1. Sayonara Wild Hearts Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Hello and welcome to another RadicalSniper99 walkthrough here on TrueAchievements. This time, I'll be guiding you through the wonderful music-game, Sayonara Wild Hearts.

In Sayonara, you are the heroine trying to repair and overcome their heartbreak in life (yes, there is a story to this music game). The game has numerous gameplay variations as you go through the songs and try to reach some solution or inner calm.

The walkthrough will proceed in the following fashion:

  • Page 2 will cover the controls and some general tips for the game
  • Page 3 will cover each individual song and the locations of the special collectibles for each
  • Page 4 will go over the riddles. This page will be heavy spoilers so it will have numerous spoiler tags to allow people to try and figure out the meanings for themselves or get small hints if they're struggling.

I will try to include videos where appropriate to give visual references to work off of. All recordings (unless otherwise noted) were acquired myself and uploaded to my Youtube channel.

With all that said, thanks for checking out the walkthrough and let's get started.

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