Anniversary Update

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Anniversary Update

Anniversary Update Achievements

Sea of Thieves has 108 achievements worth 2,055 gamerscore.

  • Rum 'n' Bass

    Within The Arena, here's what you must do. Play music in contests, with four in your crew!

    1 guide
  • Pints Mean Prizes

    In The Arena, first join a contest, then drink lots of grog and deliver a chest!

    2 guides
  • Glorious Sea Dog

    To prove it's the Glorious Sea Dogs you love, purchase their Hat, Jacket, Hook and their Gloves!

    1 guide
  • Nice Pirates Finish Last

    So what if you've stolen some other crew's chest?

    1 guide
  • Hot Tub Crime Machine

    All crews take a soak to work out their troubles. (But please remember to turn on the bubbles!)

    2 guides
  • Capture the Swag

    In The Arena, each minute moves fast. Deliver a chest before five have gone past!

  • Fortune and Glory

    An Arena contest's the place to be seen. Forget guarding one chest - try guarding fifteen!

    1 guide
  • Show Your Colours

    Within The Arena, try taking a trip in contests, aboard each colour of ship!

    1 guide
  • Captain of Silvered Waters

    Receive the Commendation for placing in the top three 100 times in The Arena.

  • Champion of Silvered Waters

    Receive the Commendation for placing first 100 times in The Arena.

  • Legend of Silvered Waters

    Receive the Commendation for placing first 100 times in The Arena as a Pirate Legend.

  • Sailor of Silvered Waters

    Receive the Commendation for completing 200 contests in The Arena.

    1 guide
  • Master of the Arena

    Within The Arena, you've caused a commotion. The Sea Dogs will sell you their Master Promotion!

    1 guide
  • Dining With the Stars

    A midnight snack, if you desire, cooked to perfection on a fire!

    1 guide
  • Well Done!

    Your hearty meal's turned out wrong. You left it on the stove too long!

    2 guides
  • Not So Well Done

    Well-cooked meals are never easy, dine too soon and you'll get queasy!

    2 guides
  • Five a Day

    Sampling every type of fruit will keep you fit to fight and loot!

    2 guides
  • Another Pirate's Treasure

    Ill-gotten gains - yet, after all, they still sold to the Hunter's Call.

    1 guide
  • Night Bite

    Little fishie, all aglow, off to The Hunter's Call you go.

    1 guide
  • A Rare Delicacy

    If reeling a coloured fish in, take care, The Hunter's Call claim they're incredibly rare!

    1 guide
  • Meat and Greet

    A feast of meats all roasted well, each kind to The Hunter's Call you'll sell.

    2 guides
  • Hunter of Trophy Fish

    Receive the Commendation for delivering 25 Trophy Fish to The Hunter's Call.

    1 guide
  • Hook, Line and Sinker

    A platter of each kind of fish will serve the Hunters quite a dish!

    2 guides
  • Legendary Hunter of the Sea of Thieves

    Receive the Commendation for completing 57 Grade 5 Hunter's Call Commendations.

    2 guides
  • Master of the Hunters

    Purchase the Master Hunter Promotion from The Hunter's Call Trading Company.

  • The Shroudbreaker

    A sunken ship and ancient key will set you on a great journey!

    1 guide
  • The Cursed Rogue

    A Cursed Rogue searching, never sleeping. What great secrets is she keeping?

    1 guide
  • The Legendary Storyteller

    Adventures told with a fearless grin. Perhaps some truths might lie within?

    1 guide
  • Stars of a Thief

    The heavens' secrets, now concealed through ancient fable are revealed!

    2 guides
  • Wild Rose

    Jealous wrongs must be set right so two young lovers can unite!

    1 guide
  • The Art of the Trickster

    A shining treasure you must claim, the prize within a deadly game!

    1 guide
  • The Fate of the Morningstar

    Guide three wayward souls to rest, the next step on your golden quest!

    1 guide
  • Revenge of the Morningstar

    Great evil sleeps below the sands, revenge at last within your hands!

    1 guide
  • The Shores of Gold

    Forbidden secrets must be told. What lies beneath the Shores of Gold?

    1 guide
  • A Sunken Legacy

    Receive all Commendations for 'The Shroudbreaker' Tall Tale.

    1 guide
  • Fateful Memories

    Receive all Commendations for 'The Cursed Rogue' Tall Tale.

    1 guide
  • Sea of Dreams

    Receive all Commendations for 'The Legendary Storyteller' Tall Tale.

    2 guides
  • The Stolen Sky

    Receive all Commendations for the 'Stars of a Thief' Tall Tale.

    1 guide
  • Always Yours

    Receive all Commendations for the 'Wild Rose' Tall Tale.

    1 guide
  • The Trickster's Folly

    Receive all Commendations for 'The Art of the Trickster' Tall Tale.

    1 guide
  • The Unbroken Bond

    Receive all Commendations for 'The Fate of the Morningstar' Tall Tale.

    1 guide
  • The Morningstar Rises

    Receive all Commendations for 'The Revenge of the Morningstar' Tall Tale.

    1 guide
  • Seeker of Grand Adventure

    Receive all Commendations for all the Shores of Gold Tall Tales.