2. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game General hints and tipsUpdate notes

One of the nicer things about this game is that using cheats doesn't affect achievements so I strongly advise that you put aside any feelings you may have on using cheats to get achievements and use them for this game.


All cheats must be entered at the "press start" screen to be activated. When a cheat is successfully activated you'll hear a sound play in the background.

Blood Mode: A, B, A, X, A, B, B.

Boss Rush Mode: Right, Right, B, RB, Right, Right, B, RB.

Zombie Survival Mode: Down, Up, Right, Down, Up, Right, Down, Up, Right, Right, Right.

Duplicate Characters: Down, RB, Up, LB, Y, B.

Power Of Love Sword: X, X, X, A, B, Y.

Coins Change To Animal Sprites: Up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, Up.

Trade Life For $50: Hold LT & RT, Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.

World Map

The game is laid out like the world maps of the old Super Mario games. So here's a list of levels and the sub-levels within them.

Level 1-1: The Frozen Suburbs > Level 1-2: Shopping District

Level 2-1: Casa Loma's Film Set > Level 2-2: Casa Loma's Parking Lot

Level 3-1: Leo's Place > Level 3-2: Main Stage

Level 4-1: Transit > Level 4-2: The Frying Tengu > Level 4-3: Chengdu Gardens

Level 5-1: Halloween Party > Level 5-2: Fire Escape > Level 5-4: Dragon's Den

Level 6-1: The Park > Level 6-2: Eerie Forest

Level 7-1: Chaos Theatre Elevator > Level 7-2: Subspace Highway? > Level 7-3: Techno Base

Each of these level collections will play through to the next almost seemlessly but once you've completed the level you can revisit it with the same character whenever you want.

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