Scourge: Outbreak

Scourge: Outbreak

Xbox 360

Scourge: Outbreak Achievements

Most Earned

Level 1 Complete
Level 1 Complete20 (20)Completed Level 1 in any difficulty mode
Juggernaut57 (40)Within a single session, obtained at least 6 Awards in one Multiplayer round or one Campaign level.
Level 2 Complete
Level 2 Complete29 (20)Completed Level 2 in any difficulty mode
Level 3 Complete
Level 3 Complete33 (20)Completed Level 3 in any difficulty mode

Least Earned

Bathed in Glory
Bathed in Glory185 (60)Obtained all Awards
Master of all Trades
Master of all Trades148 (60)Obtained Rank 10 in all 4 XP categories
Grizzled Veteran
Grizzled Veteran139 (60)Completed all 4 Levels in 'Nightmare' difficulty mode
Seasoned Pro
Seasoned Pro60 (30)Completed all 4 Levels in 'Normal' difficulty mode
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March 2018 Delistings: Little Orbit Titles, Dragon Ball Z and More

This month's check has turned up four Xbox One titles, seven XBLA titles, and nine Games on Demand that have been removed from the Store.

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XBL Sale Roundup: May 6th, 2014

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Scourge: Outbreak Gets an Update

Do you remember that, back in August, we mentioned that a patch would be appearing later that month for Tragnarion Studios' Scourge: Outbreak? No? I don't blame you as I'd forgotten about it too. Fan

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Scourge Outbreak Title Update Incoming

Fans of the recently released XBLA third person shooter, Scourge: Outbreak will be pleased to hear that there is a large title update on the horizon. Tragnarion studios have announced that they have

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