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    10 May 2014
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    The Good, The Bad, and the Scourge.
    A twisted jigsaw puzzle of a game.

    I'm not a writer in anyway whatsoever therefore I won't embarrass myself attempting to write a review, trying my best to come off as educated and well read as I can, so i'll just list what I view to be the good and the bad in Scourge: Outbreak. Take it as you will.

    The Good: (Not Much)

    - The Graphics. About as good as they get for arcade titles, but i had a suspicion the entire time playing that the game was never intended for arcade, but for a retail release it never made it to.

    -Level Design. The first level in particular is very nice on the eyes. The level design team did a pretty damn good job on this game. While it doesn't always seem fluid, i think that has more to do with decision making to get the game out in time than the level designers choices.

    -Character Handling/Animation. The characters handle well, they feel like they have some weight to them and the animations are pretty good, though the running looks a bit awkward. The cover system worked well.

    -Shooting Mechanics/Weapons. Not the best but they get the job done. The weapons are pretty standard fare for shooters with only a few unique weapons. The automatics were a bit underpowered IMO and you have to get in real close for the shotgun to do significant damage. I found 8 weapons in all.

    Shield Ability. A solid mechanic that can help out in a jam as long as you keep it charged.

    The Bad (A lot)

    -Difficulty Spike. The first mission shouldn't be any issue for most players, but the game takes a turn to the ultra hard right into the second level and doesn't let up the rest of the way through.

    Melee. This game could quite possibly have the most useless melee mechanic ever, it's more likely to get you killed then save your life 99% of the time.

    -Too Hard. To continue on from the complaint above, this game is just too hard for it's own good. The damage indicator comes up too late to be of any use and most of the enemies in the later levels are over-powered chores to fight. I recommend casual difficulty for most players if they want to have as much fun as they can with the game.

    -Enemies. The enemies in the game eventually start taking A LOT to put down, some basic enemies took three 75 round clips to put down but can drop you in an instant if they get a bead on you. You can run out of ammo quick and if you're not constantly landing headshots it could take 100+ rounds to kill any enemy with automatic weapons. Eventually you fight nothing but enemies you can only kill by shooting off their helmets and then their heads. Some are fun to fight but a lot were not.

    -Story. I guess it was no worse than most shooter storylines these days, but that doesn't make it good. Lost interest pretty fast.

    Main Characters. Very generic, cookie-cutter characters. Extremely forgettable. One of them seemed ripped straight out of Hunted: Demons Forge.

    Bosses. I only liked one boss in the game, and you fight a good amount of them for how short the game is. Some of them are trial and error or find the specific way to get them to take damage affairs while others just seemed very lazy and repetitive.

    -Checkpoints These can get brutal. In the day and age of plentiful checkpoints it can get frustrating having to play out large sections over and over again.

    At the end of the day I really can't recommend the game to anyone just based on how unbalanced and thrown together it seemed. I couldn't shake the feeling that it was definitely designed for retail but had to be pieced together with what they had that was complete for the arcade release. If the game had an extra year it could have been a somewhat solid if not generic shooter. It's a little bit of Fuse, Hunted and Gears but doesn't live up to the sum of it's parts. If you're looking for a solid co-op shooter, it's not hard to do better than this. Stick to the games it ripped off.
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