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Gamer Achievements Won TA GS Presence
JovialAbyss5345 JovialAbyss5345 0 0 (0)
Brazil Andre BigBoss 2 Andre BigBoss 2Quer comprar jogos barato ? Códigos oficiais de Xbox One \PS4\PS Vita vai la na minha lojinha 0 0 (0)
USA AndroidOdnetnin AndroidOdnetninGot the last of the 12 Days done. I didn't realize how close I was cutting it with an hour left. 0 0 (0)
USA Bastian Reader Bastian ReaderAnyone able to drop weapons for battlefield hardline x1 menz in the hood? Willing to trade JP dlc/arcade/games 0 0 (0)
USA BigNev44 BigNev44Ruined my TADPole by finally finding a crew and finishing our 1st playthrough on Rogue Stormers. FML... 1 328 (100)
USA EarthboundX EarthboundXHeck yeah! NieR: Automata is on sale for the cheapest it's ever been! Definitely picking it up! 0 0 (0)
Finland Healtti HealttiThe Messenger (Win 10), best game on GamePass PC. Any Win10 rig should run it - take the dive! Headphones & pad essential 0 0 (0)
Ireland MANIAN 3D MANIAN 3D 0 0 (0)
USA MC PHILABUSTA MC PHILABUSTAAnyone looking too boost fable fortune wins .. hit me up when ever :). 0 0 (0)
USA MrZombieChicken MrZombieChickenI need to find me some less skilled friends to add to my list here. You guys make me feel bad....except Paul because I know he's hacking. wink 0 0 (0)
USA psykotronn psykotronnWho will carry me in DarkSouls 1 2 3 want my 1000G Also want to do Sea of Thieves and Minecraft games Hit me up on xbox friend me 8 2,093 (800)
Australia SDREW44 SDREW44Rest in Peace Celtic Force! cry 8 2,467 (800)
England Teriyaki Tej Teriyaki TejIf anyone has Sims 4, check out the post on PSN Profiles. Can pop nearly all the achievements with a few families. 0 0 (0)
USA YoDz YoDzNeed 4. Boosting Gaming Session for Grand Theft Auto IV (PC) 5 1,395 (500)