Best price for Scarygirl on Xbox 360

Type Game
Publisher Square Enix
Developer TikGames
Platform Xbox 360
Discovered 02 Nov 2011
Last check 19 Apr 2019
Last on sale 27 Mar 2019
Release date 02 Nov 2011

Scarygirl is a wondrous adventure through a beautifully-bizarre world based on the Scarygirl graphic novel created by acclaimed artist Nathan Jurevicius. Scarygirl, an abandoned girl, dressed like a pirate, with a tentacle arm, is sent on a quest to discover what happened to the Tree of Knowledge. Along the way, she’ll be aided by a giant octopus, a mystical kung-fu rabbit, and vendors who sell new attacks. She can also enter a shadowy version of the world to unleash truly wicked attacks.

Region Price Sale price Store link
United States $9.99 $2.49 View
United States $9.99 $1.49Xbox Live Gold Discount View
United Kingdom £6.75 £1.68 View
United Kingdom £6.75 £1.01Xbox Live Gold Discount View
Europe €9.49 €2.37 View
Europe €9.49 €1.42Xbox Live Gold Discount View
Australia $9.95 $2.48 View
Australia $9.95 $1.49Xbox Live Gold Discount View
Canada $9.99 $2.49 View
Canada $9.99 $1.49Xbox Live Gold Discount View
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