5. Shadows: Awakening Chapter 3Update notes

Border Camp

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Head to the yellow ! and talk to Ataka. Choose these options first.

"I never meant to hurt you, my bondmate."
"I must have you."
"Let me be your lover again, Ataka."
"When can we be together, Ataka."

Now, we need to be very careful this time. Usually, we just pick all the options, but "I cannot hide this from you... my soul is lost to a demon" will void an achievement, so don't pick this. Pick all the options up until "I need your assistance escorting a furless cub to Kyallisar", pick this option and not the one under it to get a mercy point. Pick the options about supplies next. Now pick "Open the gate to Taymuria - I must go." Now head to the far east path and at the end is a torch (on the way up the stairs you'll find a Shadow Stone in the shadow realm), light it, then talk to Kiri near the way we came in. Return to Ataka and ask about the "furless cub". Now go back to the torch but instead of going southeast to it, go northwest and cross the bridge in the shadow realm to find the Cenotaph. Head back to the Desert Cave. Talk to Saleen, choose all the options. You can get 4 things from him for free. Pick up upgrades of course, for whichever puppets you are using. If there aren't any, just pick up the most expensive stuff so you can sell it for a stack of silver. Now head back to Thole, and report your success to Arashad AND CHOOSE "Sure, you paid me a hundred in advance". That will earn us another charity point, we're only one short now. With all that done, head back to the Border Camp. Talk to Langdak, the lone merchant here. Ask him about stock and choose "Ah, but do you take charity?". This will pop the Angel achievement.


Acquired the purest form of the Devourer.

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We actually picked up some weapons already, so you can turn them in. There's a bunch of boxes in different regions, we'll turn them in as we go. Now for a puzzle of sorts. At the first bridge that leads to the torch, if you go southeast you'll find some statues that you need to light. In order to do so, you have to change other statues to certain symbols.

Near Broken Spear Pass exit - Change to snake
Near Taymurian Wilds exit - Leave as snake
At bottom of the ramp that leads to Ataka - Change to bird claw
Southwest of Ataka - Change to bird claw
Southeast of Ataka - Change to bear paw
By Cenotaph - Change to bear paw

You should get a scene, head to the chest and open it for another Fragment of the Sun Stone, which we need for that dungeon we skipped previously. 2 more fragments needed though. Now head into the Taymurian Wilds (west exit) and save your game. There are two choices of a new puppet here. If we go south, we get a wasp, if we go north, we get a treant. To be honest both puppets are pretty awful. The Wasp is a melee "rogue" (AKA a lot of damage but garbage defenses), and while that is fine on easy it makes him completely useless for harder difficulties. The other is the Treant. He is also melee, so he also sucks on harder difficulties. He's also super slow, whereas the wasp is at least fast. The treant has a healing tree skill that works like a sanctuary but it doesn't last long, only heals the active character, and has a long cooldown, which is the only redeeming quality between the two. My suggestion is to do this: save your game, go north, save on a different slot when you turn into a treant, reload the first save, and then go south and then east (ignore the path going north for now) until you become the wasp. This will get you an achievement.

Wood 'n' Wasp

Unlocked Wasp and Wood Elemental.

Wood 'n' Wasp
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From here continue east to the sanctuary, then follow the path going north and a little east to reach the Hermit's Cavern.

Hermit's Cavern
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Go north to a fork and go west, talk to the wolf here. Then go southeast past the first fork and go south at the next and interact with the crystal. You'll be able to swap characters again. Use the sanctuary here if the elemental replaced someone you use. East of the crystal is a Cenotaph. By the sanctuary is a path you can take in the shadow realm. There's a crystal just past the bridge. Continue, ignore the north fork, and then ignore the southeast fork. You'll find a small room with a Shadow Stone, and at the end of the path is a chest. Northwest of that southeast path is a wall you can go through in the shadow realm, do so and flip the switch, then take that southeast path. You'll reach some flames, you have to flip the switch and then walk through them one by one, or just run through. When the path turns north you'll see a wasp nest in the southeast corner, thorn wasps will keep coming until you destroy it. You don't seem to be able to target it, so you either have to manually aim Urshak's bow, or use an AoE attack like Kalig's Groundsmash to destroy it. Head north, take the east fork and you'll be able to go through a wall in the shadow realm, flip the switch here (crystal here as well). Continue to a boss. It didn't have a ton of health nor do a ton of damage, so it's not a hard fight. When it's about half-dead it will enter a cocoon for a bit and some thorn wasps will spawn, cut them down until she comes out of the cocoon and then finish her. Head west to find the last switch and a hexmark. You'll see a hole in the wall, use it to return to the start.

Go back down the path to the west/north fork and go north, as we lowered all the doors. You'll find a Necromancer Staff at the end of the path, now head to the entrance. Put Zaar into your party and talk to the hermit (northwest of the sanctuary). Exhaust his options to start 2 side quests, then leave.

Taymurian Wilds
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Head south until you reach a shadow trader and sanctuary. Follow the north wall west, and go north when you can. Go east, over the bridge in the shadow realm, and you'll find a chest and another statue puzzle. Set the left one to snake, the middle one to bird, and the right one to...whatever the other one is. Human hand I guess? A totem will appear, grab it. Go back to the Hermit's Cavern and go south from it in the shadow realm, you'll see a bridge going east, do so. You'll start meeting werewolves with a shield, you have to enter the shadow realm and destroy the shield, and then go back into the mortal realm to kill them for real like the spiders from much earlier in the game. The shield comes back after a short time for these enemies though, so you have to be quick. Follow the path to a fork, go south to the next one and then east. Head north and take the exit to the Moon Wilds.

Head north, when the path forks go northwest to find the cenotaph. Back at the fork go northeast. You'll reach some statues, turn them all so the wolf face is facing the wolf face planted in the ground in the middle of the area. Go in the door north of you it opens and you'll find a chest and a hexmark. Continue east, you'll see a bunch of skulls and tentacles, enter the middle of it and a spirit will show up, you'll give him the totem and you'll get a cool 80k experience. There's 3 others we will pick up as we go. Head north. At the fork go west, at the next one go south. When you reach yet another, head north and after the scene go north again. You'll find roots in the way, you have to alternate between the shadow realm and mortal realm as you go to remove the roots. Eventually, you'll reach a door that only the Devourer can use to the Hidden Fortress.

Hidden Fortress
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Go north to the fork, then west. You'll find an area with a crystal and shadow stone, and there's a tiny path northeast of you that leads to a chest. Backtrack to the fork and go east all the way to the wall, the north. Go west and flip the switch by the south wall to lower the bridge. Head north to find a chest. Now continue west, then north, enter the shadow realm and take the east path for a chest (the west path is just an alternate entrance). Follow this long path to a sanctuary. Go south and then east. As you go south in the shadow realm you'll see a path going east, do so for a chest and another Box of Taymurian Weapons for the guy in the Border Camp. Now go south and flip the switch to lower the stairs. Go back up to the fork near the sanctuary and go west to find a pain in the butt puzzle. If you observe it in the shadow realm, you'll see 3 sets of symbols. You'll see 2 of one symbol, 3 of another, and 4 of the next. You need to put the boulder on the northeast symbol, and then stand on the other symbol of the same type. This will drop another boulder. Do the same for symbol there is 3 of, then do the same for the symbol there is 4 of. Here's some pictures.

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External image

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Once you've finished it enter the Main Hall for a boss fight.


Focus on the werewolf. He has a shield, and beating him works the same way as the other werewolves you fight with a shield, with two differences. First, there will be 3 shamans charging the wolf in the shadow realm, and you have to kill them to kill the wolf in the shadow realm. The werewolf in the mortal realm will regain his shield when he loses roughly 1/3 of his health. You can't kill him without knocking the shield down 3 times. Again, do not kill the human, just take down the werewolf. Once the werewolf dies you'll have a scene and get the Signet of Steel. Grab the totem by the northern wall, then exit west. Exit back to the Moon Wilds.

Moon Wilds
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Backtrack to the fork northeast of the first sanctuary and go south. You'll find another statue puzzle, turn the snake faces to face the one in the middle, then continue on. At the dead end you'll face a boss of sorts. It's a treant that tries to melee you, but he can also summon those red plants that explode, as well as make them detonate on demand, apparently. Just stay away from all the red plants and kill him, he doesn't have as much HP as the werewolf boss. With him dead, backtrack to the Cenotaph. Drop off the totem on the way for another 80k experience.

At the fork south of the Cenotaph, go southeast (grab the crystal in the small alcove), and at the next fork go south to find a hexmark. Back at the fork go northeast for a chest, then all the way south to find a chest. Now go north to a fork, east, and then north again. East of the sanctuary is a small path that has a chest at the end. Go south and enter Dura'Tyr.

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Basically, just head south. You'll get 2 scenes and fight a bunch of enemies, then you'll reach a door to a house, go inside. Go up the stairs and then enter the shadow realm, cross the bridge. Go up the stairs for a hexmark, then use the west exit. Go up the stairs and knock down the rock from the scene, then backtrack through the house and go through the gate we just opened. Go northwest. Enter the house you come to. Flip the switch, cross the tiles and hit the switch past them to lower stairs outside. Leave and head northeast to find a chest.

Go back to the gate we opened earlier and head southeast, and follow the path to a fork. Head south. You'll see a Cenotaph, up the stairs and to the east is a chest. West of the Cenotaph you'll find 2 buildings (one is across a shadow realm bridge), both have chests. The house by the Cenotaph has a switch you need to flip. You can also turn in the weapons we got earlier with the merchant guy. Also, talk to the other guy here with Zaar. If you like, you can go back to the fork and go northeast. Skip the first house and enter the second. Turn the statues in here to the middle and you'll get a soulstone. Now leave and enter the house we skipped. Head northwest (need to be in the shadow realm to see the path) for another stupid boulder puzzle. The bottom one drops the boulder. The other 3, from top to bottom: 3-1-2-1-3-2. Follow the path to the exit. There's a crystal right by the door. Head southeast to a fork, you can find a hexmark southwest of you, head southeast to continue. When you reach a house enter it. Go up the stairs (has to be done in the shadow realm) and open the chest to find the 3rd fragment of the sun stone. Leave and head up the stairs nearby. You can go west and east to find chests, then go north. When you approach the fire your main quest will update. Head all the way back to Krek, who is in the house with Langdak. I don't see a shortcut, just have to backtrack all the way to him.

Once you've talked to him, head back. After you leave the cave with the boulder puzzle, go southwest instead to find one of the...whatever the hell it is (a gear, apparently). The metal dragon thing, interact with it. Now continue to where we were blocked off, and head east. All the way east, to find the other gear. Now proceed through where the fire was, the northernmost path. Head north to the next area. Follow the path here (crystal on the way) and after the sanctuary, you'll get a scene. You must make certain choices in order to get an achievement, choose as follows.

"I recognize your voice..."
"Why keep your human form?"
"We may be able to cure you..."
"Surrender, Sankr - I will see you get a fair trial."
"You are the victims here..."

You will avoid a fight, and acquire an achievement.

Veteran's Day

Avoided fighting the Werewolf Berserkers.

Veteran's Day
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In the next conversation, choose "I don't know what you're talking about". Then exhaust all the options. One of the options will open a portal. There's a chest in the north part of this room, then you can take the portal to the Ziggarut of the Sun.

Ziggarut of the Sun
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After the discussion, head south. At the fork go southeast to the wall and then southwest, go up the stairs and then straight northeast to a mirror, turn it so it faces southwest. Now go straight southwest (ignore all the stairs) and keep going southwest until you find another mirror, turn it northeast. Go northeast, but go up the first set of stairs you see east of you, they lead to a portal we just opened (it shows as a door on the map). Head inside for the first of three trials. Follow the path to a bridge, you'll see tiles and symbols on some of them. You can only walk on the tiles with symbols on them. The catch is that the setup in the mortal realm is different from the one in the shadow realm. If you're on a symbol in the mortal realm and switch to the shadow realm, and the tile you're on doesn't have a symbol, you fail the trial. Basically, you have to move to specific tiles and switch to the other realm and do the same to progress. I have a short video here that shows the path, but here's the text version.

To describe it, think of it like a grid in a strategy RPG. I'll tell you which realm to be in, and then I'll tell you which direction to move. So one tile southwest, then one northeast, etc. Go into the shadow realm and stand on the far west tile in the first row. Go northwest once. In the mortal realm go northwest once and then northeast twice. In the shadow, realm go northwest twice. In the mortal realm go southwest twice. In SR go northwest twice and then northeast once. In MR go northwest twice. In SR go northwest once, northeast one and then northwest once. In the MR go southwest once and then northwest to the !.

video of bridge puzzle

There's a chest northwest of you, there's a bridge in the shadow realm to it. Now leave. Go back to the southwest mirror and turn it so it faces north. Now return to the northeast mirror and turn it so it faces northwest. Go northwest from it, and ignore the stairs going down. When you come to stairs going up, take them to find the Cenotaph for this area. Use it to return to the Border Camp. Talk to Ataka, and then you'll get a rather disturbing scene. Wouldn't the Devourer, at the very least, be cognizant of what just happened? Anyway, you'll get an achievement.

Zaar Gets Lucky!

Had Zaar fulfill his most fervent desire.

Zaar Gets Lucky!
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Return to the Ziggarut of the Sun. Head northwest from the Cenotaph past the first fork and then go northeast at the next. At the dead end you'll find 2 chests, and a totem, grab it. When you go back down the stairs you'll see a light and a mirror west of you. Turn the mirror so it points southeast. Now return to the Cenotaph and enter the shadow realm, you'll see a crystal by the Cenotaph, it has the last Fragment of the Sun Stone we need. Return to the mirror northwest of you and turn it so it faces southwest. Now go southwest. Ignore the first fork and go down the stairs, then go straight southwest to find another mirror, turn it northeast. Backtrack to the door you passed, which is now a portal. Head inside the Test of Fear. Head forward for a conversation, then step on the plate. Fire Generals will start spawning and will keep doing so. They give no experience so fighting them is a waste of effort, and you'll get overwhelmed regardless. You'll see an orange circle on the ground, you can't walk out of it. Just run around the outer edge until the timer hits zero, and you'll be done. There's a chest in the northwest path. Leave.

Go back to the southwest mirror and turn it to face south, then go south from it to find the last trial. This trial is pretty stupid. Go forward in the shadow realm until you get the conversation, then unequip everything one puppet has, walk into the fight, and let them die. Yes, that's the solution. Leave after you pass it. If you have any gear that does damage to attackers that will fail the test, so make sure you unequip everything. With the last trial done, return to the middle of the Ziggarut (where you started) and you'll find a new door that leads to Roots of the Tree of Worlds, head inside.

Roots of the Tree of Worlds
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In here you can only use the Devourer, but the enemies are nothing you have to worry about so it's not a big deal. This place is a big maze of portals, but it's a short area if you know where to go. Start by following the east wall north. Skip the first portal and take the next one you reach. Now follow the west wall, you'll run right into a portal, take it (ignore the one southeast of you). Go south, and then northeast at the fork. Ignore the portal at the fork and take the one at the end of the path. Follow the path to a big snake thing and talk to it. For this playthrough, your responses do not matter, they will all end in a fight. The boss fight is pretty simple. Generally speaking, you want to stick to the southeast wall, as this makes it easiest to dodge everything, IMO. Now you wait for the boss to do something. Here's the possibilities.

You see a red dot in either place on the northwest wall: Just stay where you are. If he doesn't spray breath and just jumps out of the hole, you can hit him as he retreats.

You see a red dot in either place on the northeast wall: Move to the south edge of the screen. If he doesn't spray breath and just jumps out of the hole, you can hit him as he retreats.

You see a red dot under you: Move out of the radius and hit him after he jumps out.

He's vulnerable for the longest time when he appears out of the ground where you were, so that would be the time to use Soul Rend, though you won't get a ton of hits. Once you defeat him use the portal he opens after the conversation to end chapter 3. After the conversation is over, you'll get an achievement, signalling the end of "book one" AKA the first 3 chapters.

To be continued...

Completed Book One.

To be continued...
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