10. Shadows: Awakening Extreme playthrough Part 2Update notes

Chapter 4

Time for the fight against Carissa again. It's quite a bit harder. You cannot just run circles around her like most enemies, because she has that ability that summons a spinning blade that circles around her. I fought in the shadow realm, where you fight her demon. Use Frost Chain on cooldown. What I tried to do was run straight away from it, and then when it was close I would run past it to try and avoid the melee attack, then repeat. Once she's dead, progress through Fallen Eagle Pass.

Fallen Eagle Pass

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Head to the first Cenotaph, then head to the second. From there head to Imperial Tomb IV.

Imperial Tomb IV
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Go through it like normal, but in the room with the lasers make sure to use Evia's fireshield to make it easier. Past that room is a fork, to the west is a Sebeken boss. His lightning is obnoxious and he drops nothing useful, so don't go that way. Head north. You'll see a book to the left called The Chronicles of the Order of the Veil - Volume I. West of the book is a little alcove, you'll find the book The Shadowhands - Volume III and at the end is an anvil, interact with it to make the Imperial Staff. Head north from the first book to the fork, and go northwest and beat the boss and get the Bonekey. Then go back to the fork and go northeast. Interact with the door and head inside. Open the tomb to get the Chronicle of God-Empress Koreth IV. Go back to the Anvil and interact with it again. You can leave now. Head to Fallen Eagle Fortress next.

Fallen Eagle Fortress
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Head to the southwest room for a chest (which progresses the quest) and grab the book called The Shadowhands - Volume V on the table. The northwest corner room has the book Annals of House Malfagon, Volume XI. In the middle room, north room (between the northwest room and the northern room) is the book Annals of House Malfagon, Volume X. The northern room has the book Records of Ishkai Confederacy, Volume I, the solution to the candle puzzle by the front door is in this room, you need to be in the shadow realm to see it. Head to the southeast room with Kiri, but grab the book on the dresser called Annals of House Malfagon, Volume VIII. Now talk to Kiri and agree to kill Tiberius.

Progress through to the entrance to Kyallisar, use the sanctuary in the bandit camp to swap in Sebeken, get the Storm Shield skill as high as you can. You should also pick up the lightning resist talent and dump all his points into willpower. Continue to the boss. The boss in front of Kyallisar is probably one of the hardest in the game, at least for me. To start have Evia throw a few regular attacks at it so it splits. Kill the closest one with Evia's spells, then use Urshak to kill the other two. When the boss respawns freeze it with the Devourer, then use Soul Rend and just keep attacking it until it summons a golem, even when the freeze is gone. You need to move to the next phase as fast as possible. Now the real fun begins, as the boss summons a golem. It can throw a blade, which does a ton of damage. It also summons a lightning orb, which will do a ton of damage if you're too close to it, and it chases you until it dies. Finally the boss will summon a bunch of lightning totems, and lightning randomly arcs across them. It also does a ton of damage. You want to pump damage into the golem while dodging all of its dumb bullshit. Kill totems when they appear. Sebeken is the key here, if you ever get into a situation where you can't get away from the orb, or the totems are stacking up, you can use its Storm Shield to take no damage from either of them and reposition to somewhere safe, or shoot totems. Once the golem dies the boss comes back. Same process, shoot it a few times so it splits, kill the clones, blitz the boss with Devourer. He summons a golem, and once it goes down repeat the pattern one more time to kill the boss. Enter Lower Kyallisar.

Lower Kyallisar
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Grab the book by the merchant called City of Outcasts - Volume VII, talk to the Winchman, and head up to Upper Kyallisar.

Upper Kyallisar
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Let's grab all the books now. Northeast of you is City of Outcasts - Volume III. East of that book is a door to the inn, go past it and follow the path east. You'll come to another copy of Annals of House Malfagon, Volume XI. Go northwest of the first book, and when you reach the sanctuary take the path going northeast to an elevator and go up. Take the west path and you'll find the book The Godslayer. Enter the door at the end of the path and grab the book in here called The Chronicles of the Order of the Veil - Volume III. Now go back to the sanctuary in Upper Kyallisar and go northwest, grab the book on the table by the guards called The Reliquary Crusade. Enter House Malfagon nearby.

House Malfagon
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Grab the two books here. In the southwest corner of the area, you'll find Annals of House Malfagon, Volume X and an Amulet of Assault on the table by the north door. Go back to the entrance and go northwest, when you see Tiberius go northeast to find the book Annals of House Malfagon, Volume VIII. Now talk to Tiberius and tell him you're about to end his life. He will run away and you'll have to kill some soldiers. Let them group, freeze them, pump as much damage into them as you can, repeat. Once they're dead head northeast to fight some more soldiers, then go northwest to fight some more, and Tiberius. Kill everything and take his Seal to Kiri to get Darius. You'll get an achievement.

This one should unlock after a future quest, but it is bugged and unlocks now. Now go to the Civil Mage Villa.

Civil Mage Villa
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Head southwest and grab the duplicate of The Chronicles of the Order of the Veil, Volume I. North of you is a book in a bookcase (sneaky) called The Chronicles of the Order of the Veil, Volume VII. Go northwest through the door (in the shadow realm) and grab the book on the chair called The Chronicles of the Order of the Veil, Volume III. Now go northeast of the entrance to find a bunch of books. The Godslayer, Records of the Ishkai Confederacy, Volume IV and The Reliquary Crusade. Talk to Valkarin and then do the scene. Just pick any answers, we have the achievement and we get captured no matter what. Easier to just fail.

No map nothing here

If you need a refresher on what to do, check the spoiler. When you grab the rat to get rat form and Darius back, you'll get an achievement.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

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There's a bunch of books here, so here's the full walkthrough of the area.

Just east of you you'll see a note, it's actually the book Antiquarian's Report to the Civil Mage. Use the sanctuary here, which magically gives you your souls back. You'll need to interact with it again to arrange your party, though. Put the Ironclad Zombie in your party, as you need him to break the gate east of the sanctuary. After you break the gate go southeast at the fork to find a cenotaph. Head southwest and ignore the northwest fork. When you reach a 4 way fork go southwest across the shadow realm bridge. Follow the path to a mini-boss. Loot the chest and go back to the 4-way fork, and go northeast to the next fork, then northwest. Cross the bridge in the shadow realm and head north. At the fork go northwest and flip the switch. Backtrack to the Cenotaph and go southeast to a big pool. In the middle of it is a note that gives the book Refugee's Journal, Day 1.

Backtrack to the Cenotaph and go northwest, and through the gate we just opened. At the fork go northwest. You'll come to the flames and a switch, you know the drill. Head southwest and follow the path to a fork, go northwest (in the shadow realm). You'll find a switch and the book Records of the Ishkai Confederacy, Volume III. Flip the switch and grab the book. Return to the previous fork and go northeast, at the next fork go northwest. At the dead end is a hexmark, a little bit before that is a bridge in the shadow realm that goes northeast. You'll find a ton of skeletons, a chest and a switch. Backtrack to the fork before the first flame gauntlet and go northeast for an odd scene (go through the door in the shadow realm).

You'll find a puzzle, you need to flip the switches so all 8 pipes are spewing water. When you flip a switch, the pipe by it and the ones next to it either open or close (depending on what they were before you flipped the switch). It's a fairly common puzzle in RPGs but the middle spot is not part of it. Anyway, from north to south, left to right let's number them 1-8. You actually just need to flip them in clockwise order starting from 8.

8 > 7 > 6 > 4 > 1 > 2 > 3 > 5

Flip the switch in the middle that rises up. Go northeast from the puzzle and when the path turns southwest, you'll see a note nearby that gives the book Dispatch to the Warlord of Kyallisar, Day 1. Slightly northwest of it is a lever, flip it. Go southwest to the fork and then northwest now that the doors are open. You'll find a chest up the stairs. Backtrack to the sanctuary north of you and head southeast. You'll have another scene with that weird thing, and you'll come across another copy of Records of the Ishkai Confederacy, Volume I. Keep going southeast and you'll come across a bunch of enemies, and 2 books : another copy of The Shadowhands - Volume V and a note on the ground called Refugee's Journal, Day 3. Make sure to flip the switch by the second book as well.

Backtrack to just before the water with the eels, go southwest and flip the switch. Go through the door and southwest over the shadow realm bridge and you'll be closer to the start of the area. At the fork go southeast. Follow the path until you go up the stairs, you'll see a note on the ground, Dispatch of the Warlord of Kyallisar, Day 3. You'll also see a chest nearby. Head to the ! to leave and enter the Old Sewers.

Old Sewers
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Follow the path until you pass a flame gauntlet, by the shadow trader is the note Refugee's Journal, Day 5. Continue north for a scene, then head east. At the big fork you'll find a book on the pipe : Dispatch to the Warlord of Kyallisar, Day 4. Head southeast, you'll find a big rat and a switch, flip it. You'll also notice a rock, push it to where the note was and then push it northeast into the room with the book on the pipe. You want to push it north onto one of the two pressure plates. Then head southwest of the book to find an alcove with the 2nd rock, push it onto the other plate. From the plates go north to a sanctuary, then go east. At the first fork go north for a shadow stone then continue east, and follow the long path to a chest, shortly before it you'll find the book The Shadowhands - Volume III on a barrel. Back at the sanctuary, go northwest. At the fork you'll see a book just north of you called The Chronicles of the Order of the Veil, Volume VII. Go south and flip the switch you find. You can also cross the shadow realm bridge to find a chest, and on the north wall are the runes to a puzzle.

Return to where the book was and go a bit north, then east at the fork. Flip the switch to make some stairs, then go straight east until you find a room with a switch, flip it. Go west down both stairs then north through the door we just opened. Go west at the sanctuary and follow the south wall to a switch, hit it. Backtrack to the sanctuary and go east. You'll reach some retracted stairs, and the book Refugee's Journal, Day 7. Operate the switch south of it. Go back to the sanctuary and go south. At the stairs go east, then north at the fork. Flip the switch to fix the stairs, then go east. At the fork go east for a chest and then north to continue. Right before you reach the big clearing there's a book on the ground called Dispatch to the Warlord of Kyallisar, Day unknown.

Walk around this big clearing and kill all the eels. When you're ready, flip the switch in the southwest corner to spawn that annoying...dinosaur thing. The pillars in the area will light up, then fire a very powerful laser. Fighting it toe to toe will not go well, I'd instead use Evia's Fire Shield to sit in the lasers and take no damage, and letting the lasers destroy the boss. Once it's dead head to the northeast part of the area, where you'll find a shadow trader and Cenotaph. Flip the switch northwest of the shadow trader, then head northeast of the Cenotaph and follow the path to a bunch of switches. If you memorized the runes from earlier you can solve it, just enter the shadow realm and you'll see which runes the levers represent. Or just arrange them as I say. Left to right.

Up - Down - Down - Up - Down

Go through the door and open the chest. Now go back to the Cenotaph and go southwest, and you'll find the door we opened with a switch recently, head through. You'll come across a book called Letter to General Arkus as the path turns northwest. At the end you'll have a boss fight. You're supposed to pull the levers to escape. As for Evanger, you can try to kill him obviously, but he absolutely destroys you.

You'll have to do it "legit" this time. You need to spin both levers about 6-7 times each to open the door, which you can then use. This task is actually quite simple, because you will avoid most of his attacks if you keep moving. What I did was go back and forth between the two levers, I'd spin one, then go to the other. There's 2 attacks you need to be careful of. One of his pulls you to him, simply move away ASAP. The other has him raise his halberd and this white...energy spins around it, then he slams it into the ground. This will summon a rockfall on one of the levers, so when you see him do this just run around to stall, or go to the lever rocks aren't falling on. Once you've spun them both enough (they will no longer have the ! on them) you can use the door to leave to the Sura Wastes, starting chapter 5.

Chapter 5

Sura Wastes
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Shadow Fiend Warriors are the enemy to watch out for here. They exist in both realms and are immune to freeze. They get a shield at about half health unless you kill them super quick, and they heal rapidly while shielded. You basically have to switch to the Devourer and smash cn_A to get rid of his shield. The Demon Portals are another big problem. They summon enemies as you may remember, and these are strong, and the fight can be hard. There's at least one on the main path in this area, so make sure you save often so if you get killed you aren't too far back. To start with head to the Cenotaph by Border Defenses. Activate it and then go to the alcove just southeast of it with the bait dropping monsters and grab the book here called The Shadowhands - Volume II. Then head to Imperial Tomb V.

Imperial Tomb V
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Fight the boss here. He does a ton of melee damage. He's pierce resistant, so you have to use The Devourer and Evia. You can freeze him and either unload all your spells as Evia or just have the Devourer go to town until he's unfrozen. Once he's dead get the bonekey and continue through the dungeon to the golem boss. He's annoying as hell on Extreme. What I'd do is just freeze him, unload Evia's spells, and then go back to the Devourer, as the boss can't do anything in the shadow realm. Don't bother trying to fight him in the mortal realm unless he is frozen. Head into the imperial smithy, beat the boss and loot everything, leave. Head to Red Smoke Mountains now.

Red Smoke Mountains
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The flame jets in this area will destroy everyone, even Evia (well, unless she has Fire Shield up of course). Be careful. To start with I'd use the Cenotaph to go back to the Sura Wastes, and enter the door nearby that leads to Border Defenses.

Border Defenses
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Follow the path to the Cenotaph and activate it, then continue on and when you see a door west of you. Put Darius in your party and head inside to enter the Meltwater Basin. Inside head up the stairs west of you and get the book partially obscured by the munchkin at the fire called Records of the Ishkai Confederacy, Volume II. Go up the stairs and follow the path to a door, head inside. You'll find a merchant, and just past him is another copy of Records of the Ishkai Confederacy, Volume IV. Talk to Ishan north of the book on the throne. Choose the top answers until you get a whole bunch of responses, and exhaust them all like always. Now leave and go back through the door we entered to get here (you'll need to flip the switch to get out). Replace Darius if you wish, then head northeast from the door. Enter the door here for a gauntlet of enemies. Around this time I had the talent that gives a 10% chance to triple damage, which did a lot of work in this fight for Urshak. As always, spam the hell out of Frost Chain and then dump Evia's spells into them, then kite with Urshak. Once the chieftain dies grab the moonchalice off him and leave. Return to Red Smoke Mountains. Head to Imperial Tomb VI.

Imperial Tomb VI
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Follow the path to the boss and beat him again, take his bonekey. After you beat him, take the west path (across the shadow realm bridge). In the room with the lasers (fire shield is super helpful here), go northwest and through the locked door, where you'll fight a familiar enemy. They have all the skills you would think they have. Wait out her initial barrage of spells, then get far from her and shoot her with Urshak. For some reason she kept backing away and using her regular attack instead of casting her spells, I just traded shots with her using Urshak. You can also use Evia's Fireshield (it transfers to other puppets) to just facetank the bolts and kill her quicker. Once she is dead you'll get an achievement.

In the northeast corner of the room with lasers is a switch you can flip to reach the exit. Head to the Ice Cavern now.

Ice Caverns
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Go through the Ice Caverns to get to Imperial Tomb VII again. Flip the switch, push the boulder by the cenotaph west and then north onto the plate, then grab the book by the door to Imperial Tomb VII called The Shadowhands - Volume IV.

Imperial Tombs VII
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You'll need to beat The Draconian to get to the books. Grab the book near the entrance called Research Notes of Octavia Mestrius, Treatise IV. I thought this fight would be really hard, because he uses Time Stop and could destroy any puppet you have when he does, but for me, he always used his super weak attack when I was frozen, so it ended up being fairly easy. Keep Bone Armor up and use Urshak to kill him.

This guy can actually be quite useful in extreme. It can use a Time Stop skill that freezes absolutely everything, bosses included. He also has a skill that refreshes everyone's cooldowns including his, meaning he can use Time Stop twice in a 45 second period or so. The only problem is it has a cast animation and the Draconian is quite slow, so switching to the Draconian to use it can be risky. On top of this, you can only choose 2 puppets, so you would have to choose between Urshak, Draconian and Ironclad Zombie. I stuck to using what I had been using, but I wanted to mention it's an option that presents a different strategy to what we've been doing, if you're interested. You could hypothetically use Frost Chain, Time Stop, Arcane Restore and then Frost Chain again to lock down enemies for a ridiculous amount of time, but due to the Draconian's slow movespeed, you'd need good timing on the casts to avoid dying.

Anyway, go in the room past him and grab the goodies. There are some chests in here, and also 3 books : Research Notes of Octavia Mestrius, Treatise I, Research Notes of Octavia Mestrius, Treatise II, Research Notes of Octavia Mestrius, Treatise III. Those should be your last books, earning you an achievement. If not check the books page to see what you might be missing.

Now head to the Oracle in Red Smoke Mountains and beat the boss. It's best done with Evia, because every attack Valkarin has is fire, except the golem he summons. He uses that multiple firebolt attack you've seen many times, and his regular attack is a fireball. Her passive fire resistance and Fire Shield means she can handle all of this much more easily than Urshak. He also summons a mana drain totem, and can summon a golem. When he gets to 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 health he will disappear and drop a ton of fire on the ground, just run in circles to dodge it. Killing him ends chapter 5.

Chapter 6

Head to Fallen Eagle Pass and go through it to Kyallisar. I didn't find Evanger in Lower Kyallisar to be that hard, but he does have a shit ton of HP, so the fight is long and boring, but not particularly challenging due to his low move speed. I basically dumped all of Evia's spells into him and then ran around him in circles with Urshak. Once he's down head up to the Civil Mage Villa. The fight is the same as on easy, but you have to be super careful. Mara's homing bolts will absolutely destroy any of your characters. Keeping Bone Armor up is super important. This is where I actually found out about it. I kept getting destroyed and started looking for a different strategy.

I ended up leveling the Devourer's Possess skill to 3, and Evia's Sand Golem to 3, and using them extensively throughout the fight. She starts with a bunch of allies, your first goal is to use Bone Armor, then possess one of them (I prefer one of the two that are ranged) and then summon your golem. This will distract the remaining enemies. While that's happening, kill the rest of her minions and start going to work on her. Once the possessed minion wakes up, kill it. When she summons allies again, repeat the same process. When she's about 2500-3000 health try and keep her busy until Sand Golem is up, then damage her enough to make her teleport to the cauldron. She summons two enemies the first time and sometimes after that, try to possess one and summon the sand golem so you can push the rock onto the switch. You probably won't be able to get it all the way unless things work out perfectly because if the enemies move into it they can push it stupidly far, very quickly. They do not slow down when pushing things so if the rock is between you and the monster, they can erase all your progress and potentially move it farther than when you started. Keep doing this until you beat her.

For the next form, I did a similar thing. She will summon 3 allies, possess the ghost looking thing and summon the Sand Golem. Kill the 2 Mercurial Demons but DO NOT kill the ghost, and DO NOT attack the boss until she is distracted fighting your possessed ghost or the golem. She does a ton of damage and can also freeze you, which will probably result in a dead puppet (or game over). It's super important to keep the ghost alive because if you kill it, she'll summon all 3 allies again, so keeping the ghost alive means you won't have to deal with more mercurial demons. Repeat this pattern until she dies. The only thing to look out for is her poison orbs, they create an area on the ground that you move very slowly in, which can be a quick game over if you aren't paying attention and walk into one. While waiting for my cooldowns to come back up I would just run circles around the arena and dodge the poison circles.

Once she is dead, you're finally done with extreme. You get an achievement winning on extreme, and also one for watching the 3rd and last ending.

Finally, there's a few cumulative achievements we want to mop up before we do the hard playthrough. Since it has to be done pre-patches, we will have separate saves, and progress won't carry over. First off, head to Ziggarut of the Sun. Use the spike traps northwest of the Cenotaph to kill TWO puppets (if all 3 die it's a game over), then revive them at the sanctuary until you've lost 100 puppets, giving you an achievement.

Swap between the shadow and mortal realms until you reach 10,000 swaps. Remove all but the Devourer and main puppet (Evia) from the party, then mash cn_RB or cn_LB until you get it.

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