1. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Welcome to my achievement walkthrough for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game. There are no missable achievements in this game as you can revisit stages at any point. I've laid the walkthrough out in the way which I think is best, I've explained how to get each achievement at the first opportunity to unlock them but remember; If you're having trouble unlocking it or simply just don't want to unlock it yet - you don't have to, you can come back and try again at a later point if you like.

I've split the walkthrough up as follows; On the first playthrough we'll be playing through (on Average Joe) as Scott Pilgrim. During this first playthrough we'll be unlocking up to 8 of the original achievements, obviously this number depends on if you decide to skip any of them out for now. From there we'll continue to use Scott and mop up 2 more achievements, this won't be a full playthrough but it will involve having to play through most of the levels again. Once that's done and we'll be up to a total of 10 achievements with 2 more to go, 1 of which we'll be closing to unlocking already. The final achievement in the core game is notoriously frustrating and believed by many to be buggy. With any luck we'll manage to pick up everything needed for this last achievement while working through the 3 playthroughs also needed for it. Once the original achievements are out of the way we'll be moving on to the DLC achievements. The DLC achievements are very straightforward and shouldn't present any kind of challenge, seen as how not everyone using this walkthrough will have the DLC I've created a page to keep the original game achievements and the DLC achievements seperate from one another.

On the next page, I've created a list of all the game cheats. We'll be using at least 2 of the codes in this walkthrough but feel free to activate others if you like. Beneath the cheat code listing there's also a text based map that explains which levels are which.

Finally, thank you to the Youtube users XioXaio12 and MahaloVideoGames for the work they put in when creating the videos used in this walkthrough.

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