puzzle to continue. In this puzzle there are four gears you can rotate only partially. Each of them is connected to three tubes: one of the tubes is above the gears, and it's where they receive the components from; the other two tubes are where the component they received can go. In particular, the component will flow through the tube in correspondence to which the gears do NOT have a hole. In other words, make sure that the gears are rotated so that their side that doesn't have a hole is in correspondence with the tube where you want the component to flow
- There are two tubes where the correct components need to ultimately flow: the red one and the blue one. Depending on the color of the component that you see in the large pipe at the top of this mixture machinery, send the component to the red pipe (if the component is red) or to the blue pipe (if the component is blue). Sometimes you may get a yellow component too, and this one needs to be trashed away through the yellow tubes on either side (left/right, it doesn't matter which one)
- You're allowed to make a total of two mistakes before ultimately failing. Here is an example of the procedure
- Once you know how the system works it's really not that hard: do this twice with the red component, twice with the blue component (random times with the yellow one) to make and get the Chemical Bomb item

- Exit this room, and place the bomb near the rolling shutter that will be on your right as you go. Move away to a safe position after placing the bomb, or you'll get caught in the explosion
- Go through the broken rolling shutter and you'll soon come across a random enemy to fight. There's a small dark room on the left with a Health Hypodermic too if you need

- Exit the small dark room and continue through a gate to enter inside a sort of "cage" area. Operate a red button on the right here to trigger a short cutscene, at the end of which you'll make acquaintance with Dwayne the Rammer. There's a handy part of the cage with electricity flowing through the bars -- become a torero as usual to fry him to death (it'll take three discharges)
- Loot the dead body of the Spiked Rammer to get the Freight Elevator Key. You will have also unlocked an achievement for defeating him:

Third time's the charm

Subdued the "Bullish Man"

Third time's the charm
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

- Go through the gear-door that will unseal afterwards. You'll find some stairs that go up, but ignore them at first
- Instead, go around the bottom of the stairs to reach a lit room with a combination-door on the right; behind this door is a Billy Puppet. The combination is found inside the adjacent dark room, which has three walls painted with a bunch of numbers. On each of the walls there are all the numbers from 0 to 9 except one number: the missing numbers are of course the combination of the door to the next collectible (630) -- get Billy Puppet # 05/07 (Chapter 6 # 15/17) when it's opened

- Then go up the stairs you previously ignored. On the floor, just at the top of the stairs, you can find Case File # 33/50 (Chapter 6 # 16/17)
- Open the door on the right (watch out for a Trap) and go left in the next room. A cutscene will trigger, and you'll have to run away from a certain "slicer" enemy. The run-away will be automatic, and you'll only have to press a few buttons (tap one of them when you need to climb up back on the floor) to escape
- Continue on the only possible way after the chase is over, and you'll go past a very short metal bridge to reach the next small room. In this small room, just on the left as you enter, there is Case File # 34/50 (Chapter 6 # 17/17) on a table

- Wait until the gear-door ahead of you automatically opens, and follow the only possible path to be back in the "Main Hall" (the first large area of this chapter) once again
- Now that you have the keys, you can operate the freight elevator on the bottom level (unlock it and then toggle a switch to open its doors). You'll ride it up automatically, and after a cutscene you'll have to solve the final minigame of this chapter

- In this minigame there are four sets of numbers, and despite the screams of the victim you have to rescue you can take all the time you need (what you need to do is avoid making mistakes). At the bottom of the four sets of numbers you can modify there's a fifth set, which displays the algebrical sum of the numbers on the left and right respectively. If you press A after selecting a couple of numbers, you will swap the numbers, like in the previous versions of this minigame. The ultimate goal of the minigame is to balance the left numbers and the right numbers. The sum of all the numbers is "2X" ("X" being a random number), so just play around with the numbers so that the sums of the left and right columns are both "X"
- Keep in mind that by switching the numbers of a pair you will change the difference between the sums of the numbers by twice as much as the difference between the numbers themselves. For example, if the left number of a couple is "2" and the right number is "5", and the current total is "15" on the left column and "25" on the right column (difference of 10), by switching the couple "2 & 5" to "5 & 2" you will bring the left column to a total of "18" and the right column to a total of "22", so the difference is now 4 (the previous difference was 10, and 10-6 = 4; 6 is 3*2, where "3" is 5-2, the difference between the numbers of the couple; so, again, you changed the difference between the sums by twice as the difference between the numbers of the couple). So if your sums differ by 4 (like 21 & 25) and you find a couple which differs by 2 (like 1 & 3), that's where you have to operate the switches
- Again, you have all the time to think at the solution
- You'll have to complete this same minigame three/four times to finally complete this chapter. You will also unlock:

Carla Song

Freed Carla from the trap

Carla Song
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Chapter 7 - Solomon

Collectibles Summary:
- Case Files: 8
- Puzzle Pieces: 4
- Billy Doll: 1
- Audio Tapes: 2
- Collectibles video

- After the elevator ride continue on a metal walkway until a short cutscene triggers
- You have to operate a control panel to move a couple of huge containers with a magnet/crane. Your goal is to lift and drop the two blue movable containers so you can use them as stepping platforms to step on the third (not movable) blue container that you will use to reach the other side of the room (like this)

- Go there after placing the containers in position. You'll reach another metal walkway, and come across a Kaleidoscope minigame. If you go past this minigame you can find two "toolboxes"/drawers, one of which contains a Nail
- Complete the minigame to unlock a gear-door behind the control panel that you previously used to move the magnet/crane
- Backtrack and operate the control panel again. You want to move away one of the two containers you've placed, so that once you reach the bottom level you can go on the left side of the room

- Go through the gear-door you've unlocked, and climb down the ladder you'll find past the door to reach the bottom level. To the right is an open gate that leads outside (just for reference)
- Go left through a gear-door and a short cutscene will trigger. After that, walk onwards and check the second desk on your left to find Case File # 35/50 (Chapter 7 # 01/15)
- Proceed through the door nearby (watch out for a Trap) to advance

- Follow the only possible way to come to a darker room. On the right here you will find a drawer with Health Hypodermic inside, and a ladder leading down
- Climb down the ladder and you'll reach a Point To Point circuit. This time it has three colors, but by now you're an expert of these things -- solve the puzzle to open the next gear-door (if you want, here are the four possible puzzles)
- Proceed and you'll find another ladder to climb down: do so

- You're now in the sewers. Keep going and crawl under some wooden beams when necessary
- After crawling you'll notice a side path on your left: go there to find Case File # 36/50 (Chapter 7 # 02/15) on the ground
- Then continue through the sewers, staying on the right side. Proceed past a gate
- In the next dark area be ready to fight an enemy. You can loot his dead body to get another Nail, then get the Nailbat weapon he dropped

- Keep going onwards past this room to be back in the galleries of the sewers. You'll see a ladder leading up on your left, but ignore it at first. Instead, proceed onwards to find a gate you can lock-pick. Do so to access a small area where Puzzle Piece # 18/25 (Chapter 7 # 03/15) is found, on the ground
- Climb up the previous ladder now, and go through the door (watch out for the Trap) on the left

- You're in a well lit room with a Save Point on a table in plain sight. On the same table there's also Case File # 37/50 (Chapter 7 # 04/15)
- Go right and ignore the first door you come across (the one taking you to the "Access Room") since it will only damage you with electricity if you try to open it. Go right instead, and follow the hallways a bit
- You'll soon reach a spot where your "suicide suit" will be triggered. You can't mess around too much in this place, so try to do everything quickly. There are two lockers you can loot: the one on the left will earn you a Nail
- Go right instead of proceeding left and you'll find a gate to lock-pick. Do so and you'll access a safe room (where the suicide suit will not react) where you can find a Health Hypodermic, a workbench to examine to get a Coupler, and also a large green number painted on a wall (it's a "7")
- Use the Coupler you just got on the Polarized Circuit Box in this same room. Work on it to turn off the glass box that causes your suit to react (and then kill you), so you can move safely

- Exit this room and follow the hallway all the way to the end. Don't get startled by the recorded tape that will suddenly play
- After a short cutscene you'll face an enemy who's chained to machinery. If the light on the machinery is red, he'll be able to walk towards you until the point that is marked with a yellow line on the floor. If the light is green, he'll be drawn to the machinery itself, and won't be able to proceed towards you. The lights alternate of course.
- Your goal is to complete the minigame on the left wall in order to unlock a door on the right side. The minigame consists of number-swapping, and you have to order the numbers from the lower (left) to the higher (right)

- When it's all done your enemy will fry for good, and you'll be able to walk through the opened door. You can find the Answering Machine for Chuck (the guy you just fried) on a table as you pass by
- Continue and climb down a ladder, then proceed through another door (dodge the Trap)
- You'll find some metal stairs in front of you. If you go up and take a look around you'll be able to identify a blue "2" and a red "5" painted somewhere on the walls/floor
- From the bottom of the stairs, proceed to the right side to find a narrow dark passage. Continue following this passage (if you shade light on the walls and then switch it off you can reveal some fluorescent question marks, and also another number: white 8) until you have to squeeze through some pipes to move on

- After squeezing through you'll find a Dial Puzzle on the right wall. Solve it to turn off the steam. To solve it you need to align "at 12 o'clock" the external dial (red numbers) on number 5-Red, then 2-Blue, then 7-Green and finally 8-White, like this
- You can now reach a fusebox to toggle in order to open a bunch of doors
- Backtrack to the previous stairs. As you go, expect a fresh new enemy to defeat for a change (he will drop a Pipe). Then go upstairs and follow the walkway around to go through an already open door, which is just near the last Answering Machine (Chuck's)
- Keep backtracking until you reach the door that, quite a while ago, was protected by electricity

- There's little left of the "Access Room" -- locate a ladder and climb up it to continue
- You'll come to a gear-door with a red button on its right: press the button to continue
- In the next room there will be a cutscene. After that, press another button to open another gear-door and reach the next area

- Keep going on and open another door to be suddenly face to face with the slicer again. It's time for another running-away sequence, but this time you'll also have to direct your escape, other than pressing buttons to occasionally the dodge slow-mo attacks of your enemy
- Your enemy has opened a small metal fence for you during the first attacks you've dodged -- proceed past this fence (in case you wonder, there's nothing interesting in the room where your enemy came from). At one point you can turn left and go past a door (don't bother closing it behind you, your enemy will just open it up again)
- Past the door, you have an hallway in front of you (which interrupts at one point because of broken floor) and a passage to your right. Since you can't continue on the hallway, go through the passage on the right to go around the obstacle and get to the other side of the hallway to continue
- You will soon come to some metal stairs, right in front of you. On your left there's also a passage, but go up the stairs first to find, on the floor at the top of them, Puzzle Piece # 19/25 (Chapter 7 # 05/15)
- Go back downstairs and take the passage that is now on your right to reach another hallway. Keep going forward all the time, ignoring the passages to your right. You will soon come to a lit room where you can take cover after pressing a button to push down a shelf. Pause the game now, and read the next line

- In this room you have to act quickly: if you waste time, the slicer will break in your room and you won't be given a chance to defend yourself. Go right and locate a generator with green lights on the ground. When you find it, press a button to interact with it first, and then button-mash another button as quickly as possible to close the metal doors and get rid of the enemy. Now that you know what to expect and do, un-pause the game and do it. You will also earn an achievement for this:

Hands off

Zeke died

Hands off
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

- When it's done, proceed through the next open gear-door and go downstairs to come to a gear-door with a Point To Point circuit to solve in order to open it. On the floor before this gear-door is Case File # 38/50 (Chapter 7 # 06/15)

- Solve the minigame and proceed past this gear-door. Continue going forward, and dodge a Trap as you go
- Go on the metal walkway and follow the only possible way until you come to the gear-door before the "Furnace Room". It's locked and requires a key to open
- To the left of this gear-door you will find an apparent fork. A passage goes forward up some stairs, while another passage continues left on the walkway; the latter is a dead end, so go upstairs
- You'll find yourself at another fork in a hallway. Go right first, and open a door (watch out for a Trap) to find yourself in a "chess" room

- On the floor you'll find ten giant pawns (chess pieces) with a number written on them (0 to 9) and a chessboard painted on the floor with letters written on it. On a table in this room there's a sort of case-file thing, which is in fact just a note about "Basic Chess Moves" (you probably already know them from your life experience, anyways). There are also three monitors with images that will flash on the screens from left to right (Horse, King, Bishop). Finally, attached to a wall is a "Morse Code" poster, and of course somewhere in this room there's also a combination-sealed door
- You can also see that the images on the screens are not just standing still, but they alternatively hold/flash, in an apparent random order. The Horse will hold;flash;hold. The King will flash;flash;flash;flash. The Bishop will hold;flash;flash;flash
- Of course this hold/flashing thing is a reference to the Morse Code, and a "hold" corresponds to a "Line" of the Morse Code while a "flash" corresponds to a "Dot" of the Morse Code. Refer to the poster on the wall if you don't know the Morse Code yourself, so you can translate the signals of the monitors to letters: KHB
- Next you have to understand which pawn can reach the tile of the chessboard painted on the floor by moving like the pieces represented on the monitors. In other words, you want to see which pawn can move like a Horse and reach the "K" tile, which pawn can move like a King and reach the "H" tile, and which pawn can move like a Bishop and reach the "B" tile (see picture)
- Read the numbers on the pawns to get the combination (275). Use it to unlock the combination-door and find Billy Puppet # 06/07 (Chapter 7 # 07/15) in a small room

- Exit this room and follow the previous hallway forward. You'll find Case File # 39/50 (Chapter 7 # 08/15) on a table on your right, and a gear-door with a button on its left
- Press the button to open the gear-door and continue in the next area. You'll notice a couple of characters talking behind a gate on the right (they won't notice you, don't worry)
- Proceed in this area to come to a Point To Point circuit -- solve it to open the next gear-door

- Past this gear-door you'll see a crawl-passage in front of you and a ladder on your right. Go down the ladder first, and walk in the sewers a bit to find Case File # 40/50 (Chapter 7 # 09/15) on the ground, near where a big rat is having dinner
- Go back up the ladder and proceed through the crawl-passage to reach the next area

- Continue forward until you can (you may noticed a gate bolted from the other side on your right; you'll unlock it later), and then turn right to continue. After turning right, before turning left to follow the passage, check a shelf in front of you/on the right to find Case File # 41/50 (Chapter 7 # 10/15)
- Then go up the ladder to the left (near a flare on the ground; the flare can't hurt you, don't worry)

- Up the ladder, proceed (dodge the Trap on the ground as you go) and notice the large blue sign on the ground. Keep going and you'll find a combination-door in front of some stairs (the stairs lead nowhere useful, though you may see a Puzzle Piece at their top, behind some vines; you'll get it later)
- Proceed past the stairs through more hallways to find yourself in an area where you can get the clues for the combination-door. In particular, you can see a big red-painted "8" on the walls on your left. If you climb up a ladder near the painted 8 you can look towards the blue sign on another wall, which will complete the blue sign on the ground that you previously noticed (it's a blue number "5"). Also in this area, you can find a barricade that you can move. Do so, then backtrack towards the blue sign on the ground. You can look at the rear of the barricade from here, thus reading the third and last number (a green "4")
- After getting the numbers for the combination-door, put them in the lock to open it

- Inside this room you'll find a Health Hypodermic in front of you, and a Case File # 42/50 (Chapter 7 # 11/15) on a shelf on your right
- By this collectible you'll also find a ladder: climb up and you'll find yourself in front of some stairs, with also an open door on your left
- First of all take the stairs going down to reach Puzzle Piece # 20/25 (Chapter 7 # 12/15) on the ground
- You can ignore the stairs that go up, since they lead nowhere. Go through the next door instead

- After a short cutscene you'll find yourself against a "Spiked Rammer". In order to get rid of him you need to first lure him towards the wooden containers, so he charges at them and gets stuck for a few seconds. Then, after grabbing the weapons here and there in the room, hit him while he's stuck. There are two weapons on a couple of different tables, and a third one near a wooden container on the ground. Hit attacks are not instant-killing as you may expect
- Hit him a total of three times to take him down and magically open a door. Loot his body to get a Health Hypodermic, while you're here
- Go through the door that opened and listen to the Answering Machine for Donovan on the table if you want. Then go down a ladder

- You'll find yourself before another puzzle-floor. Look at the monitors on the right before proceeding, and then get past it
- Right after the floor-puzzle, check on the ground to find Audio Tape # 16/20 (Chapter 7 # 13/15)
- Then continue and operate a red valve to open a gate below you and a door on your right

- Go through the door on your right and follow the metal walkway to find a spot where you can jump down
- After landing, un-bolt the gate nearby to be back in the previous areas. Now that you've opened the gate you can reach and push the big cart ("barricade") in position to open a gear-door. There's also a door you can lock-pick near the cart, but the room past this door has a mere Health Hypodermic, so don't worry if you don't have a spare Nail to enter

- Continue through the gear-door you've just opened and then go up a ladder
- You'll end up in a room with a TV-monitors puzzle. You have all the time you want to complete this puzzle, but you'll need to avoid mistakes (at the tenth mistake you'll blow up this place). The last time you found a minigame like this you had to complete some figures. This time you have to match the name of some people to an image related to them
- Here are the combinations with an editable grid that you can use like the other similar puzzle (though this time it's really enough to just take note of the names/signs you see). You can see the combinations in-game from a poster on a side room on the right of the one with the puzzle. In words: Billy-Scale; Carla-[Health Symbol]; Detective Tapp-[A figure of an adult and a child]; Henry-[Police Badge]; Joseph-Handcuffs; Michael-Newspaper; Sarah-Syringe; Solomon-[Dollar Symbol ($)]

- After completing this puzzle a box will open up. Get the Furnace Room Key from it
- Exit through the gear-door that has also opened after completing the puzzle (it's on the left). Just past this door, on your left you'll see a shelf with Audio Tape # 17/20 (Chapter 7 # 14/15)
- Continue onwards past a small gate, and check the workbench on the right past the gate to get a Health Hypodermic. Then follow the hallway to the left and a short cutscene will trigger
- Proceed to the right and press a button on the right of a gear-door to open it

- Go down the ladder on the left past the gear-door
- After descending, unbolt the gate/door in front of you and proceed. You'll find yourself back in the hallway near where the last Billy Puppet's room was (just for reference). Turn right in the hallway when you can to return to the metal walkway area
- From here, just on your left you'll find the gear-door that leads to the Furnace Room. Use the key you previously got to access it

- Proceed down a ladder and a cutscene will trigger. After the cutscene, a victim will start roasting on a cart. Quickly go to the left dead end (opposite where you'll need to push the cart) and follow it all the way to the end to find, on the left by its end, a Puzzle Piece # 21/25 (Chapter 7 # 15/15) on the floor
- Then go help the victim, pushing the cart once
- You'll find yourself in another room with more carts to push and pull. You can push and pull Solomon's cart in three different positions (from the default position you can push it forward twice max). In correspondence of these three possible positions of his cart there are some flames on the ground, which will alternatively turn on and off. You want to move his cart so he doesn't stand where the currently-turned-on flames are. This is just a secondary task though: your primary goal is moving other carts to open the way further for Solomon's cart. There's also a Health Hypodermic near a wall, but never mind about it unless you really need it
- The cart puzzle in this room is quite simple (here's a scheme of the solution): push the cart closest to the right wall forward twice, so you can pull/push three more carts (one after another) one time each in order to ultimately be able to pull twice the cart which is in the way of Solomon's. Do all of this while making sure that Solomon's cart is not under some flames (move it up and down to buy yourself some time)
- Push/pull Solomon's cart forward when the way is clear, and keep pushing/pulling until you reach the next room with more gas tanks and another Health Hypodermic. This time you'll have to solve a TV-Wall puzzle, while still keeping an eye for Solomon's cooking time. Here are the pairs you need to match. In words, match these pictures: Camera-Film Roll; Saw-Cut Foot; Puzzle Piece-Three Puzzle Pieces; Heart-ECG (ElectroCardioGraphy) Track; Pills-Pills Container; Hammer-Nails; Shotgun-Three Gun Shells (they look like three trash bins); Tape-Tape Player
- Push the cart to the right to complete this chapter. You will also unlock:

Solomon Bates

Freed Solomon from the trap

Solomon Bates
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Chapter 8 - Michael

Collectibles Summary:
- Case Files: 8
- Puzzle Pieces: 4
- Billy Doll: 1
- Audio Tapes: 3
- Collectibles video

- You're back in the sewers. After receiving the usual thanks for saving another person's life, crawl through a hole in the wall to reach the next room (a cutscene will also trigger as you go)
- Keep going on the only possible way, up a ladder and through more rooms. At one point you'll find yourself in the metro subways
- Follow the tunnel onwards (try to notice a small wooden ramp on the right as you go) and a cutscene will trigger

- After the story events you'll find yourself in cover, ready for another shooting sequence. First of all you want to go up the small wooden ramp on the other side of the tunnel. After that, proceed to the right taking cover behind the pillars
- Continue to the right and, when you can, drop down on the level of the railway, past a large bunch of debris which prevented you from going to this side of the railway directly by walking from the other side of the railway itself. Anyways, reach the right side of this part of the railway to find a small staircase that will let you go up the platform where your enemy is, and carefully make your way to him (ignore the Women's restroom on your right as you go; there's nothing)
- Before reaching him, check a broken vending machine near a corner to get a molotov from it and automatically throw it at the enemy, who will run away upstairs

- At this point, before following him upstairs, locate the Men's restroom on the right of the long staircase (which leads you to a locked room that you can't access right now)
- One of the toilets (the third one) has Puzzle Piece # 22/25 (Chapter 8 # 01/16) in a box on the toilet itself. After grabbing it an enemy will come in the restroom and attack you: defeat him and loot his body to get the Key you need to exit the restrooms itself

- Exit the restrooms and ignore the staircases outside again. This time enter the "Staff Only" room on the left of the stairs (watch out for a Trap as you enter) (there are more stairs past the doors to this room, but they lead nowhere again)
- On a bench on the right side of this room you will find Case File # 43/50 (Chapter 8 # 02/16)
- Continue to the next room from here, and you'll be prompted a timed "TV wall" puzzle. Here are the couples you're looking for. In words: open door with shotgun trap-headless body; guy with hands trapped-cut hands; elevator-girl tied up to chains; chains-guy with a chain around his neck; molotov bottle-body on fire; crank/lever-arm pressed by pistons

- Grab the key from the glass box that will open after completing this puzzle, and exit these rooms. Go up the previously-ignored stairs and use the Key to access the Utility room
- Proceed forward (dodge a Trap on the ground) and follow the only possible path until you reach a metal walkway up some metal stairs
- Go left on the walkway, and at the end of it you will find a Health Hypodermic on the right wall
- Past this item you'll have more stairs in front of you and a door on your right. Go through the door ignoring the stairs at first (dodge the Trap as you enter), so you can access another restroom where you can get a Nail from one of the lockers
- Then exit this room and proceed up the stairs to come to a door you have to lock-pick. Do so

- In front of you there will be a table with a Save Point on. On the same table make sure to pick up Audio Tape # 18/20 (Chapter 8 # 03/16) as well
- Next go up a ladder. At the top of the ladder, check a chair immediately on your left to find Case File # 44/50 (Chapter 8 # 04/16)

- Go right and solve the Point To Point minigame to unlock the next gear-door. You will also trigger a cutscene, introducing another enemy bound to a chain. He's exactly like the similar enemy you met earlier, so you want to wait until the light on the machinery to which he's tied turns green in order to be safely away from his reach
- You want to go left first, and operate a red valve to open up some water that will clear the passage to the right
- Then go right of course, and use another red valve to open the passage behind the machinery to which your enemy is tied to
- Wait for a good opening and finally get past your enemy to continue

- You'll find the Answering Machine of Robert's on a red table. Near it you will also find Case File # 45/50 (Chapter 8 # 05/16)
- Continue and press a red button to open the doors of an elevator. Before going in the elevator shaft, wait a moment to let some debris fall from the ceiling. Then go in the elevator shaft and walk up and down for a few seconds: it will automatically fall down, taking you to the lower floor
- Exit the elevator shaft and go left when the gear-door automatically opens for you

- Continue and you'll trigger a short cutscene, after which the next shooting sequence will begin
- Head left, taking cover when necessary. As you continue, ahead of you there will be two rooms: the Women's restroom (more on the left) and a generic room (more on the right). The Women's restroom is empty (other than a dead body, just for curiosity), so proceed through the other door instead
- Immediately after going through the open door, on the ground in front of you there will be a box. Inside this box is Case File # 46/50 (Chapter 8 # 06/16)
- Then continue on this hallway, dodge the Trap on the floor as you go, and open up the doors to proceed. Drop down some debris past these doors to find and open more doors and reach the next area

- In front of you there is a door which is blocked from the other side because a barricade is standing in front of it
- Ignore the door at first, then continue on your right. As you go you may see a Kaleidoscope minigame that you can't access at first
- Go left through some broken walls, so you reach a barricade. Push/pull it once, so it reaches it definite position (you can't push/pull it anymore after pushing/pulling it once). By moving it you've unlocked the previous door of course
- At this point you should start noticing the presence of the glass boxes. In particular, there are two glass boxes on the left of this area. One is currently disabled, and it's near the door that was previously blocked by the barricade. Near the same door there is also a minigame that you can't access right now. Another glass box is on the opposite side of the room, and it's currently active
- Go through a door near the active glass box. You'll find a side room where you can take cover (get out of the range of the glass box) if you go left, past the cart that you'll need to push to continue. There's also a Health Hypodermic in this side room

- On your right as you entered this side room you should have also noticed a minigame (one of those that require you to sort the numbers from the lowest to the highest by switching the couples): complete it to switch the activities of the glass boxes (the one that was active will become idle, and vice versa)
- Push the cart a bit forward in the room where the two glass boxes are. You'll need to drop it and run to a safe spot (the closest one is near the first minigame that you just completed) a few times to reset the countdown of the glass boxes. Push it about midway through the room with the two glass boxes
- When it's there, run back to the first minigame you've completed and let the countdown stop again. Leave the cart behind you for a moment, and reach the spot where the Kaleidoscope minigame is; it's still idle. From this side of the room (the one where the Kaleidoscope minigame is) you can access the second number-switch minigame (despite the presence of the barricade you've moved). You could access this minigame also from the other side of the barricade, but you would have been very close to the glass box, and therefore you would have had less time to complete it

- Now that all the glass boxes have been turned off you can safely push the cart all the way to the end. This will activate the Kaleidoscope minigame, as well as the nearby third and last glass box
- Complete the Kaleidoscope minigame to turn off the third and last glass box, and finally open the next gear-door

- Go through it to exit outside
- Continue through another door to enter the "Storage" room
- Inside, the door behind you will automatically close. Immediately on your left there's a dark table with Case File # 47/50 (Chapter 8 # 07/16) sitting on it
- Then go right through a gate

- After a short cutscene you'll find the last Spiked Rammer of the game. If you continue around the stacks you'll find a control panel to operate a magnet that can drop a container (which is already lifted). First of all, lure and let your enemy charge at the wooden container opposite the elevator where he came from (the one where he gets stuck by default after the cutscene is ok). Then quickly run to the control panel and operate it to move and drop the big container on your enemy. From the point of view that you have when you operate the magnet/crane, your enemy will come from the left side
- After killing him, lift the container again so you can loot his body and get a Key necessary to proceed. By defeating him you will have also unlocked:

Hedgehog's Dilemma

Donovan died

Hedgehog's Dilemma
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

- Before proceeding through the door that you unlock with the key, ride the elevator where your last enemy came from to reach the upper levels. After the ride follow a metal walkway to a barely lit room, and proceed on the only possible way downstairs to eventually find a better lit room with a red table/box and Puzzle Piece # 23/25 (Chapter 8 # 08/16)
- Then go back to the elevator, ride it down and proceed through the door that you will unlock with the Key you got from the dead Spiked Rammer. The door will automatically close behind you

- You'll be in a hallway. In front of you is a gear-door with a Point To Point minigame to complete on the left wall and a Weapon Case on the right wall. On the left there's a door you can lock-pick. On the right there's a room with Health Hypodermic and three cabinets you can loot to get a Nail (two of the cabinets are empty)
- Also in this same room, make sure to grab Case File # 48/50 (Chapter 8 # 09/16) from a desk
- Lock-pick the door on the left of the previous hallway if you want to get the Handmade Lockpick inside of a toilet full of syringes and then use it to get the Baseball Bat from the Weapon Case in the hallway
- With or without the Bat, complete the Point To Point minigame to open the next gear-door and reach the next area

- A cutscene will trigger as you enter the next room, which is a giant "shotgun carousel". Its system is really simple: if you stay under the red lights you're dead, so avoid them
- Since there's a "barricade" of red lights on your left, you can't go clockwise. Instead, make your way counterclockwise (the opposite direction of the carousel), and time your movements to proceed past the metal fences when the passages are not under the red lights
- Keep in mind that although most of the lights are attached to the ceiling, some of them are attached to the carousel. This means that most of them will seem to move counterclockwise like you (in reality they are not moving, but since you're on a carousel that is moving clockwise they'll seem to move), but some of them will move clockwise (apparently standing still) along with the carousel. Watch out for these ones, since they can easily get you
- You'll be proceeding very slowly (it will take almost a full lap to reach your destination, which is just before you come across the barricade of red lights that was on your left when you got on the carousel), but it's ok; take your time and you will eventually see a white light on your right: that's where you can/have to get off the carousel

- After getting off the carousel, move on and fight the enemy that will come at you. After killing him, proceed through a door
- In the next room you will overhear a discussion between two characters. Then go through a door on the right (expect a Trap as you enter) to enter another room
- In this room you can find Audio Tape # 19/20 (Chapter 8 # 10/16) on a wooden table, near a TV Set
- Near this collectible there's also Case File # 49/50 (Chapter 8 # 11/16) on a dark wooden box (the box is quite near a yellow billboard)
- Turn around after getting this item. In front of you, past the desk where you got the previous Audio Tape, you can see a white door: enter inside the room behind it

- You're in the rooms where the characters you overheard earlier were (well, one of them is still here it seems). In the room adjacent to this one you will see a bunch of clocks on a wall, with a red "50" number painted on the same wall too. In this side room there's also a door bolted from the other side, on the right, and another door on the left which is where the next Billy Puppet is
- The puzzle here is very simple: you have to rotate the clocks so that their hands form the numbers "50". You don't have to be 100% accurate, but do your best of course
- When the puzzle is completed and you've been accurate enough, the door will open and you will be automatically prompted out of the minigame. Access the room you've just opened to find and get Billy Puppet # 07/07 (Chapter 8 # 12/16). If this is your seventh Billy Puppet you will unlock:


Found all 7 Billy Puppets

3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

- Exit these rooms and return to the room where you got the last Audio Tape/Case File; now proceed through another door
- Before the next door (which is right in front of you) you can get a Health Hypodermic on the left
- Then continue through the next door to exit outside in the rain
- Outside, go left through another door to return inside a building

- Now you'll have a door in front of you (leads nowhere useful right now) and another door on your right. Go through the one on your right (watch out for a Trap when you enter)

- Continue to the right in the room where you are now and you'll find two more doors. One of them is blocked, and requires an explosive to open. The other one is available: go through it
- You're in a room with four items to pick up. The first is Case File # 50/50 (Chapter 8 # 13/16) on a shelf right in front of you. If this is your fiftieth Case File you will unlock:


Found all the Case Files

3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

- Then loot the left side of the room to get Paint Thinner, Ammonia and Audio Tape # 20/20 (Chapter 8 # 14/16). If this is your twentieth Audio Tape you will unlock:

Reel to Real

Found all of the Audio Tapes

Reel to Real
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

- Exit this room and proceed through the other door that you previously ignored
- Go right in this new room and you'll find two doors. One needs to be blown up with an explosive; another one leads you to a small room where you will mix up the chemical bomb
- The chemical bomb making works exactly like the other time. If you need a reminder, the components will be directed towards the tubes in correspondence of which the gears do NOT have a hole
- Place the chemical bomb after making it, and take cover inside the place where you crafted the bomb (close the door too); if you stay anywhere else you'll get caught by the explosion

- Exit the safe room after clearly noticing the explosion outside. Instead of opening a passage through the door where you placed the bomb, there's a crank in the wall in front of you. Proceed straight forward (do not go right when you can) through a few rooms; in the last one you will find a small red box on a table, with Puzzle Piece # 24/25 (Chapter 8 # 15/16) inside
- Then go back and proceed to your left to the next area. After a short cutscene the last shooting sequence will begin

- Take cover and make your way towards the spot where your enemy is at first. As you approach him, he will run away towards a more open area, which is also better lit
- Your enemy will now be shooting from the top of a big staircase. On the right side of the staircase (on the bottom level where you already are) there is the Men's restroom. Make a run for it, and once you're inside check the third toilet to find a red box with Puzzle Piece # 25/25 (Chapter 8 # 16/16). If this is your twentififth Puzzle Piece you will unlock:

Putting it all together

Found all the puzzle pieces

Putting it all together
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

- Exit the restrooms and continue the cover-chase sequence to eventually catch up your enemy (as you continue you can also find a room with a Health Hypodermic on your left, but feel free to ignore it); be ready to press a button after reaching your enemy
- After a short cutscene, be ready to button-mash a button, and then press another button when it's displayed on the screen to ultimately win the fight. You will unlock:

- Loot the dead body of your enemy to get a Nail. Then proceed to lock-pick a door and continue
- You'll be in a very dark room, but don't worry since there are no dangers around you; keep going downstairs and forward until a cutscene triggers
- Sprint past the beam to complete the game

Depending on whether you survived or not the beam-crossing sequence as Campbell during Chapter 1, you will see a different ending and unlock one of the following two achievements. If you survived:

Path of Blood

Campbell survived his test

Path of Blood
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

If you didn't survive:

Path of Flesh

Campbell did not survive his test

Path of Flesh
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

After some cutscenes, the credits will trigger. Don't press any button; you don't want to skip them so you can get an achievement for watching them entirely:

Brought to you by,...

Watch the credits without skipping

Brought to you by,...
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

In case you accidentally skipped them, you can get the achievement from the title screen menu (the one where you choose "New Game", "Continue", etc.).


At this point you need to get the other ending, as well as a bunch of miscellaneous achievements on the way. Due to an in-game bug, it's possible to get the Path of Flesh ending without replaying the game again (another full playthrough takes only a couple of hours without secondary explorations anyway).

The bug is really simple: if you use the Flashback feature to replay a chapter, the game will stop keeping track of what happened in Chapter 1, and will reset the ending to the default ending (which users have found out to be Path of Flesh). Therefore even if you had Campbell passing his test (he got in the elevator at the end of Chapter 1) and then completed the game once, thus getting Path of Blood on your first regular playthrough, if you use the Flashback to replay Chapter 8 you will get Path of Flesh because the game reset its data to the default ones (which, again, give you the Path of Flesh ending where Campbell didn't pass his test, i.e. he failed to get in the elevator).

So again, all you have to do to get the Path of Flesh is to use the Flashbacks to trigger the game bug that resets the ending to Path of Flesh, and replay only Chapter 8. I'm not sure who figured this out first, since this solution has been posted basically in any place where achievements are discussed. Thanks to a random community for this info I guess. On a side note, if you read other solutions they will also tell you to replay Chapter 1 before replaying Chapter 8, but it's not necessary since the bug triggers on any Flashback-replay you make (so replaying Chapter 8 is enough).

I haven't read anyone witnessing this bug not to occur, so it should work for you too. Some people have even witnessed this bug happening the opposite way (that is to say the game will reset to Path of Flesh for them), but there are very isolated reports on this, and a lot of people failed to trigger the bug this way. So it's either a random bug which most of the times resets the ending on Path of Blood and rarely on Path of Flesh, or they simply lied about it :p

After getting the achievements related to the story and collectibles, the only thing left to do is mopping up the achievements related to the minigame puzzles. Please refer to the General hints and tips to find some info on them.

When it's all done, you will have finally completed this game. Congratulations on your 1,000 G and thanks for reading!

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