3. Serial Cleaner ContractsUpdate notes

Before you begin I want to reiterate that you can hide while in a guards sight and the game randomizes most levels when it comes to body locations, evidence and blood trails. If you are stuck at 99% clean with no blood in sight, restart the level. It seems to mostly happen on Contract 3 but it is possible the glitch can occur on other levels as well. There is 1 collectible in each of the story levels as well as 4 objectives to be done between each level for at least 15 of those levels. Due to the random nature of the game I can only give you a general idea for how to beat each level. You will have to adjust accordingly.

FredInTheHead made a great collectible video with timestamps:

0:17 - Contract 1 (Magazine 1)
0:48 - Contract 2 (Magazine 2)
1:40 - Contract 3 (Film Reel 1)
2:24 - Contract 4 (Magazine 3)
3:07 - Contract 5 (Magazine 4)
3:44 - Contract 6 (Film Reel 2)
5:02 - Contract 7 (Magazine 5)
5:23 - Contract 8 (Film Reel 3)
5:57 - Contract 9 (Magazine 6)
6:36 - Contract 10 (Film Reel 4)
8:01 - Contract 11 (Magazine 7)
8:33 - Contract 12 (Film Reel 5)
9:06 - Contract 13 (Magazine 8)
9:41 - Contract 14 (Film Reel 6)
10:29 - Contract 15 (Magazine 9)
11:30 - Contract 16 (Film Reel 7)
12:18 - Contract 17 (Film Reel 8)
13:16 - Contract 18 (Film Reel 9)
14:17 - Contract 19 (Film Reel 10)
14:55 - Contract 20 (Magazine 10)

Story Contracts:

title 2

Contract 1 - No Sweat:

pic 1

  • 0/1 Bodies
  • 0/1 Evidence

The Purple star on each pic is the collectible. This level does not change unless you start a challenge. It is very basic and shouldn't pose any challenge as there is no blood to be cleaned. You start off at your super cool station wagon. Press cn_LT and hold it down to see the objectives on the map. This is essential to beating this game, or else you would be running in blind. Go to the pink star and get the collectible. I suggest you watch the path the one patrolling officer takes as this can ruin your run. It is on the ground, behind the silo's. Just run around the bus and once you've collected Magazine 1/10 you will pop:

Then let your self get caught. Get caught 5 times to unlock:

Now it is good to have been caught because it sets it up to complete the level in 23ish seconds. Run up and wait for the first guard to look away, grab the watch, cn_A, while you continue to run to the left. Go up a bit so you are still out of the guards vision. He will look back at the watch and walk up to it (this will happen when you move bodies/evidence and is connected to an achievement that should pop naturally). This is your chance to run up to the body, cn_X, and bring this back to your babe magnet station wagon. Press cn_X again to drop it off in the back and then cn_A by the drivers door to leave. Exits in this game can change but usually involve this fancy piece of junk.


pic 2

  • 0/1 Mom
  • 0/1 Newspaper
  • 0/1 Radio
  • 0/1 TV

You will arrive at home (a hub of sorts between every contract) and go through a quick scene before the day changes. Now every time you come home you need to talk to your Mom, read the newspaper on the front porch, watch TV in the living room and listen to the radio in the left side room. Cleaner sense cn_LT can make finding your mama a lot easier. Doing this 15 times, which can occur naturally, will unlock 4 achievements. If you forget to do it, because I won't mention it again until Contract 15, you can load Contract 2 over and over just to get this. It does not have to be 15 different conversations or TV shows. Go to the phone when you are done doing all that and then back in your vehicle to proceed to the next contract.

Contract 2 - Sucker Punch:

pic 3

  • 0/3 Bodies
  • 0/1 Evidence

Quit this level, reload it and do all the home events again then you will be back here in a minute. This level introduces the ability to hide. You can get in all kinds of objects to save yourself. You can hide even if they see you as you enter, so don't let their outrageous speed detour you. Get near a hiding spot and have a cop chase you in to it, cn_A, while he can see you 5 times in a row to unlock:

He has to see you enter, there are lots of chances to get this through out the game so if you don't have good luck with hiding spots (randomized) either get caught or wait for another level. Grab Magazine 2/10 to the right of the boxing ring before completing the objectives. Just sprint in and grab it while he goes around the ring, don't matter if you get caught. This one is fairly easy but make sure you use hiding spots.

Contract 3 - Horoscope:

pic 4

  • 0/2 Bodies
  • 0/2 Evidence
  • 0/60 Blood %

Introducing the hardest part of the game, blood. This level in particular can be frustrating to complete 100% when it comes to blood. You need 60% to complete the level but never leave until that is 100/60. If it gets stuck at 99% and you can't find a single drop, it is advised to get caught and hope for better luck. This is 1 of 2 levels I experienced this glitch on. You should notice when you hit 100 that blood disappears because you don't actually have to get up every drop, although you should try to. This way you aren't searching for a few specs here and there. Do extra swipes, swirls and double check nooks before moving on to the next blood trail. The hardest part can be corners, behind rocks, cars and trees. Just do some extra sweeps of each area. This level is more frustrating, in my opinion, because the three cops will all look towards the center where the majority of the blood is. You need to run in, clean quickly and duck in to the barn/building to the right of the station wagon. The rest is just about taking your time.

Grab Film Reel 1/10 which is located right next to the rotating police man at the bottom of the screen. Use the campers as cover since you can only enter 1 of them. Some hiding spots will offer you multiple exits, identified by a green diamond which you can move. This can be a life saver as well as a great way to temporarily remove a pesky guard.

Note that when you complete a level with 100% blood you will get a stamp above the contract, on the main menu story contracts page. Assuming you got this you will unlock:

Contract 4 - The Deadly Telegraph:

pic 5

  • 0/3 Bodies
  • 0/1 Evidence
  • 0/80 Blood (100/80 is needed)

My favorite level. First contract that doesn't use the babe magnet. You have to toss bodies out of the broken window. Magazine 3/10 is out in the open, on a desk, dead center of the stage but you will likely be caught by a patrolling guard. The paths they take are extremely predictable and you should have good hiding spots. The exit is the elevator you came in on. If you are being chased while carrying a body, just drop it.

This is a great spot to slide on blood for 45 seconds. Stay near the elevator and use the closest hiding spot when the patrolling cop drops by for a peek. After 45 cumulative seconds you will unlock:

  • Wheeee!

    Slide on blood for a total of 45 seconds in any single contract


Contract 5 - "M" Is for Murder

pic 6

  • 0/3 Bodies
  • 0/2 Evidence
  • 0/65 Blood % (last time I mention that you aim for 100/65)

This contract will introduce movable objects. These can be used to block in someone, block out everyone or to open/block paths. The most useful is being able to lock yourself into a room and cleaning without worry of being caught. The second most useful is blocking an enemy in and making the whole mission easier (after you've cleaned the room). Magazine 4/10 is located in the bottom left corner, outside of a building and easy to obtain.

Contract 6 - Fishy Business

pic 7

  • 0/3 Bodies
  • 0/1 Evidence
  • 0/60 Blood %

This level is a little tricky to explain. First, to reach Film Reel 2/10 you will first have to move the boat so it lowers its ramp. Go to the green star first, then go back to the boat. The guard will start to patrol the boat as well so be careful and use the hiding space if available. On the far right side you can lock in 2 guards but only if you lock them up separate. By locking one in, the other will be set free. So block them with the movable objects and clean away without worry! I've used a pink arrow and a yellow box to show you an example of how 1 is blocked in.

Contract 7 - Hammering OUT

pic 8

  • 0/3 Bodies
  • 0/1 Evidence
  • 0/75 Blood %

Magazine 5/10 can be grabbed right off the hop by going to the right and running up between the side of the screen and the right side of the trucks load. This level is straight forward and not much I can do to help you other than to suggest cutting off paths using the doors you can open/close.

You will have likely unlocked:

if not, soon.

Contract 8 - Gator Tears

pic 9

  • 0/3 Bodies
  • 0/1 Evidence

This level introduces you to alerters. These cops will holler if they see you and pull all near by cops to your last known location. This works great for getting 3 to chase you at once, if you have 2 on you and you run to the fat cop on the left side you will unlock:

if not, there are more chances to get it.

Film Reel 3/10 is found behind the reeds in the top of the screen, dead center. I suggest just running straight to it if you can and letting yourself get caught after you get it. This level can be annoying and not because of blood, because there is none, but because the alerter turns really fast and tends to catch you which makes it hard to block him in. Once he is blocked in the rest is easy as long as you got the gator on the bottom of the screen. Drop bodies off at the gator except the last one which you want to take with you to the station wagon, escape.

Contract 9 - Disco Fever

pic 10

  • 0/3 Bodies
  • 0/2 Evidence
  • 0/80 Blood %

I think I'd rather catch the corona virus before I did this level again. The most frustrating part was figuring out where to drop the damn bodies. There is a ladder next to the piranha tank that you need to use. This level also introduces Sound distractions. I suggest using the one to your left to start, since it is easy to get back that way, and then coming back later to go to the right of the starting point. The starting point will be the exit point as well. There is always a chance when using the sound distractions that you may unlock:

if not, soon. There is a level with HUGE speakers that will guarantee this so don't smash your controller while you curse my name. Magazine 6/10 is on the left side, which is why I suggest starting in that direction. It is in a bathroom and can easily cost you a run when you come out of it. Grab this first so it doesn't spoil a good run. Use sound decoys to your advantage and utilize the distraction to tap into your inner Mr. Clean (or Mrs. Clean, no judgement).

Contract 10 - Close Shave

pic 11

  • 0/3 Bodies
  • 0/3 Evidence
  • 0/85 Blood %

This level is the first time you get short cuts. There is also a great opportunity to block off 2-3 cops at a time by using the top box and the bottom gate. Use the shortcuts and make your way to Film Reel 4/10 which is in the office under the desk. A better place to drop bodies is in the top left corner, you can carry bodies through shortcuts. There is only 1 sound decoy and it isn't needed really, the bookshelf is more useful for blocking that cop and making his path longer. Moving the gate at the bottom will likely be your fastest escape after 100% completing this stage.

Contract 11 - Heavy Load

pic 12

  • 0/4 Bodies
  • 0/3 Evidence
  • 0/65 Blood %

Magazine 7/10 is the easiest of all to get, just go left and grab it. The exit for this level is the starting point. Right where the collectible was, there is a drop point for the bodies. You will find steps to your right which are not patrolled, but below them is. Nothing else about this stage is memorable.

Contract 12 - Cold Brew

pic 13

  • 0/4 Bodies
  • 0/2 Evidence
  • 0/80 Blood %

This contract comes with a new enemy, the nervous cop. If he ever gets to see you, he will always be red. This doesn't mean he is actively searching for you but it speeds him up so he patrols twice as fast. Best to avoid activating them as best you can, they have black uniforms and a classic police officers hat. There is also a rotating alerter here that can be blocked with a movable vehicle. Use the body drop to the top, it is a dock that you drop the bodies off of. Start by going up to Film Reel 5/10 (watch the cop) before continuing with the usual wash job. Take your time with this one, it isn't worth restarting and take full advantage of the hiding spots. This can be another chance to get chased by 3+ cops at a time using the alerter.

Contract 13 - Awaited Abundance

pic 14

  • 0/4 Bodies
  • 0/3 Evidence

Allow me to introduce you to my least favorite enemy, private security. These guys are fast, they take odd paths and they put my hair game to shame. There are great shortcuts back to the start and a few hiding spots that help you by acting more like a portal to another hallway (Orange star). There is a bed in the top right corner that you can use to hide bodies under... don't quite know how that works. Take your time on this level, no blood does not mean it is a cake walk. I got spanked a good 20 times on this level, alone, and I am still sore about it. Magazine 8/10 is sitting in the bottom right but you will have to dodge the new guy to get to it because of the conveniently placed obstruction.

Contract 14 - God of Thunder

pic 15

  • 0/6 Bodies
  • 0/1 Evidence
  • 0/75 Blood %

This level sucks more than a hoover vacuum. This is the place I mentioned earlier when I said giant speakers. I you haven't gotten that achievement, this is a great chance. The reason this level sucks is because of the tight hallways around the camper in the middle. The rest is pretty easy to avoid if you just watch the patterns they take. Film Reel 6/10 is in the top right and not the easiest to get to. It is hard to see but you can actually use one of two ramps (purple arrows) to get up on the giant stage. This can make the whole level more bearable because it is insane trying to run around that camper and the shortcuts are decent but have gotten me caught a few times thanks to the private security. I used the big speakers, a lot, to get my cleaning done.


You should unlock the following:

Contract 15 - Killer Clown

pic 16

  • 0/5 Bodies
  • 0/3 Evidence
  • 0/85 Blood %

Nothing fancy about this contract but there is a new enemy and he is the detective! This private dick will call 2 officers in, if he sees you. The body drop is really poorly placed here and becomes even harder to use if said private investigator notices you. The best way to do it is to block the private security out of the house in the bottom left, clean it all and use the short cut to finish the barn like building off. Take bodies back to the building you are completely safe in. Then you have to control the private security guard by opening the path that is on the left, he will run around the house (ignore if he is already on the left side) and this gives you a chance. Quickly close it as he runs, go to the other and open it. Grab a body, dump it and return. Make sure you close the way as you come back in. Repeat until all bodies are gone. Magazine 9/10 is located in said house, in the room in the top left corner, so grab that before you make your exit.

Contract 16 - Home Invader

pic 17

  • 0/4 Bodies
  • 0/1 Evidence
  • 0/80 Blood %

No need for a hub because this time it's personal. You should be somewhat familiar with this level but the picnic table is probably the most important for interior cleaning. You can use a movable to block the private security off to make cleaning the house easier. Detective Dick Tracy is back with a few of his identical brothers. You can easily get 8 cops on you here if you activate each reinforcement officer but I am telling you, that will make it a ton harder. I found the top right corner the hardest to clean, especially after 2 cops showed up... Film Reel 7/10 is found in front of your neighbors house on the right side. I suggest running for it and letting yourself get caught. Use the radioactive bin in the top to dispose of near by bodies.

Contract 17 - Mafia Manslaughter

pic 18

  • 0/4 Bodies
  • 0/6 Evidence
  • 0/90 Blood %

This level is one of the worst. This one has one of the few guards that will change its route entirely depending on the load. There is a good part, a cop with a gun who is trigger happy and he is pointed out on the map. Run up to him and let him shoot you, the shortcut helps get there faster. After you get "caught" you will unlock:

Film Reel 8/10 appears to be easier to grab if you use the shortcut but it is not. The best way is to move the first cop car to your left and this will block the alerter. You can still be spotted by the guard in the window so you have to time it so you can sneak in behind him as he enters the building. Get in a hiding spot, wait till he leaves and pop out to grab the well earned collectible. The rest of this level can be difficult if you are not able to block a private security guard. If you can get him in the room I've circled you will have better odds since you can get to the body disposal area a lot easier. You need to move the rack of pigs before you do this or the guard will shoot you. He turns too fast and you will see what I mean. The rest of it is all about taking your time and not having to return to areas 2-3 times. Focus on one place at a time.

Contract 18 - A Shot in the Dark

pic 19

  • 0/2 Bodies
  • 0/8 Evidence
  • 0/80 Blood %

Small level but the walk ways are very narrow. You need to make your way to the bottom center and get that Film Reel 9/10. The body drops are the silos and you can clearly see the wood you stand on to drop them in.

By the end of this level you have likely caused alarm 100 times over a missing item/body bag which unlocks:

  • Made You Look

    Make an enemy react to a missing item or body bag 100 times

    Made You Look
    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

If you have gotten 100% on blood on every level you will now unlock a well earned:

Contract 19 - Lair of the Beast

pic 20

  • 0/0 Cleaning to be done

One of the few levels that never change. First grab Film Reel 10/10 by going left, dodging 1 moving camera and ducking in the side enterance. Return to the start. There are three buttons you must press and then a set path you have to follow. When you reach the end you will have a box that you can clearly see the camera can't see past. You will have to wait and sprint to safety in a well timed moment. Study that camera or replay it, trust me. I tried to dot and use a red X to show you where ish to stand. It ends when you reach your mother.

Contract 20 - Smile for the Camera

pic 21

  • 0/0 Cleaning to be done

Magazine 10/10 which is in the bottom left corner is your final collectible and unlocks:

Not to mention all bonus levels are unlocked. This contract (if you can call it that) is really straight forward. There are 3 cameras and you have to activate them, then lure the bad guy in to the light beam they produce and finally retreat to where you started and outside your cell will be the exit. Likely will happen as you try to complete it but there are a few shortcuts that are so close together that if you use them he will appear instantly and catch you. Because he was chasing you and then caught you after using the shortcut you should unlock:

After you've returned to the cell you will "escape" and unlock:

And they all lived happily ever after... so romantic! On with the show!

Bonus contracts/ Night contracts:

title 3

While at the main menu change your outfit by going to clothes and selecting any of the ones to the right. This will net you an achievement by the time you finish the challenges, inevitably. You need to do all the challenges at least once, both day and night challenges even if they are worded the same. Go to the first level and you can do all but 3 challenges on this level. You only need to start, and then quit, for it to count. Do the following on Contract 3 - Horoscope Date:


  • Time trial
  • No vision cones
  • Stealthy cleaning
  • No cleaner sense
  • Super hardcore cleaning
  • One shot
  • Endless cleaning
  • Countdown
  • Nowhere to hide
  • Drunk on the job
  • Old-time cleaning
  • Short-sighted cleaner


  • Time trial
  • No vision cones
  • Stealthy cleaning
  • No cleaner sense
  • Super hardcore cleaning
  • One shot
  • Endless cleaning < ------ This is the endless cleaning I refer to later.
  • No sound indicators

You will unlock:

Now go to the bonus missions on the main menu and press cn_LT and select NIGHT CHALLENGE - ENDLESS CLEANING on Contract 21 - Enter the Cleaner. Quit to menu, twice and repeat this for the following:

  • Contract 22 - Soiled Armour
  • Contract 23 - Taxi Cleaner
  • Contract 24 - The Nun's Hooverslinger
  • Contract 25 - Cleaning the Nest
  • Contract 26 - Bobby Leaner Cleaning Show
  • Contract 27 - Fruit and Gears
  • Contract 28 - Star Dusting
  • Contract 29 - Cleaneria
  • Contract 30 - In Space, No One Can Hear you Clean

You will unlock:

Repeat the strategy on level 30 until you unlock:

Go to Contract 2 and while at home hold cn_LT, perhaps with a rubber band, until you unlock:

Now all that should be left is for you to dispose of 50-70ish bodies (depending on how many restarts you had and how many bodies were disposed of during said failures). Use Contract 4 - The Deadly Telegraph because it is small, the first body is almost right in front of you and you can easily get 3, get caught and restart. Use your judgement on if it is timely to go for the 2nd and 3rd as sometimes it is just faster to restart. When you have disposed of 150 bodies you will unlock:

Congratulations on your latest completion. Thank you for using the WT. I want to thank FredInTheHead for a great collectible video and my overseer ManicMetalhead who fixes my billions of spelling errors, grammar mistakes and erases most my dad jokes. Hope you enjoyed the game as much as I did or more even. Don't forget to wash your hands.

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