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The game spoonfeeds you the controls as you play, so I won't spend too much time talking about them here. I'll cover relevant stuff as it shows up in the game walkthrough.


I'll talk about each missable and why they are missable here, though that will involve some story spoilers. They are covered in the walkthrough so you don't need to sweat it, but if you want to know now here you go.

Glorious Erudition - This requires getting every book...maybe. I got the achievement midway through the second playthrough, but did not have one of every book, or all the books (there are many duplicates). So there appears to be some tracking across save files. As a result, I don't know if you need every book or just one of each unique book. Regardless if you pick up every book in one playthrough, you will get it. As for the things that make it missable, here's a list.

-You need to pick Evia as your main puppet (choice at the beginning of the game) as there are 4 books only she can access.
-You'll be given the choice between two puppets named Darius and Falon, you have to choose Darius to get 2 books.
-The books in Thole and Kyallisar will disappear in chapter 6.
-There's a book in the House of Eagle in Kyallisar that will be inaccessible after a certain main story quest, because the building is closed.

Angel/Devil - These are related to karma, which is the morality system in this game. You can make choices that give you a specific type of karma: Mercy, Charity, Cruelty or Greed. Mercy and Charity are good karma, Cruelty and greed are evil. For Angel, you need 10 good karma OVER your bad karma. So if you have 5 bad karma, you need 15 good karma. For Devil, you need the reverse. Of course, the easiest thing to do is when you need good karma, you just avoid making bad choices so you only need 10 good karma.

The Eye of Worlds - This is for seeing all 3 endings One is for being good, one is for being evil, and the other has nothing to do with karma. You need to acquire the Serpent Crown in Kogog'Aak AFTER chapter 3, but before chapter 6. Then you need to talk to people in a certain order at the end of the game to unlock this ending.

Regain the Guild - You have to pick Kalig as your main puppet, and you have to spare Namek when you fight him in chapter 3. Just kill the other enemy and ignore him. Then in chapter 6, you'll have a boss fight in Thole that unlocks this.

Raid the Imperial Tombs - You have to choose Evia as your main puppet. You need to explore the first 6 Imperial Tombs, you have to face a boss in Imperial Tomb VI, and after you beat them, you'll get this.

Restore House Malfagon - You have to choose Jasker as your main puppet. This unlocks when doing quests for Kiri.

Veteran's Day - You need to choose certain choices in a conversation with the Werewolf Berserkers, and also have to turn 2 of the 4 totems in at the altar in the Moon Wilds beforehand. It unlocks a dialogue option that makes this choice possible.

Zaar Gets Lucky! - Talking to the leader of the Bandit Camp in chapter 3 will unlock this after you deal with the above group, but if you tell her you're a demon, you won't be able to get this one.

Nobody Expected This - You need all 4 pieces of the high inquisitor armor for this, and you need to equip it. If you sell or get rid of any of the pieces, you're out of luck.

Beguile the Serpent Worm - You have to get the Serpent Crown BEFORE the end of chapter 3, then choose specific options when talking to the worm to get this one.

Espionage - This is a story event in chapter 4, if you choose the wrong answers you can't get this.

We Must Become Stronger - You meet this enemy 3 times in the story. I don't think it's possible to kill him the first time, but you can the second time, and you have to kill him the third time. Apparently you don't get the achievement if you kill him the third time, so you must beat him in the sewers (second meeting) to get this one.

Dracon Tamer - You fight this enemy in Imperial Tomb VII, and unlock him when you win. You must get all 3 bonekeys to open the tomb, and when you get the 3rd bonekey you can either have the key or have someone join your party. If you take the new recruit, this one is gone.

Sympathy for the Sura - When given the choice between Darius and Falon, you must choose Falon. Then you must progress through Sura Wastes without killing anyone, and then talk to the leader in Red Smoke Camp.

Liberate Corwenth - When given the choice between Darius and Falon, you must choose Darius. While this is probably supposed to unlock when you beat a boss in Border Defenses, it unlocks as soon as you get Darius.

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