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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

First of all and this is very important. If at any point between levels you see Mr. Chau appear on the map stop whatever you're doing and head over to him. You need to defeat him as part of one of the achievements. He shows up randomly and once you fight him, if you lose he'll vanish until he next shows up. The fight itself is a little tricky but provided you follow this walkthrough and level up all of your characters before each playthrough you should be fine, just lay into him with the Power Of Love sword (that's something you'll be reading a lot in this walkthrough). For an example of the Mr. Chau battle please see here, but bear in mind that when using your power sword you'll defeat him much quicker. Finally, Mr. Chau shows up for any of the characters, he didn't show up for me until I was on my second character playthrough so bear that in mind. You need to make multiple playthroughs so don't stress out too much if he doesn't show up straight away!

So before we actually begin, at the "Title Screen" (the menu that prompts you to press start) enter the following cheat code; X, X, X, A, B, Y. Doing so will unlock the "Power Of Love" sword in your game, I don't know how you personally feel about using cheats and earning achievements but let me tell you, it makes this game so much easier! Remember, you'll need to input this cheat every time you boot the game up if you want to use the sword.

Now we've activated that cheat go ahead and start up a 2 player local game on "Average Joe" with you playing as Scott and player 2 playing as anyone. The reason we're doing this will become clear soon enough! Play through the first level up until you reach a part of the level where the words; "Shopping District" appear on the screen. It's here that we'll be inputting the Konami Code in over and over. So with the controller for player 2 hold down both LT and RT then press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. Doing this will make player 2 die but they'll also drop a bunch of coins so now quickly rinse around with player 1 and pick them all up then walk over to player 2 and follow the on screen prompt to revive them, then just keep repeating the process to rack up some money. Continue doing it until you've unlocked the first achievement of the game;

By now you should have loads of money so head into the first shop just above you and in there buy 1 of every item. Doing so will unlock you the next achievement;

Once you've done the above achievement we'll be heading over to the video-rental store, it's the first store in the Shopping District and it's called; "No-Account Video". While in there pay off Scott's late fees which will cost you $504.25, this will enable you to rent out films that push your stats up. Now you're ready to start renting films so select "Seven Shaolin Masters" and buy it, doing this will push the following stats up;

• EXP +100

• DEF +10

• SPD +10

• WP +10

• STR +10

After buying 10 of these your stats will be fully maxed out. Now you should buy the film "Alone and Disturbed", doing this will increase your stats by;

• EXP +1500

Continue doing this until you're Level 16, which is the highest possible level. You'll need to keep coming out of the purchase menu in the shop to check on your level. All in all, it won't take too long to completely max out your stats using this method. If your run out of money at any point just exit the store and repeat the money earning method described earlier.

Now that you're fully maxed out we're ready to playthrough the game. Go ahead and exit back to the main menu, start up a new game but this time just a single player game on Average Joe. Now that we're ready to crack on with the actual game, playthrough the levels as you like, slashing up enemies with the Power of Love sword that we entered the cheat for earlier. There's not much in the way of level specific achievements, there are achievements tied to levels that require certain extra actions or input and I'll explain the best way to go about these achievements on this playthrough but if you miss any of them don't worry, you can come back to any level at any point if you want.

Level 1: Frozen Suburbs

So first of all, for each level I've decided to find some videos on Youtube that will show you the level layout so you know what to expect from it. You don't need to watch these, I didn't create them and so they don't run alongside this walkthrough. It's just so that you can watch them, now when to expect the boss (etc).

You should be able to pick up 2 achievements on this level, 1 of which is specific to this level and the other can be done on pretty much any level provided there's something to throw... which there nearly always is! So for the first achievement what you need to do is pick up an object (don't use your sword, it should be killing them in one hit) and hit an enemy with it using the X button until they fall on the floor, then press the Y button to throw the object at the enemy, this with any luck will kill them. If not just keep trying, there's no rush so don't stress yourself out going for it now but it's always nice to get achievements out of the way.

If you find you're killing enemies easily while going for this achievement it may be best to save it until later when you can come back with a lower level character but it is possible to do now.

  • Dirty Trick

    Defeated an enemy by throwing an object at him while he was already down.

    Dirty Trick

Now for the level specific achievement! This achievement shouldn't be too hard seen as how you've maxed out your level and stats plus you should be using the Power of Love sword that makes defeating enemies an absolute breeze. All you have to do is defeat the boss of this level, Matthew Patel without losing a life. With what I just in mind this achievement shouldn't be hard, when the fight begins lay into Patel with your sword and after he takes a little damage he'll jump into the middle of the screen and summon 4 demon girls that'll fly around him in a circle. When he does that just stick to a low corner of the screen (left or right, which ever you were on when he summoned them) and lay into them with your sword as they fly around him. Once you've killed them off you'll be able to attack Patel again, so run over and lay into him some more with your sword. If he manages to survive your attack he'll summon 2 more demon girls to the top left and right of the screen who will shoot fireballs toward you, either defeat them or ignore them and focus on Patel, it's up to you.

With that said, provided you've followed this walkthrough and maxed your level and stats and you're using the Power of Love sword there's a strong possibility that you'll manage to defeat him so quickly he won't even have a chance to summon the first set of demon girls.

Level 2: Casa Loma's Film Set

There aren't any achievements specific to this level so just play through it killing enemies with your sword. There isn't any part of the level that should present a challenge. The boss is easy enough, just lay into him with your sword until you win.

Level 3: Leo's Place

No achievements specific to this level but there is an achievement that is easy to get thanks to this level. First of all you're gonna need to complete the level before we go for it so play through the level killing the enemies as you they appear, remember to use the sword... it'll make the game fly by. Once you reach the stage you'll have to fight a mini-boss battle before you're able to proceed, this can be a little annoying but with you being all super power and all you should be able to take both enemies down without much hassle. There's a little trick here, while you fight them 1 at a time, the dark haired girl (the first girl) is the most annoying as she teleports around, you should only need to catch her once with an attack though to do enough damage to kill her. Then the other girl will teleport in line with the first girl and stand there for a moment, when she does that just lay into her with the sword and kill her before the second mini-boss battle even really begins. Once you've taken both of them out the third (and this is the "main boss" of the level) boss will appear. He'll walk over to you from the top of the screen, pull out a bass and play a note which will send you flying off the screen. In this section of the level you need to break through the walls and reach the end without Todd Ingram catching up to you. You shouldn't have any trouble doing this but I found it easiest to dash and jump kick toward the walls over and over. Once you break through the last wall the boss fight with Todd Ingram will begin, he's not very difficult but he does have some annoying moves. All you need to do here is lay into him with your sword when you can, I say "when you can" because periodically he'll jump away from you and use an annoying move where he shoots a load of stuff out of his arm, I don't know how to describe it but it reminds me of the film Akira! After that a squad car will appear on a side of the screen and refill his power so that given the chance, he'll be able to do that move again.

Now once you've won the boss fight and completed the level we're gonna go back to the map and try and unlock the next achievement. You don't need to do it right now if you don't want to but as this is the first chance in the game you can get this achievement easily, this is where I'll put it in the walkthrough.

So start up the beginning area of Level 3 again, as soon as it begins and you're able to take control of your character pause the game and exit back to the map. Now move over and select to start the second part of Level 3, you should make quick work of both the mini-bosses and remember that you need to not take any damage! Once you've taken out both of the mini-bosses with for Ingram to send you flying off screen and then repeat the wall breaking stage. Provided that you didn't take any damage you should unlock the next achievement as you break through the final wall.

If you mess up and take any damage just finish up the level and try again.

Level 4: Transit

No achievements for this level, just playthrough each of the stages until you reach the boss and then make quick work of her with your sword. Depending on how many enemies you've been killing or if you've opted to replay levels for fun you may already have this achievement. If you don't have it by not just keep killing enemies with your sword as you should be close to popping it. All it requires is that you kill 200 enemies with an interactive object and thankfully our super powerful sword counts as one!

Level 5: Halloween Party

There's an achievement for beating the boss to this level in a certain way. Once you reach the boss area and you begin the fight against The Twins, as soon as the fight begins walk straight up toward both of them and start slashing with your sword. With any luck the area of damage will catch both of them and you'll defeat them both at the same time which will unlock the achievement;

If you don't unlock the achievement don't worry, just try again.

Level 6: The Park

There's no achievement related to this level, just rinse through it and defeat Nega-Scott.

Final Stage: Chaos Theatre Elavator

Here we are, the final level! The only achievement you'll get from this level is for defeating the game with Scott. You should be a pro at this game by now and I'm sure you don't need me telling you to make use of your sword anymore! Gideon is a pain and you have to defeat him in a bunch of forms, that said each of them won't last long against you and your trusty Power Of Love sword. Once you defeat him you'll have the last achievement for this playthrough.

Next up we're gonna be working on the Supreme Master achievement, thankfully there's an exploit which will save us from having to playthrough the entire game on this difficulty. After defeating the game on Average Joe with Scott bump the difficulty up to Supreme Master and select to play as him again. Now rinse through each of the boss stages in order, the order should be as follows; Shopping District, Casa Loma Parking Lot, Main Stage, Chengdu Gardens, Dragon's Den, Eerie Forest and Final Stage: Techno Base. You do not need to play the levels in between, only the boss stages but you must defeat the bosses in the correct order. Once you defeat Gideon again you'll unlock the achievement for Supreme Master.

  • One Man Army

    Cleared the game in single player on the “Supreme Master” difficulty setting.

    One Man Army

For the next achievement you need to consume one of every food item in the game. Select to play as Scott again, use up any of the money you earned while playing through previously. If you need any more money, use the money making method desribed earlier.

There seems to be a bit of confusion surrounding this achievement and I hope I can clear some of that up with this guide.

• You do not need to purchase anything extra that is not a food item, they do not count toward this achievement.
• For items to count make sure you actually consume them. So when you purchase them from a store do not take the food "to go", eat it there and then.
• You do not need to complete that level for the food to count, once you've consumed it you can quit back to the map.

With that out of the way, here's a list of the food you need to eat, where you get the food from and how much it costs.

Level: The Shopping District
The first 4 stores in this area are at the start of this level, they're in a line at the top of the street.

Delicious Cup
• Tea - $1.40
• Coffee - $1.60
• Espresso - $1.60
• Hot Chocolate - $2.50
• Iced Latte - $3.75

Dee's Tex Mex
• Nachos - $7.75
• Tacos - $9.85
• Burrito Grande - $11.25
• Quesadilla - $13.50
• Fajitas $17.95

• Chewing Gum - $0.95
• Chocolate Bar - $1.25
• Cola - $1.80
• Grape Juice - $2.25
• Energy Drink - $2.95

Sushi Bar
• Miso Soup - $2.50
• Avocado Hosomaki - $2.50
• Salmon Nigiri - $3.85
• Ikura Don - $4.60
• Rainbow Maki - $8.75

Continue through the shopping district until you enter the tunnel. Once you've entered the tunnel walk down the sloped entrance and keep an eye on the wall, one of the wall blocks will have a black star on it. Walk up to that section of wall and an entrance will reveal itself.

Wallace's Mystery Shop
• Tlaloc's Feast - $49.95
• Ambrosia - $59.95

Level: Casa Loma's Film Set
This store is right at the start of the level. Once you've defeated the immediate enemies that start on the screen with you progress a little and enter the wagon.

Fancy Chip Wagon
• French Fries - $1.80
• Poutine - $3.50
• European Hot-Dog - $3.80
• Buffalo Burger - $5.80
• Croque-Mineieur - $6.50

Level: Leo's Place
From the start of this level fight your way through the enemies until you see something at the top of the screen that looks like a merch stand. There's a curtained doorway and a sign above it that says "Leo's Store", enter the doorway for the next shop.

Leo's Place Stand
• Carbonated Water - $0.60
• Classic Potato Chips - $0.95

Level: The Frying Tengu
For this store you'll need to progress quite a bit into the level. Keep working your way through the level until some ninja's burst through the floor, from this point keep working your way forward but keep an eye on the top of the screen. The store is quite obvious, the doors are wide open and there's a rug in the doorway.

The Frying Tengu
• Ramen - $5.95
• Udon - $5.95
• Tempura Vegetables - $5.95
• Tempura Shrimps - $5.95
• Kushiyaki Moriawase - $14.95

Level: Fire Escape
From the start of the level you need to move forward a screen and you'll see a welcome mat on the floor, walk through the sliding doors for the next store.

Scott's Dad BBQ
• Iced Tea - $0.95
• Tropical Punch - $2.25
• Kebab - $4.95
• Hamburger - $4.95
• Filet Mignon - $18.95

Level: The Park
This is the most hidden shop in the game. Progress through the level and pay close attention to the top of the screen. Not long after picking up the key you'll see 4 NPC's standing around, Walk up between them and you'll be transported to a brick room with a doorway on the other side of the room, through that doorway is the store.

Mobile's Secret House
• Herbal Tea - $1.60
• Wild Blueberries - $2.95
• Ginkgo Biloba - $9.95
• Sautéed Shiitake - $9.95

Level: Techno Base
You'll need to progress quite a bit into the level to reach this store. Once you've defeated the 4 blue haired girls and the 2 flying guys keep an eye on the top of the screen. As you move forward you'll see a big metal door with a "F" to the left of it and 2 lights above it. Approach and walk through the doors to enter the store.

Techno Shack
• Food Pill - $2.50
• Beef Jerky - $2.95
• Energy Tank - $3.95
• Microwave Chicken - $3.95

Once you've consumed each of those items at least once the achievement will unlock.

All that's left now is to playthrough with the remaining characters. Level them up like you did with Scott and then just rinse through as quick as you can. At some point while you're grinding through these playthroughs you'll unlock the achievement for killing a thousand enemies.

Now all that should be left is the "Chaudown" achievement, the one that gives everyone bother. This one can be a little frustrating but I have to hope that at some point during the game Mr. Chau showed up for you and you defeated him to unlock him and Mrs. Chau as strikers. If that hasn't happened, it's annoying but all you can do is keep playing levels until he appears. It's worth noting that if you've purchased the DLC and can play as Knives her default strikers are Mr. and Mrs. Chau, however using them will not count toward the achievement.

What you need to do for the achievement is call each of the strikers. You call strikers by pressing the LB button when in a level, there's a rumour that the striker won't count as "called" unless they succesfully land an attack when you call for them. I don't know if there's any truth in that but it's worth making sure what your strikers land attacks just to play it safe. The strikers are as follows;

• Knives Chau - Knives is the default striker for all of the original characters.
• Mr. Chau - Mr. Chau is only available once you've defeated him by engaging him when he randomly appears on the map. He'll only show up the character that defeated him.
• Mrs. Chau - Mrs. Chau is only available once you've defeated Mr. Chau by engaging him when he randomly appears on the map. She'll only show up the character that defeated Mr. Chau.
• Nega-Knives - The only character who can summon Nega-Knives is Nega-Scott. To unlock Nega-Scott you must defeat the game with Scott, Ramona, Stills and Kim.

That's it for the main game. There's another page if you want to find out about the DLC achievements but if not, congratulations on completing the core game achievements and thank you for reading!

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