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Posted on 04 August 17 at 00:45
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Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun
Developed by: Mimimi Productions
Published by: Daedalus
Release Date: August 1st 2017
Price: £39.99 - Physical & £31.99 -Digital

The year is 1615, the location is Japan. It is the Edo period, and the land is unsettled, at war. Unlike the Dynasty and Samurai Warriors series where you just button mash to hack and slash your way through each stage, Shadow Tactics is a much more subtle and engaging experience. Tactical stealth is key and vital to your success.

Five heroes are at your disposal as you put your honour on the line to serve your Shogun. Hayato, a lone ninja who wields a shuriken and katana. Niven, a Samurai who dual wields blades and a bottle of Sake as a distraction. Yuki, a young female thief with a whistle for distraction and a spike trap. Aiko, a female master of disguise and subterfuge. Finally, Takuma. An elderly and wise man who is a master of firearms with his pet Tanuki, Kim's by his side. Each member has their own strengths and weakness in comparison to one another, yet they compliment the other members of the group so well. No matter what team line up you have to take on a mission, you will find that it works.

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Shadow Tactics offers up 13 levels, and the first obviously being a tutorial of sorts just to allow yourself to familiarise yourself with the game and how it plays. Having already been released on Steam, my first thought was the control scheme. How would it feel to play and would it work? Given how much there is assigned to the Xbox One controller, you'd be right to think it may be a shambles. But, fear not. The layout is perfect, and if your forget what button does what early on, all you need to do is pause the game and the layout is there in front of you. No need to trawl through menus looking for help.

Progressing through the game, it became quite clear that Mimiki Productions had no intention whatsoever of letting you breeze through Shadow Tactics. Oh no. Shadow Tactics is a brutal and unforgiving game that will punish you time and time again, for the smallest mistake. Forgot to check your surroundings? Tough. You're going to get caught. And you will repeat this until it's been drummed into you. Despite this, once you manage to overcome an obstacle, that sense of achievement and satisfaction that fills you with elation, will have you fist pumping the air. Yes it's tough, even on Easy dificulty. Not impossible mind you, but it's not a game that you will fly through in a couple of hours. Unless your are a God at stealth games.

One thing that struck, was that I was playing an ID@Xbox game running on the much complained about Unity engine. As far as I'm concerned, it's how you utilise this engine, and what you can get out of it that will show you how well it can work. Not only that, but Shadow Tactics is stunning to look at. From dark yet colourful Matsuya City, to the snow covered Mount Taurus, and more. Your eyes will be rewarded by some of the most detailed and beautiful artwork you will have seen in 2017. Quite simply put, its breathtaking. Even though you visit Mount Taurus on two separate occasions, the fact that they are during different seasons make it feel new when you arrive.

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An option should you choose to use it, and I strongly recommend that you do as it's vital to your progression, is Shadow Mode. Once activated with your D-Pad, you can set up a multi-kill attack to kill several guards at once. Or just move them in a group. A tool that once you have mastered, will see you surging through the enemy with greater ease. Although it's not a sure fire way to success. You can still be caught by vigilant guards, whether they be static or patrolling. You are able to see their view cones, but only one at a time. Although with your marker you can check them out at any time as you plan your attacks and route through each level. You are literally forced to plan each decision you make meticulously. One wrong move and it will spell your doom.

Every level has badges for you to unlock and you will only know about them once you either unlock them during play, or after the level has finished. Fancy completing them on Hardcore difficulty? How about a Speed run? Well, you're going to have to do these if you want all of them. No easy feat, but some serious bragging rights if you do manage to complete these tasks. The no death runs will certainly test your skills to the maximum. Personally, I don't know how I would cope given I decimated all enemies on each and every level. The gung-ho gamer in me can't help it.

The narrative for each of the characters and NPC's is written to perfection for everyone. Emotion, anger, wisdom and reasoning can be felt as you venture further on your journey. Sacrifice, loss and revenge
all play a part, keeping you hooked from beginning to end. Shadow Tactics seems to have it all and then some. Not once does it take its foot off the gas, always interjecting sporadic conversations during gameplay between your team.

Highly detailed scenic views await you in Japan. You're able zoom the camera in and out, showing off the hard work that has been invested. Either will show off the games best feature. Although that's quite a claim given the quality. With a Diablo-esque isometric look to it, you're not confined to one view point as you're free to move the camera at will. No frame rate drops were encountered, and no tearing either.

The musical score that accompanies Shadow Tactics sets the mood with easy listening instrumentals, picking up the tempo when battle commences or you're caught unaware. Characters are fully voice acted, and almost all are convincing in their part that they play. I did find Yuki to beannoying at times, but she is one of the best characters to use with her whistle and spike trap combo. A nervous young girl that really comes into her own as the game progresses.

Aside from having to get used to moving the camera yourself, Shadow Tactics plays like a dream. Each button has been assigned the correct action, and it feels so smooth to play. Shadow Mode is something I never knew I needed to experience. Essential to advance further at times, and so easy to use once you master it. Quick save and quick load are so fast, you will barely notice which, given how often you will need this is a God send. Easy to learn but hard to master.

Replay Value
Whether you pay for Digital or Physical, you will get your money's worth. Not a game that you can complete quickly, and if you want to attempt to earn each badge, then you will be playing for many hours to come. I averaged around the 2 hour mark for every level as I tried every route through each level. Learning guard patrols, who I could take out first etc.

There are some generic perform X action X amount of times with regards to kills. Some story progression, and then plenty of miscellaneous achievements to keep you busy. Fancy killing the developers? Then you're in luck. They are placed in each level, and only noticeable if you hover your marker over them and find a name. A cool achievement to be sure, and once that is fun to go for. A solid list that will get you doing everything along the way. But earning all them medals? Good luck. And if you do manage to unlock that achievement, you have earned my respect.

To wrap up, Shadow Tactics is for me, the best game I have played in 2017 and deserves to be a contender for the GoTY award. It would be a crying shame if people pass this game up. Don't let the price put you off, it is worth every penny. Especially if you enjoy stealth based games with a hefty dose of tactical warfare in Japanese history. If there is any decency left in the world, then Mimimi Productions will continue to release games for our favourite console.

The graphics
The music
Shadow Mode
Varied cast of characters

Price may put some off
Yuki can be irritating at times

A copy was provided for review purposes.
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hella awesome
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hella awesome
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Posted on 28 September 17 at 04:54, Edited on 28 September 17 at 04:55
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I predict this game will be GWG 3Q18. (prediction made 9/27/17)

Rating Quick View:

Fun: High
Frustration: High
Function: Medium
Future Play: High

The Details
Fun level High - Amazing game… if you like failure. I say this in the most honest and appreciative way possible. The game is so much fun and worth the money. You just need to like old fashion, patient grinding games with no special tricks or shortcuts. This game is truly a stealth game in all its glory. Despite the limited arsenal of abilities, the game maintains fun through interesting level design and complex strategy. The ability to execute choreographed actions between multiple characters provided substantial depth and made it feel more than just a hide and kill game. It is challenging in the best ways possible.

Frustration level High - It is also frustrating in the worst ways possible. It took me roughly 3 or 4 levels to “get” the camera and control functions. I almost gave up during the first level because it felt so completely awkward. And while I can’t believe I am going to say this…. The game feels too long. *gasp* I know…. Sacrilege. But this is one of the few times I can honestly say I felt done at level 10 but the game kept going. I never played more than a level a day and yet I still felt very burned out by the end. Maybe I’m just not that good, but this game was very hard, even on Normal difficulty.

Function level Medium - Technically, everything “functions” well. Things do what they should do. However, I spent countless time reloading because I would jump to the wrong location by accident or get stuck behind some box that wasn’t obvious. I couldn’t zoom close enough for my taste, and I would regularly miss a small feature in the landscape and lose my cover. The sound effects were great, though, and really provided additional information for events happening off screen.

Future Play level High – The game has a list of badges which challenge you to complete levels in different ways. Some of them seem easy (open north gate rather than the south gate), some seem hard (complete level without killing a civilian), and some seem impossible (complete level never killing anyone). The interesting thing is that the badges are different for each level, forcing you to improve your skills in all aspects of the game. I can imagine playing a few levels again to get some more achievements, but completionists beware that the “Earn All Badges” achievement will require substantial time and skill.

Information on the author – I find typical review categories hard to relate to, so I created my own. The purpose of this review isn’t to discuss every aspect of the game or how to play the game. Upon writing, the author completed the game on Normal difficulty and earned 26/42 achievements over 20-ish hours.
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Dang3R Gaming
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Dang3R Gaming
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Posted on 22 May 18 at 02:38, Edited on 22 May 18 at 04:28
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It's Edo period Japan, and a mysterious warlord threatens the countries stability when opposing sides have barely become unified. You will have control of five Shogun, each with their own unique ability and uses. Shadow Tactics is a real time tactical, top-down stealth game.

Hayato - A ninja, a master of stealth and distraction. He can use rocks to temporarily distract enemies, hurl his Shuriken at all but Samurai's, or quietly dispose of enemies with his Katana.
Mugen - A Samurai who wields dual blades with deadly purpose. His bottle of Sake provides perfect distraction, or simply use his Sword Wind ability to kill anyone who is within it's area of effect.
Yuki - A master thief. Need to lure a guard away from their post? Simply whistle them over and take them out without prying eyes, combine this with a trap that can kill all but Samurai for maximum effect.
Aiko - A master of disguise. With the appropriate clothing, she can blend into any area with her disguise so long as the Samurai do not see her, or she can simply use her sneezing powder to reduce their cone of vision.
Takuma - A master of firearms. Equipped with a Sniper Rifle and Grenades, Takuma is a force to be reckoned with, he can also use his pet tanuki to distract enemies.

All of these characters have their benefits and faults, but you will find that you can tackle any level with the team you are given, as the line-up always compliments each other perfectly for any situation.

Gameplay and Mechanics
Shadow Tactics has 13 levels to offer you, with the 1st getting you to grips with the controls and how the game plays. Don't think that this level is just some cakewalk though, it's still as punishing as the rest.

Speaking of the control scheme, it definitely works well. It's confusing at first, I'll give you that, but once you get to grips with it, it really isn't all that bad to deal with. However my main issue with how the controls/the game works on Console compared to Steam, it really doesn't flow as well. I say this because on PC, you would choose a character or multiple, and click where you wanted them to go. This in my opinion, made the game very smooth running and easier to use constant strategies to complete levels. On Console, you use the left stick to move, you can still select multiple characters, but some (such as Mugen) are slower, and it doesn't feel as smooth as being able to set up multiple kills or actions that all need to be done at specific timings (for example when patrols pass the perfect area one by one) like you can on PC. For what I have played of the game, and with my trying to get every badge on each level, it has made the game less enjoyable than it initially felt during just the first level. Oh and a quick side note on the camera, it's a nice touch to the game, allowing you to look around the level and all, but ultimately can be tedious and annoying to micromanage it as you take each step.

Now as I mentioned about the first level, this game is no cakewalk. It is designed to be rewarding, but punishing. Like any stealth game, you have to make the right move at the right time if you're trying to avoid encounters. Sometimes you'll accidentally jump down off a roof when you meant to climb up the ladder on it, thus causing you to reload. Other times, you'll just have to repeat a section multiple times till you get your movement, timing and positioning just right to get through. Whilst that may sound annoying, it's also ultimately so satisfying and gives a great sense of achievement (and instantly makes you reach for the save option), which is what can be so great about this genre when done right. Even if you're amazing at stealth games, don't expect to breeze through even just the story in a mere few hours (I like to think I'm pretty good at stealth games, and it's still brutal at the best of times for me).

The thing that you need to learn to make use of, that are some amazing little mechanics in the game, are those tied to the D-Pad. First of all there's Shadow Mode. This allows you to set up actions with multiple characters, which activation, will all play at once. This is great if there are multiple static guards that all have sight of one another. There's also View. This allows you to select one guards vision cone to see, which can be incredibly useful if used effectively.

You know the one thing I actually forget when I play this game? That's it's an ID@Xbox game. It's so beautifully made, that I forget it's actually made from a small company. Every area you visit in the game is stunning in its own way, whether its the snowy Mount Taurus, or the colourful but dark city of Matsuya. The artwork is detailed and thought out, to the point of a second visit to Mount Taurus has a different setting, where the season has changed.

Being the site that this is, it wouldn't be a review without covering the achievements and their difficulty.

Shadow Tactics is definitely not an easy completion. It will require multiple playthroughs of each level, at the least 2 (and this is if you can efficiently attain each badge) and the most being the limit of your ability to combine multiple badges into one run, which is easier said than done. Speedruns will be the hardest set of badges to achieve in most cases, unless Hardcore is really giving you a tough time, with the enemies being far more alert and all.

However, if you're not a hardcore completionist, then you can attain most of the Gamerscore in this game pretty easily. The random miscellaneous achievements in each level aren't hard, or in most cases, taking you way off track from your objective. So fret not, you can still get a nice amount in this game if you're willing to put a bit of time in to finish the story and maybe replay the odd level for some achievements. Albeit, this is still a 25+ hour process.

To sum up all of my thoughts, this game is definitely worth picking up. If you can find a copy cheaper on disc, then it may be suggested, as £40 is still a lot to pay for an ID game, but even at full price, it would still be worth it if you're going to put the time in.

Whilst I may have had a lot of negative things to say about the game, especially when it came to the gameplay of it, that definitely does not mean I hate it. If anything I have an appreciation for the game and ultimately enjoy the challenge of it. I just found that compared to the PC version, it didn't play as smoothly and things come with more difficulty because of that.

If you're a fan of stealth games, this should be a guaranteed purchase for you in the future. If you're new to them, it might be best to try the genre with other games first and come to this when you can have more if an appreciation for how well it works, as it's truly one of the top stealth games currently available on Console in my own opinion.
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