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    Premise: Scene It? on the Xbox, but now in mini-episodes with DLC expansions. This is basically letting Scene It? be what it should have always been. A trivia game based on movies that lets you buy into the questions you are interested in. No more bonnet movies for action lovers, and no more sci-fi craziness for chick-flick lovers. If you have played any of the Scene It? games before, you have a basic idea of what you are getting into.

    Presentation: The presentation this time around is even more streamlined than the last outing. Among the improvements is the clock runs no matter what (no pausing to look up answers), and even if someone buzzes in everyone else can still answer (the advantage of buzzing is that your score is locked in, you either get it or lose it while everyone else's decreases with time). Everything seems to be geared towards making the game last roughly 10-15 minutes for a 7 round game.

    Not everything is good about this adjustment. Most of the categories now use a 1 question based on category, 1 follow-up format which reduces the non-trivia questions in half per round. While this speeds up the game, it takes away from those that love the Child's Play, Invisible Pictures, and other types of questions.

    All of this is wrapped up with a quick fire round, which is a nice addition to the game. It is very easy for someone to stage a comeback if they are quick on the draw (or in my case, blow a lead by being too quick on the draw).

    Overall: I think there is a lot of potential for this, since it is being presented more as a Scene It? hub than an individual game. I look forward to the addition of themes as this is always a great game to play with the family. And we can always hold out for "Scene It? Doctor Who Edition"
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    Dr Tinus NLIs it true that this is like USA only? Im from the Netherlands and I cant find it anywhere on the marketplace :(.
    Posted by Dr Tinus NL on 09 Dec 11 at 22:27
    Shadow XBLwould have been great to get more episodes like were promised - but the studio has shut down awhile ago, and this is probably the last Scene It game in this format. :(
    Posted by Shadow XBL on 08 Feb 13 at 16:05