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Hey there, my name is Campello and the game that I am going to analyze completely is Shadow of the Tomb Raider, so let's go by our standard ritual, give a pause to the things you are doing right now, wash this hand, prepare a snack, light and natural stuff, a maroon cucumber sandwich with a vitamin of chayote and okra I think it is already delicious and too good, stay very comfortable, and come with me.

Shadow Of the Tomb Raider is about a game exclusively single-player, with third-person perspective, of action-adventure genre, with plataform and RPG elements, containing too some puzzles, developed by Eidos Interactive and published by Square Enix, released on september of 2018
and let's start by the plot.

Its drama already starts very light, said no one ever. With an airplane of our protagonist collapsing in the middle of a storm, Lara is with her old mate, Jonah the former cooker, and one of the fews survivors of the expedition of the ship Endurance from the first Tomb Raider, I say for the new trilogy, since then he has changed the look, but never stopped being the Lara's right arm. The airplane shatter into two pieces and Lara and Jonah separate, thus, the game go back two days earlier more precisely in Mexico, and then you guys may think "Ah, it returned to a calmer moment" NOP! Lare is exploring a cave with a damn rock on top of the leg, that is when the gameplay starts. She and Jonah were able to locate the last of the ruins and tombs that were not destroyed by Trinity. From there, we see that Trinity remains our main villain, which is a ancient secret organization that exists since before Christ. In the previous games, we saw that they are a group of explorers which are determined to find all the ancient artifacts, and Lara ended up discovering that her father would have been killed by this organization, and now her life reason is to follow them to understand more deeply what happened and of course, get her revenge. When removing the stone of her leg and explore the cave, Jonah tell to Lara on radio that probably one of the leaders of local Trinity called Dominguez, it's on his way to the
Fiesta de los Muertos, and then they go to investigate it. But before, Lara finds puzzles in a ancient structure that probably were touched by Trinity. In this moment, Lara let appear her behavior change in relation to the previous games, she is obsessed with her mission and completely blind with the world around her, because the cave starts to collapse and she simply ignores it and continues to take photos, until Jonah practically drags her to start running. This demonstrates that if she would have been alone in all of this, despite her out of normal habilities, she already would died. And why I am affirming this? Since the first game, the Lara's persona, this new Lara, has been shaped. The classic Lara was a James Bond, incredibly skillful, cultured, sexy, untouchable and cold. And when the new Lara arrived, much prejudices and complaints happened, and, summarizing here to not stretches too much, the new Lara in the first game, was insecure, a bit naive, had training, was smart, was skillful but fell into a life-death situation where she suffered, suffered, and suffered, but survived.

So, in my point of view, no one borns badass. Everybody only evolves when suffered before, the pain teaches and evolves people. So it would be let's say a new origin where we would see the gradually transition to the badass Lara. In the second game, the Lara already appears another woman, nothing of whining, who she needed to fight, she would without pity, but now in the third, Lara starts to commit mistakes again. She is so obsessed in prove that her father was right, in getting her revenge, that appears that arrived at a point that she only cares about this and Jonah, and about the others, up yours. The Jonah watch over her not only by the physical well-being, but the emotional too to try to maintain her with the feets on the ground. At nightfall, they go to the party, where Dominguez are. Jonah asks about Lara's leg and her simply ignores, she don't take care of herself neither even eat properly, she takes her father's diary and go fitting the pieces along with the photos that she has taken on the cave, concluding that she would need to go to Peru instead of Brazil, how Trinity planned. In this moment, Croft starts to follow discreetly Dominguez, and she heards a dialogue about a trap that had been activated, that is, that ruin which she was taking photos. The villain suspects that it would have been Lara and tell to the henchmen to go search for her. Soon she sees the villains receiving orders to kill any archaeologist that dares to unveils the ancient mysteries of that place. In a gameplay moment we save a archaeologist and he says that the Trinity is searching for years the entrance of a holy temple and today they finally found, after more parts of gameplay, she finally arrived at the temple. There she finds a mural with ancient writings and drawings that would be basically the "path to the hidden city". A mayan myth that said that the rock box there would invoke the god Kukulkan the god of creation and destruction, and is exactly that the Trinity is after.

By continuing to read and decipher the mural, Lara sees a series of drawings portraying floods, earthquakes and even an volcanic eruption, she then go back to the center of the place where there is a rock table with writings and constellations, the table opens itself and reveals a dagger with some sort of description, saying that it would be the door to the human purification. By noting the importance of that dagger, Lara says that Trinity can't put the hand on that, although Jonah says one more time that Trinity it's on the way, so Croft withdraws the dagger of its place, and was enough to the place starts to collapse, making Lara asks herself the trouble that she did. Now she go in the direction of the excavations that Trinity is doing it, dealing with enemies, but Lara had thought that she was following the Trinity, but in fact she that was being followed. The guys seize her, the leader thanks for her to leading them to the correct place and take the dagger, and talk that will start the purification of the world. This because, Lara taking the dagger out of place, was what needed to the apocalypse starts itself, then the city where she is starts to overflow by a river and in this part Lara noted that had gone too far, seeing the people go dying to the thousands, even a little boy that tried to sell flowers for her in the party, died in front of her, and after surviving, Lara is still in a shock state with everything that happened, but still obsessed with the Trinity, saying that needs to go after them immediately that is when Jonah shout at her and says no, they should be in the place and help people. And is from there that the game really starts, Lara going after the dagger to find the lost city, end Trinity's plans and seek her revenges once and for all.

The campaign time goes to 15 to 25 hours and to seek the 100% can go to 30 hours. Similar time with Rise which is the second game, but the first of 2013 was a bit smaller going to 20 hours at maximum.

There is a nice feature on this game which is the immersion voice-over, the main characters speak english and the NPCs, the native language of that region.

And how the game works?

So in fact Lara have her standard walk, jump, run, dodge, aim, shoot, hang, swim, swing, do stealth attack, do rappel. Lara continues to have her survival instict that is when highlighted on the screen the relevant items, the enemies, she as well do a commentary of what could be the next step, like giving a hint, and if you find a puzzle Lara can give you a suggestion, reminding that, this suggestions can be disabled if you want the puzzles to stay like the old guard, she is also capable of camouflage in shrubs, walls covered with vegetation, climb on trees, reminding that the stealth mode was one that received novelties, new finalizations, new moves, very inspired by the movies of Rambo 2 and Predator 1, Lara rubs mud in the body, sticks the necks of enemies with extreme violence, she are more violent than ever. And talking about combat, our arsenal is divided in 4 slots with types of bow, pistol, shotgun and rifle. Besides that we a knife and a axe. The axe was used in almost everything; to climb the wall, rock and trees, to do zipline and the new weapons and equipment that we go finding out and even buying in the sellers.

We still use the fire pit to hear Lara's thoughts about what is been happening in her journey and the fire pits are still used to fast travel all over the map, do upgrades in the guns, and acess our skills tree, the last that is divided in 3 segments: searcher, warrior, collector. In searcher we can upgrade our survival instinct, among other things. In warrior we can increase our bow's precision, among other things. And in collector we can put to automatically loot the enemies right after killed them, among other things. Is not all habilities that can be bought, some are unlocked in challenge tombs, which made a come back too, noting that are the best of the trilogy, it received a great whim and attention, they are bigger and more challenging.

There is still a mode of building equipment, like arrow, and there is the types of arrow, of fire, normal, poisonous, molotov cocktail. And among the side missions of the game, besides the tombs and crypts, we have the hunt missions, where we help NPCs that are having trouble with some animals, and then we stripped the skin, which is a item too, a resource to craft.

Among the resources we have bird's feathers, tissue, powder, that it uses to upgrade the weapon, gold ore, that you sell to make money with the merchants, wood, medicinal plant, plant of perception, plant that increases resistance. We find the fragments, that are that boxes, that serves to upgrade the weapon too. We can find damaged clothes that yet can not be used, and then you go after the resources in order to craft or restore this clothe. And this clothes can give you benefits, like a torso that makes you more stealthy or that makes you receive less damage, a boot that reduces the sound of your steps.

The controls remain simple, the gameplay is good, similar with the previous but some little problems tends to happen, remarking the climbing you want Lara to lean to a place to be able to jump, and she simply doens't look to it and you die, try again, do the same, and all of the sudden she resolves to look at it, that is, is a confusion that happens in the controls, so the ideal is to go with caution and always try to adjust the camera before making a jump when Lara insists in not looking where you want, this didn't happen all the times, but some of it, and irritates a lot when it does.

The initial loading goes to 35 to 45 seconds and the reloadings goes to 3 to 5 seconds, and the fast travels if be of a region to another will not be that fast, the time of loading can be the same of the initial.

Besides the main campaign, the crypts, the tombs, and the hunt missions, there is something more to do Campello? Yes. Of the trilogy, is the one that has more things to do. All over the time there is the collectibles, secrets or non-secrets, chests, containers, relics, murals, monoliths, reminding that files, relics and murals and the items that we find brings a lot of extra information about the story or even leads like a puzzle that if you solves it, you can find, I don't know, a secret chest. When you press on that items, Lara always do a commentary about it explaining every detail. Other important thing is that for Lara to be able to translate specific items, she will need to be evolved in ancient dialects that are many languages, that is, are monoliths with a advanced language, so Lara will always need to go reading all under her comprehension to be able to upgrade her level of dialect so she can read the more complex ones. We have as well the explorer handbag in which you finds a backpack like the Spider-Man game and this handbag will give the localization of some emergency chest of a crypt. And still have the challenges of like, "destroy 5 death's whistles hidden in a cave", things like that.

About the graphic, there is no much to be said. Talk for itself. Is astonishing the level of detail of the scenarios and the things that happen is high, like you step in a mud and your footprint be fill with water. The lighting effects, the Lara's hair is even more detailed, the expression of the characters too. The ambiance is beautiful with villages, woods, vegetation, animals, big rocks, tombs, ancient constructions, everything very detailed in the question of aesthetics. A interesting novelty is that the fauna and flora are more rich and alive and immersives than ever, we have way more types of animals, monkey, birds, frog, insects. The perfomance in Xbox One X is running smooth. There is small towns and villages to visit and in it we have NPCs, so you have to go and talk to them and they can ask you something, as I said, hunt a animal rescue someone from Trinity. And there is some missions that are very fast like solve some problem or confusion between characters of the town, simple things. In addition that NPCs can give you information about where is a crypt, a chest, a monolith. I confess that is somewhat boring these moments in the towns, you pass much of the time walking from here to there, looting and hearing NPC with zero charisma and lore super dull that give a discouragement in the pace of the game.

The soundtrack is instrumental, original and is very good. It brings basically the same vibe of the previous, with a beat kind of tribal, worth reminding that the game beats in the sound based on ambient, and the songs play in moments of action and combat.

The map continues big, subdivided in regions, it is not open-world, it is like semi-open, you don't go where you want. There is corridors places without exit, invicible walls, but the visual, there are no words worthy to describe.

The IA can be said that is a bit better, not much. The enemies use thermal goggles, spread, trys to flank, the problem is that if you run and hide they kind of give up very fast of you.

About the physics, it works well, although in certain moments when happens a escape and you need to run away because the place starts to collapse, or run away from someone, and the parts that are pratically run and leap, the leaps tends to be completely artificial and even exaggerated, like, the game facilitates the physics for you to be able to make the leap. Very different from the old Tombs, because this point was one of the highest difficulties, the precision of the leap. About the physics of the shootings and explosions, the game remains well.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider has a rich historic content like the others, with beautiful explanations from Lara about her world of exploration. We note more the stage of the character formation of her which is very cool, where she learns to be less cold, less obsessed and even selfish, but still we have ups and downs in the campaign because, Shadow in terms of combat it is very stopped than the Rise of the Tomb Raider. Rise, is the more punching game of Lara, with combat after combat. But here, during our journey exists isolated combats and in a certain ways, rapid, followed by long explorations that involve leaps, climbings, traps, persecutions, challenges, places collapsing, and very much puzzles. This style reminded me more of the Tomb Raider 1 and 2 the classics. The story is good but the pace is slow, so expect total rambo action by the middle to the end, because sometimes occurs very long pauses until happens combat again. Like I said of walking in the town, walking heree and theere, talking and talking and nothing happens, it breaks very much the pace. The game didn't bring much noveltys on the gameplay, even with all that aggressiveness of Lara, its graphic is very beautiful, its ambiance is astonishing, its puzzles are challenging, the tombs are marvel, there are many things to do and explore besides the main campaign, which is always very nice. Do not confuse Shadow with a bad game, it is just a game not so dedicated to combat like Rise was, now with this informations, put it on the scale if is for your taste or not.

Well kids so is this, I hope you have enjoyed, don't forget to evaluate and if possible, comment. And if you liked then follow me, big hugs to all of you, all the best always, thanks for everything.
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