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Sea of Thieves

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Sea of Thieves Achievements

Most Earned

Legends - "Cronch"
Legends - "Cronch"5 (5)Eat a banana, skin and all.
Now Bring Me That Horizon
Now Bring Me That Horizon11 (10)Set sail for the first time.
Handbrake Turn
Handbrake Turn11 (10)With the ship's wheel fully turned in a direction, drop the anchor.
I Wanna Be A Pirate!
I Wanna Be A Pirate!12 (10)Earn enough Reputation to go up a level in a Trading Company for the first time.

Least Earned

Merchant Forager
Merchant Forager50 (50)Awarded the Commendation for 1,000 Banana Crates delivered on time!
Hoarder of Barnacled Gold
Hoarder of Barnacled Gold3054 (15)Awarded the Commendation for 1,000 Shipwrecked Chests sold!
Black Powder Merchant
Black Powder Merchant1931 (15)Awarded the Commendation for 1,000 Gunpowder Kegs delivered on time!
Merchant Voyager
Merchant Voyager2176 (20)Awarded the Commendation for 500 Merchant Alliance voyages completed!
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Latest Sea of Thieves News

Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores Trailer, Rare Warns of Possible Delays

Rare has announced that the release of the "Forsaken Shores" update for Sea of Thieves may be slightly delayed to ensure the new content is polished and free of bugs.

Posted 5 days ago by Lucy Wood, 7 comments

Sea of Thieves Patch 1.2.4 Details and Rowboat Q&A

Two Sea of Thieves videos from Rare take a look at the latest update and explain how rowboats will be implemented when they are added to the game in the upcoming "Forsaken Shores" update.

Posted 19 days ago by Lucy Wood, 7 comments

Sea of Thieves Cursed Crews Event Begins Next Week

With very little breathing room, Rare has piled content and events into Sea of Thieves since May's first major free update, The Hungering Deep. Now, the latest Bilge Rat Adventure is due to kick off in just a few days.

Posted 28 days ago by Mark Delaney, 7 comments

Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores Arrives September 19th

The second of the expansions announced at E3 was "Forsaken Shores", and now we have brief details and screenshots, as well as a promise that the event will be starting on September 19th.

Posted 30 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 9 comments

European Exclusive Xbox One Sale Roundup

We've picked up a number of Xbox sales which are currently exclusive to European gamers. Check out the article for full details on the various price reductions.

Posted 1 month ago by Rich Stone, 36 comments

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