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Posted on 03 May 10 at 02:36, Edited on 03 May 10 at 02:39
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Review for Scene it: Bright Lights! Big Screen!

When you see the title you immediately think that this game has to be fun. But be prepared to be disappointed. If you’ve never seen a Scene It title before, this game is OK but not great. If you have played the other 2 Scene It games, you’re probably wondering what the developers were thinking when they chose this exciting looking title.

All sequel games are compared to their predecessors so I will do the same with this one. The first game was fresh and new. Buzz for the Playstation was great but we, Xbox users, never had a trivia-like retail game before so there was not much they could do wrong from there. In the second game there were a few improvements like on-line play and avatar support. This third game is completely missing any on-line features and has no avatar support. Instead you get to play with avatars from the game itself. If you thought the missing on-line features were a huge step back… the graphic are also very cheap. There’s absolutely no creativity to be found when you see the game-clips. Everything seems to be missing something and it all looks very, very simple and boring. Every single question type has the same lay-out which makes playing the game become very repetitive.

When you start the game you have 3 options.

This is a single player mode where the game gives you 5 minutes and you have to answer as much questions as possible to rack up as many points as you can. The timer stops in between questions so only your thinking-time is counted. Wrong answers deduct from your total available time.
This mode is for drop-in and drop-out play like the recent guitar hero 5 has done. There’s not much fun to be found here unless you have a very large group to entertain who want to take turns.
PLAY NOW (short/long)
In here you can find the usual short and long-play games with 3 or 5 rounds of questions.

There is only one new feature which is called the ‘’Star-system’’. On the box it said that after you play a round, you can earn stars by either playing very well or very poor. Every 2 stars you earn can be used via a mini-game to get a multiplier of 1,5 in the next puzzle block. At first I thought this mini-game thing sounds cool but unfortunately all you have to do is press A at the time the pointer is moving over your players colour. Again this potentially fun and new aspect of the game has been completely ignored and rushed.

The graphics are lacking big time and sadly the sound department were more busy with other stuff too. No matter what avatar you choose to play with they can’t talk and make some ahhh or ooohh noises that get very annoying. One plus is that the host who is one of the most impatient virtual hosts I’ve ever seen can be shut down using the options.

The achievements are mostly doable with the exception of ‘’Spotless Performance’’ where you have to answer all the questions in a long game correct and ‘’Faster than Light’’ where you have to score 500.000 points or more in a Fast-Fire game. These achievements are really hard and take a lot of time. Luckily if you have any problems with these visit: for an excel file with all of the answers for you with BIG credit to SwamiMacGyver from for making it.

All in all this game is probably fun for first-time players of the genre. If you’ve played the previous titles you can best avoid this game as it is a huge step back with a lot of missing features.
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Gladiator Yu
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Gladiator Yu
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Posted on 30 March 11 at 19:26
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This game is quite good, not as good as box office smash as there isn't as many options and game modes such as online and some more DLC with more questions. However the puzzles are good and its fun for what it is. Some of the puzzles are really interesting and you get the hang of them however some of them can be a bit more difficult but the more times you play the game the better you will get at it. It has a good range of movies and lots of them were films I knew or ones that I will see in the future. The achievements are quite easy and eventually you can get at least 80% of them which will improve your gamerscore and have fun whilst doing it.
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