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    30 Apr 2011
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    This game- This game was one of the most magnificent Arcade games I have ever played. My review will go over the following:


    The CAMPAIGN begins with you starting off at an 8th armored infantry base on a coastal-like planet, sure it seems like paradise, but that's before the Arm of Orion begins their assault on it. As you fight your way to the General of Section 8, the game's tutorial (voiced by MOTHER as the AI is called) begins to tell you a bit about some features your suit has. For instance, you can overdrive (a super sprint) from one place to another, in less than a minute, but at the same time you can jetpack into the air, and get a major air and distance boost. You then begin to figure out what is happening as the story progresses, and you begin to find out who the true enemy is. That's about all i'll say about the campaign, or else I might get too much into it and explain the whole thing. XD

    The MULTIPLAYER can be changed from an 8, to a 16, to a 24, and then to a 32 versus conquest, or a 4 player survival-like game of Swarm. In Conquest, you fight as either the Arm, or Section 8. While in the middle of these battles, you will encounter Dynamic Combat Missions (a.k.a. DCMs). These missions can be used to turn the tide of battle, if you can complete them. For example, VIP: Protect the VIP from enemy fire while bringing him to the selected ally base. But that's only if you're on the VIP's team, the same works for the opponents except like this: Kill the VIP BEFORE he reaches his destination. I find the Mulitplayer unique and much different, but if you're like XboxEvolution, don't play it. Seriously, no joke, you'll suck at it (i'll tell you more about this at the end).

    The CUSTOMIZATION is a bit more simple than some games nowadays (Halo: Reach would be the more advancec version), but you still can customize your armor, weapon rounds, armor modifications, etc. If you're a good ol' player of the original (and haven't changed your gamertag and actually got the game the day it came out if i'm correct), you'll unlock the Aegis armor as well as an armor modification, if you reached 25 and/or 50, you'll unlock an extra (one or two, depends how far you got) armor modification(s). There is an armor DLC, but I suggest not getting it, you can unlock 2/3 of the items just by 1 achievement (if i'm correct) and the other by easily ranking up.

    The FEATURES in this game invovle even making your own match, choosing what you want in your match/ searching for one, customizing what you want in your HUD, volume (of course) with subtitles as well. There's so much in this small arcade title, in fact, I believe it's worth more than $15!

    I would have to be honest, this wasn't the best review of all, i'm still learning my basic review skills, but after playing the game, I found it amazing, but, I did say I would tell you a bit about Xbox Evolved or whatever: The two guys who played were COD junkies, so if you're a COD junky and you won't let your mind adapt to a new gamestyle (and still can't figure out that red circles = bad things by the end of ONE SINGLE CONQUEST GAME), don't buy it, but other than that, I suggest you go out and get it, just make sure you have at least 2.0 Gigabytes worth of hard drive space, because even though it's an arcade, it takes up a lot of space.

    Anyways, in all, I would lay it down like this:
    Gameplay: 5
    Difficulty: 4 (get's a bit too hard for me)
    Campaign: 4 (still has a bit of it's Sec 8 multiplayer tutorial roots, but that's cool with me)
    Multiplayer: 5
    Customization: 4.5 ( it's better than having to stick to a default class outfit, you know what i'm saying?)
    Features: 4.5

    So, overall, i'd give it a 9/10, but I can only give a 1,2,3,4, or 5 star rating so, it's gonna be 4 stars.
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    SqueezefanGreat game , Halo fans will like it if they gave it a chance. If this gets in deal of the week i can imagine there eventually being loads more on online games which would be great.
    Posted by Squeezefan on 21 Jul 11 at 08:02
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    Section 8: Prejudice Review

    Developed by: TimeGate Studios
    Published by: Timegate Studios
    Release date: April 20th, 2011
    Price: 1200 MSP

    Section 8: Prejudice is a game that more than a few people will probably avoid simply because of their experience from Section 8. A cult classic for some; for others, the original game was a fairly unimaginative title with rather empty servers and a headache of an achievement list (Re: "We Have Won"). People who do so based on that prejudice (no pun intended), do so at their own loss.

    Section 8: Prejudice addresses the vast majority of these qualms. Technically speaking, the game has much-improved graphics and an all-new soundtrack which, while orchestral and powerful in nature, steps back just enough to stop from getting into the ridiculous.

    The campaign is a full, decent length of 5+ hours (over the 2 or so from the original game), and Hard mode actually offers a decent challenge this time around - instead of burning in over and over an infinite number of times when you die, you're restricted to your most recent checkpoint, adding a level of difficulty the first game didn't really have. There are some issues with this, however - anyone who's beaten it knows how frustrating it is to make your way through the majority of the final boss, only to die and restart the whole fight. But that's only one small portion of an otherwise excellent, story-driven campaign that actually means something rather than acting as a glorified multiplayer tutorial.

    Multiplayer and Swarm mode have also been totally reworked. Now including unlockables, instead of simply climbing ranks and earning badges, players feel as though they're working toward a goal. With everything from new ammunition types to bonus armors, every time you rank up you're excited to see what new bonuses might be available. A new vehicle makes it debut as well: the hoverbike adds a new end to the spectrum as far as the tank and heavy armor are concerned. Offering extreme speed and lighter firepower versus the artillery-defined other vehicles, the bike is a versatile tool handy in most DCMs.

    And speaking of which, Timegate has introduced a fair number of new DCMs to the game, as well as tweaking some existing ones. With a total of nine this time around, they include favorites like Convoy and DCM, but also include recovery/collection missions, defensive missions, and calling in airstrikes on enemy positions. More developed this time around, the offer a wider variety of replayability than the original game, and are sure to keep fans coming back.

    Instead of being Conquest with severely unbalanced teams, Swarm mode now places you and three teammates (be they A.I. or players) in the role of defenders as you take on three increasingly difficult waves of enemies as they try and steal your control point. In addition, playing ranked matches of Swarm online allow you to add to your rank and unlocks! Genuinely fun to play, Swarm mode offers a decent challenge to people who intend to get all their achievements - "Citronella Armor" will give most players a fair bit of grief.

    And to wrap things off, the achievements in Section 8 are well-designed in comparison to the original game. Offering a selection of pop culture references for their titles as well as mixed difficulty and unlock criteria, they will keep players entertained and challenged, without straying into impossibility and boredom.

    Considering it's only 1200 points on XBLA, and it has more content than the original, Section 8: Prejudice is a must-buy for any fans of the original, or anyone looking for a great shooter game.