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    *Reposting because of a glitch which happened on the site*

    If you are a fan of Streets of Rage or any of those type of games you may love the gameplay of this game instantly, you can either play it single player or play it with friends, as in friends, this means real friends as the game does not provide online co-op, it would be a fun thing to play with friends, overall I say the gameplay is pretty good, it doesn't get repetitive, you unlock more moves each time you level up.

    Gameplay gets a 5/5

    Well it is based off the Movie/Comic book, it is similar to the movie's storyline, cutscenes are done in pictures.

    Story gets a 5/5

    Its an 8bit game, so don't expect mega awesome 3D graphics in this game, but the graphics are actually very good in this game, I'm one of those people who still like 2D games and would love more of them to be made, so Scott Pilgrim was defiantly one of the games I needed to add to my collection, they are well drawn sprites, I especially like the dinosaur character, he was cute, but since its 2D and won't go by everyone's wants, I'll give it a 4/5, but for my personal score it would be a 5/5.

    Graphics gets a 4.5/5, may not be liked by everyone.

    Well considering I've already started looking up the OST tracks on YouTube, the soundtrack is really good, you won't want to mute your TV.

    Sound gets a 5/5

    For the overall story it is about 4-5 hours long for first time, I didnt really time myself, but I would say its round that for figuring things out yourself, the game isn't very hard though, its hard at the start but once you get some upgrades, the game becomes easier, I found myself getting game over more at the start of the game than at the end.

    Length gets a 5/5

    For 800MSP, this game is classed as a bargain, they could have easily asked 1200MSP for this game and got away with it, it will be a bargain for sure when it gets in DotW, but seriously there is nothing wrong with spending 800MSP on this game, it'll last you a good while if you aim for all the achievements.

    Value gets a 5/5

    They aren't actually that hard, I have 2 left in my game, one comes down to luck when the other is complete it in the hardest mode, which I've heard from people with a fully upgraded character, it isn't actually that hard, make sure to buy Scott's late fees anyways as that shop will become very useful as it has items like 1ups and so on for cheap, most the achievements may become natural as you play the game, while others you may need to try to earn, you will need 2 controllers to do one of the achievements which is pretty much raise your partner from KO 25 times.

    Achievements get a 5/5, a nice list with some challenging achievements.

    Overall: 5 Stars

    Also, caution, this game has a problem where it might freeze on you, this hasn't been fixed as I recently played the DLC and whilst going for one of the achievements, it froze, this may cause some achievements to glitch on you.
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    DauntingAbyssGood review, but I want to add that anyone looking into getting it, specially this far after release, really needs to know that the game is far far more buggy then just freezing problems and pretty much all of the issues I've run into are time a bit consuming, because many of them force you to replay levels; or in 2 cases, make you replay the entire game many more times then you think you'll have to... I wouldn't have given this game 5 stars after all I've seen of it and these bugs.

    There's at least 5 different bugs I've found, and all of them are pretty hard to ignore.

    1) is the games freezing -which was already mentioned. I've had this one happen I don't even know how many times now, I've lost count.. This obviously also results in having to play full levels over again, if you haven't unlocked them yet.

    2) But the second bug comes during one of the latter boss fights that seems to have a tendency to glitch up a lot and lock you in place doing a single move, or not being allowed to move so the boss can simply punch you off a platform over and over. I've had this one happen maybe 2 times over the course of my 6 plays of the game. The bug also forces you to have to replay the lengthy (because of its content, not its size) level over again to get back to this point and hope for it to not bug again.

    3) The game loves to "skip", not really lag, but stutter like it wants to freeze but won't (this also effects the games sound), this one liked to happen at least once per level -if not more. If your going for the Invulnerable achievement, this is going to put a hamper on it, since it will disrupt your train of thought and make it possible for the enemies to get in a cheap shot or two.

    4) The games sound likes to disappear complete, then fade back in for short periods of time, just to go away again. With such an awesome bit-tuney sound track that they went the extra mile to get a pretty great band to write for them, you'd think they'd not have had it bug this much. I've had this one happen maybe 5 times over my 6 playthroughs, and most of the time it was on 1 character multiple times.

    5) This one hits the achievements section hard but hits it in 2 ways with the same achievement: The Chaudown achievement is bugged to the point where it may not unlock even if you've done everything right -this causes the player to have to delete their saves and restart the game from the beginning with all 4 original characters, just so they can also get the special one --this also included trying to find Mr. Chau so you can fight him and do his striker moves too.

    Second part of this bug is currently happening to me, and seems to happen much less then Chaudown not working.. That special character you need to unlock by playing through the game with all 4 original characters, the one that also makes getting Chaudown possible, ALSO has the ability to glitch up and never unlock, causing you, just like with the achievement, have to restart the game from scratch and play through it with all 4 original characters to try to get him unlocked.

    So at the end of the day, you may never unlock that special character, even with multiple restarts of the game, because of this bug --however, even if you do, there's still a pretty big chance that when you use that characters striker to try to get Chaudown to pop, the game won't pop the achievement because that'll bug on you too and you'll still have to start all over -again- because of that.

    The game is great, don't get me wrong. The look, sound and feel of the whole thing is a lot of fun --But after multiple playthroughs of having to sit through somewhere around 15minutes worth of end game credits each time (seriously some of the longest credits I think I've ever sat through, not only for an XBL game, but for a game period -- and you can't skip them), you'd think that the game would have had a LOT more polish with that many people working on/localizing/testing it.

    There is just too many things wrong with this game and I just can't allow myself to let people spend any more money on this game (albeit it is a bit late for that now) without warning them that they may find themselves wasting a lot of their time, or simply thinking this could be a 5 start game -the glitches and bugs are a huge disappointment, and while it may not turn out to be everyone's experience with this game, for me its a 2 1/2 star game, MAYBE a 3 when its at its best.
    Posted by DauntingAbyss on 13 Apr 12 at 19:37
    mcnichojIts an 8bit game
    If you really look at 8-bit games, you can tell this game is pretty far from it. The older style lacked detail and had a limited number of colors.
    Notice how Mario's eyes were just two lines on the 8-bit Nintendo and is made up of three colors while Mario on the 16-bit Super Nintendo has eyes with pupils and all kinds of shading?
    The style of this game more closely resembles 16-bit games.
    Posted by mcnichoj on 01 May 14 at 12:50
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    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game

    Price: on the XBLA is 800 MSP. That's about $10 or £7 to you or me.

    The game is all in 8BIT graphics, and is based on the graphic novel, not the film.
    There's not much of a story to it, it's what you expect for a game about something like this. You have 4 players to pick from, Scott, Kim Ramona and Stills, There's also Knives to unlock if you buy the overpriced DLC (400 points for one person is stupidly overpriced if you ask me).

    Who you play the game as doesn't make a lot of odds to the game, you get a few different attacked with each person, but nothing game changing at all.

    There are 7 levels to the game, 1 for each of Ramona’s 7 evil ex’s. Well, that's a lie actually. There are 6 for the ex's since one of the levels is twice as long and you take to of them out, but that's just a technicality, not a big deal.
    Other than that there isn't a lot to say, a arcade game only has so much room for a story, and this game just doesn't need to explain itself.

    This game couldn't be more like those old 8BIT 2D fighters we all used to play, this may however be because it IS a 8BIT 2D fighter, only the soundtrack is better, the pace you can play at is so much faster then say, Streets of Rage.
    After picking your player, you start the game, normally at level 1 with no XP. So you start the game slow, and weak. It's a challenge. This is a flaw in my eyes. Game's would normally get harder as you get to the later levels of the game, but if you level up enough, then the game becomes a cakewalk.

    Normally fights are just mashing buttons, there are combo's you can use, but when you really play the game you realise that they are pretty useless overall.
    Boss battles are all pretty well done. There one that starts with you in a guitar hero battle, to one against a ninja. It's very well made and the bosses change enough to keep you engrossed.
    Levelling System

    The levelling system in this game is pretty basic, you've got your stats, you've got your XP, and you've got your level. As these numbers get higher, so does the damage you deal, and the speed you move.
    There's nothing intuitive about it, but it's perfect for this game.

    Hmm... The soundtrack for this? It's all 8BIT, but it's the funkiest 8BIT tunes you'll hear for a long while. The soundtrack kept me playing this game, even when the fighting got repetitive.
    The background tunes really set the mood, and if I had to say one thing about this game, it's how amazing the soundtrack really is.

    The game lasted me 5 hours the first time I played to the end; second time was 2 hours, third time, 1 hour. As I said before, the levelling system slowly causes the game to become a cakewalk, and it does lose its challenge and some of its appeal due to this. Still, for what's really the same at £7, who am I to complain?

    There's local multiplayer and co-op if you would like to play it with a close by friend, but the actually mode is pretty useless, Good overall, I did play a few games with a mate so that I could give my view of it, and the 2 competitive modes are pretty fun for a little while. Gave me an extra hour of entertainment, I would say.


    Great game, good price. Can't really go wrong with this unless you just don't enjoy good old beat em' ups.
    I highly recommend this game to you, and if it ever gets taken down to 400 points on the marketplace, I highly recommend you get it while you can!

    4/5 starts. Not quite perfect, but great none the less.

    Leave a comment, I know the review isn't great, but I hope you like It none the less. x clap
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    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game gave me mixed feelings when I walked away from it. Being a big fan of both the comics and movie (well, Michael Cera in general), I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a promo for it. I had to have it. Looking back, it was money well spent, but a few flaws were clearly evident.


    Scott Pilgrim plays like any side scrolling beat 'em up; the controls are easy to master, and there isn't a combo or move that I found too hard to use. A few flaws were hidden underneath a fairly well thought out control scheme. For one, once an opponent begins an attack or combo, you cannot initiate a block. This was very frustrating when starting with a new character with very little health. This leads to my next frustration: Leveling. The leveling system is a bit of a let down, because it only teaches you new moves. Unfortunately, the only way to increase your Attack, Defense, Speed, or Willpower is to purchase certain food items in the many shops. Sadly, this is another gripe: You must purchase an item in order to see what effects it has. I assume Ubisoft implemented this to coincide with how older games were made, but in today's world, it just isn't something that works, especially when coins are few and far between. The combat and controls are spot on, however, and once you level up and boost your stats, the game becomes quite fun. However, in the early stages of the game, you may find it difficult to pass level 1-1 until you play for a while; your base stats are very low and things can turn ugly very quick if you are surrounded with no chance to move. There are cheats that enable money, a secret weapon, etc., and if you're looking to jump into the game and immediately have some fun, I would recommend using them. If not, you may have to grind out a few levels first.


    Not much to say here, modeled after the old-style games of the 90's. I enjoyed this touch, especially considering the graphic novels routinely reference games from that time period.


    Scott Pilgrim shines its brightest during its local multiplayer. There is nothing better than kicking Gideon Graves' face in with three buddies, let me put it that way. The more people you have next to you playing along, the more enjoyable the experience becomes. I always had more fun with this game with others than I did on my own, which is very out of the norm for me.

    Replay Value

    Very High. With four base characters to choose from (Scott Pilgrim, Ramona Flowers, Stephen Stills, and Kim Pine), a fifth secret character, and lastly, a sixth playable character in Knives Chau (only available if the Knives Chau DLC Pack is purchased), Scott Pilgrim gives you plenty of characters, each with their own signature moves, combos, special abilities, and "strikers."

    Final Decision

    If you are a fan of beat 'em ups, or Scott Pilgrim in general, you will find a decent game for a reasonable price. This is worth the ten dollar price tag.
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    *Re-Posting because of the Glitch which removed the reviews*

    To anyone who's never read the books, then, or has managed to miss all the buzz surrounding the film, Ubisoft's take on the saga might seem a bit confusing. In terms of its fundamentals, the game goes out of its way to not be original but, equally, that's kind of the point. It appears to so perfectly replicate 8-bit gaming that even the generation's infamous foibles have been loyally translated. There's a messy XP system that can be easily exploited, cheap workarounds to defeat many of the bosses, and near-flat hit boxes for enemies that cause as much mild annoyance in Scott Pilgrim as they did in classic 2D side-scrollers like Double Dragon or Streets of Rage.

    In any other circumstance, these factors would be significant criticisms of a game but, in Scott Pilgrim's case, it's as if they've been purposely put there to lovingly recreate the subject material. Capturing all of these 80s gaming quirks in a modern title simply by chance just seems too unlikely. But the hallmarks of old-school gaming don't end there: successfully completing the story is a challenge not to be balked at, even on the easiest 'Average Joe' difficulty setting. Just the feeling of having to replay the final level in excess of 15 or 20 times before i completed it took me back to my childhood, getting that tiny bit further on each subsequent attempt before expending my lives and starting all over again at the start of the level.

    And then there are the cheat codes: Ubisoft has released a classic 'Up, Down, Right..' style cheat code for the supplemental 'Survival Horror' mode, while an additional code or unlock for the 'Boss Rush' mode. Head on over to the 'Shopping District' and you'll find a game that's also studded with Easter eggs planted as references to the graphic novels, from the video rental store with a fine of over $500 in Scott's name, to Wallace Well's Mystery Shop with all kinds of exotic goodies on offer, and the very occasional random spawn of Mr. Chau in the game's Super Mario Bros-esque map (culminating in a boss fight and the reward of Mr. & Mrs. Chau as summonable strikers if you win).

    Put simply, i've never played a contemporary game that nails the feel of old-school gaming quite to the extent that Scott Pilgrim does. Topped off by the pixel art graphical style of renowned artist Paul Robertson and chiptune soundtrack by Anamanaguchi, Scott Pilgrim is a rare example of a game that's been developed by one of the world's biggest publishers and yet still plays like it's been created by a group of indie developers. It feels deeply personal, unfettered by its branding, and built with love ahead of commercial interest, but you wouldn't think that possible judging by the huge list of names on the credits (seriously, it reads like Ubisoft's entire payroll). Perhaps in this way it's the most fitting homage to Bryan Lee O'Malleys original work that Ubisoft could possibly have paid, far above and beyond the many gaming in-jokes that are dropped and shared along the way.

    And here's the really good bit: it only costs 800 MSP on XBL. That's an absolute steal for a game that took me far in excess of 5 hours to complete on a first run-through. After that however it takes round about two hours if you just rush through. But the inclination to keep playing after that though is beyond what i've experienced in most triple-A games of the past few years. Unlockable characters, additional modes, expensive items in the shops, and ranking boards all encourage you to play through the game again and again, increasing the abilities of Scott, Ramona Flowers, Kim Pine, and Steven Stills to the point where they're all fully levelled-up while revealing different endings along the way. These four are the default playable characters, which can also be used simultaneously via well integrated 4 player co-op support complete with a revival system, co-ordinated taunt special moves featuring the 'Sex Bob-omb' band, and the ability to steal or 'lend' lives from team-mates when you run dry or loan money between characters for use in the shops. The fact that this co-op is offline only, however, is a slight detraction.

    One thing's for certain: it's a lot cheaper than the coin-op arcade machines of the 80s that it emulates. While PS3 users could already find the game available on PSN as a timed exclusive at £7.99 (Absolute steal), Xbox 360 owners had to wait until the XBLA launch on August 25th (the same day that the film released here in the UK).

    All in all then, Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim fiction has created great books and a great game. Now we'll have to wait and see if Edgar Wright will mak a great movie and, in the process, achieved the seemingly unachievable: an entertainment 'triple threat'.
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    -An excellent beat-em-up in the days of the TMNT arcade game and River City Ransom days.
    -Wonderful 16-bit style graphics. Very detailed and colorful. Animations have many frames for added fluidity.
    -Soundtrack is by far one of the best I've heard in a video game.
    -Level up system/buying food/upgrades is a nice touch and adds tremendous depth to the gameplay.
    -Loads of secrets to discover.
    -4-player co-op (offline).
    -Different types of bad guys and the bosses are all fun to fight against.

    -If you havent watched the movie first/didnt like the movie, its a bit tough to grasp the concept of it (since its really out there)/you may not like the game.
    -NO ONLINE CO-OP. :(
    -Some grinding is needed to get your character up to proper damage/defense/speed levels for bosses and such.