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    19 Nov 2009 05 Dec 2009
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    Just began playing this game, so my first impressions will be short and to-the-point. If you are a fan of the first two "Scene It" movie trivia games, then this third installment will please you. The questions offer more variety from fresher movies and are more Gen-X based than the previous games. The question catagories are relatively unchanged, as are the majority of the 50 achievements. The game uses pre-fab avatars (had hoped to use my own), with an achievement included to encourage gamers to use them all. Some might dislike the fact that there is no online multiplayer in this version; however, local multiplayer is fully supported.

    Video: sharp and crisp, falls right along-side Scene It, BOS. 7/10
    Audio: no detectable changes from the previously mentioned edition. 6/10
    Gameplay: still a party favorite, allows 4 friends to compete using either "big button", "guitar hero", or regular controllers. 8/10
    Overall: 7/10

    Again, this is a first impression. I have amassed 35 achievements over 3-4 hours. The games pass quickly, allowing users to taylor internal gaming options to suit their particular style of play (turn the narrator off, change avatar, etc.). The new "Scene It" is a rental, unless you are a die-hard fan and want to shell out $40 for your own copy. I am sure DLC will be forth-coming. All-in-all, still quite enjoyable.

    Edit: I have completed 45/50 achievements. Still encountering new (never before seen) questions. Some repetition, but not as much as previous games. Singleplayer is fine, but meeting new friends with online multiplayer would have been very nice. This game version is definitely more challenging/difficult than the first two. It might require more than one rental to complete all achievements.
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    zigs00thank god you can turn the narrator off! Hate that guy, so irritating in the last two games, usually played the game muted because of him
    Posted by zigs00 on 20 Nov 09 at 15:42
    Sticky StalwartI can't believe there is no LIVE support on this game. Though I never lost a game over LIVE, when I had actual competition online were the best games of all.

    Therefore these multiplayer achievements can be done locally with multiple controllers, if you don't have 3 exrta people handy. That will take some coordination, but I am guessing it can be done quickly and efficiently. Once I try it out, I will post in the proper achievement page.
    Posted by Sticky Stalwart on 10 Dec 09 at 16:30
    JD BuckAs mentioned, probably the nicest new feature is the ability to mute the announcer. Very nice of the developer.
    Posted by JD Buck on 11 Jan 10 at 22:50