Xbox 360

Schizoid Achievements

Most Earned

Sploderific11 (10)Destroy all enemies on level 12 ("Smartbomb") with a single smartbomb.
Wired12 (10)Destroy an enemy with a razorwire.
21st Century Schizoid Man
21st Century Schizoid Man19 (15)Complete level 21 ("Tyger Tyger") either in Local Co-Op, Xbox LIVE, or Uberschizoid.
Schizoid Sensei
Schizoid Sensei31 (20)Earn 10 medals (any combination of gold, silver, and bronze) over Xbox LIVE.

Least Earned

Corpus Callosum Severed
Corpus Callosum Severed117 (20)Complete level 119 ("Ragnarok") in Uberschizoid mode.
Barber Of Schizzville
Barber Of Schizzville77 (20)Shave the Orbiddles from 8 Astramoebas on a level, without destroying Astramoebas or losing a life.
Schiz Hunter
Schiz Hunter62 (20)Destroy 30 Schizzes on a single level, using powerups and without losing any lives.
Huevos Done Naked
Huevos Done Naked48 (20)Gold level 47 ("Los Huevos") without activating any powerups.
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