1. Seasons After Fall Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

My fellow achievement hunters, I welcome you to my walkthrough for Seasons After Fall.

Seasons After Fall is a 2D puzzle platformer with light Metroidvania elements developed by Swing Swing Submarine. The game was first released in 2016 on PC, subsequently being brought to Xbox One and the PS4 in May 2017. The game puts you in control of a red fox that is possessed by a spirit aiming to unite the spirits of the four seasons. In order to do this, you head to different areas that reflect each of the four seasons and retrieve these spirits, allowing you to change the season to solve puzzles and traverse the environment. These puzzles are generally simple and will be repeated over the course of the game in certain areas, however there are a few puzzles which will be initially confusing and more complex. You can't actually die at all as there are no enemies. The challenge of the game is in figuring out how to use the different seasons in order to progress. Seasons After Fall sadly does have collectibles in the form of flowers with four in each area (apart from Sanctuary, the hub area) that are 'collected' once you walk over them. Without using a walkthrough, many of these would be collected through normal progression but some are more hidden. I will signpost all of them in bold in the story walkthrough. After the first part of the game, upon entering an area the game will show you how many you have collected in that area.

Fortunately Seasons After Fall is an easy completion which can hopefully be done in 4-5 hours with this walkthrough. The reason why you see estimates of 6-8 and 8-10 hours is due to the game giving you no directions whatsoever which is why many haven't bothered completing it. None of the achievements are missable and can be easily mopped up during the post-game. Using this walkthrough will mean every achievement will have popped by the time you unlock the 'true ending'.

At full price the game isn't worth it in my view but a recent sale in January 2018 saw the game's price slashed by 75% which is a far more agreeable price point. My recommendation would be to keep an eye out for it in future sales. I found the game confusing and the puzzle element weak which is what convinced me that this game needs a walkthrough. Despite this the visuals and music are quite splendid which sort of redeems the, at times, disappointing gameplay.

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