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Jet Klaatu
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Jet Klaatu
TA Score for this game: 21
Posted on 04 October 18 at 00:25
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Dreamcast CLASSIC!

It's a short and small arcade game that was originally released on the Sega Dreamcast. It even was compatible with a Dreamcast Rod you physically cast and reeled in!

The Xbox version (which is now on the Xbox One via backward compatibility) is a straight up port of the original game with 200GS in total so it doesn't pay out in score.

It has a very easy style of fishing compared to the fishing simulator games out there and really is driven by what lure you use and where you cast and at what time. The fix are a single specie of bass but can very in weight quite a bit depending on location.

- Simple to pick up and play
- Arcade mode is fun and easy with a leaderboard
- Original mode is fun to gain lures and compete against AI leaderboards
- The price is very low

- Retro port with no changes
- 200GS (as are most arcade games) and achievements are not easy to 100%
- Only two game modes so lack of content
- No player leaderboards
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TA Score for this game: 484
Posted on 13 November 11 at 18:51
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Short review, remake of a classic Sega game, though i have played this first time on my ps one, fun game easy 200/200, three game modes Arcade, Orginal and Practice, the bad thing is that it has only one speaciment of fish you can catch.
Sound is preaty pore, even for a classic, the graphic can't stand the test of time also.
You will play 2 max. 3 locations from start to finish there are total app 9 locations, but Reed and Lodge will give you best resaults.
There are total 14 lures, but once more you will use 3 max 4. Simply in Morning use Popper or Pencil Bait, Afternoon use Straight worm and on evning use some shallow water lure or Sonic Lure if u gott that one.
Anyway I enyojed to play this once more. Still 800 ms points is a spicy price for a game lake this, beleve that 400 ms points would be fair.
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