6. Shadows: Awakening Chapter 4Update notes

Take the portal to Fallen Eagle Pass.

Fallen Eagle Pass

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After the scenes, you'll have a fight. She can silence you. She didn't seem to do much damage, so I just stood toe to toe with her using Kalig, and used skills when the silence wore off. Once you get her low enough you'll have a scene, then kill the demon. You'll get more scenes. When you finally regain control, you'll have a new puppet. Follow the path but stick to the west wall as you go north, and you'll find an alcove with a Cenotaph. Put Urshak in your party if he isn't already, there's some flying enemies here, and as always they are most easily dispatched with arrows. Head east to the wall, then follow the path a tiny bit north and then south to find a chest in an alcove. Now follow the east wall to find an alcove with a crystal, then continue going south and stick to the east wall. Eventually it'll go north again, and you'll find an enclosure with brigands. There's a crystal and hexmark here. Now head northwest. Not far from the enclosure you'll get a scene, the enemy is easy. Use the northwest exit of this area and head west when you can. You'll come to a camp with a bandit leader, he has a lot of HP but your melee characters should have no problem with him. There's also a chest here. Continue until you reach Imperial Tomb IV.

Imperial Tomb IV
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Follow the path to a 4-way fork. Go north to a dead end, enter the shadow realm and cross the bridge. Follow the path to some stairs, head up and hit the switch. Backtrack to that fork and go west. You'll see some lasers sweeping across the room, they come from pillars further in. You need to follow the south wall west and go through the door you opened. I just ran past the lasers and didn't bother trying to dodge them honestly. When you reach the door, go south and flip the switch. Go back to the laser room and head northwest, and go through the door you opened. Go west to a room, then go north. Continue north to a fork, go west to find a boss, kill him and grab they key he drops. Return to the sanctuary and go west across the bridge in the shadow realm to find another of these puzzles. Turn left every time.

Inner Ring
Outer Ring
Middle Ring
Inner Ring
Outer Ring

Proceed across the bridge to fight another boss. All we can do for now, leave. Backtrack across the bridge and head northeast. You'll find another Cenotaph. I got the achievement for destroying 1000 objects around now, so if you don't have it, you should be close.

Head northwest and enter Fallen Eagle Fortress.

Fallen Eagle Fortress
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Head northwest for a scene. Head to the southwest room for a chest (which progresses the quest). Now talk to Kiri in the northeast room. Choose the top option. This is another fork like the Wood Elemental and the Thorn Wasp, we have to choose one or the other, and there's an achievement for getting both. Picking one isn't as simple as the Wasp and Wood Elemental though, so I wouldn't bother reloading a save for the other. Anyway, leave. Follow the wall east of the Cenotaph south, and when you reach the next open area, go northeast. Follow this path to a fork (you'll need to be in the shadow realm to cross a bridge) and go south, and then east at the next to find a chest Then go northeast. At the next fork go west for a chest, then keep going north. You'll eventually have a scene, and then a boss fight. The boss has a few annoying tricks. The first is he'll randomly disappear and summon 3 clones you have to kill to make him appear again. He also places these totems all over the place, lighting arcs between them. Finally, he will disappear and summon 2 golems throughout the fight that you need to kill to fight the boss again. To beat this fight most easily, hit it a few times until it splits into clones. Kill them, then the boss will reform. Switch to the Devourer and use Soul Rend, then blitz the boss until he summons a golem, that way he doesn't move around as much. Kill the golem and repeat the process until he dies. Once he's dead, take the northeast exit to Lower Kyallisar.

Lower Kyallisar
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In the middle of the area, straight southwest from your stash, is a Box of Corwenth Weapons, grab it. In the northwest corner of this area you'll find the Cenotaph. Before we move on we need to tie up a loose end to get an achievement. Teleport to Hermit's Cavern. Go northwest to the hermit (swap in Zaar if he isn't in your party) and talk to him with Zaar. Select both options. Now head to Ziggarut of the Sun (the quest's arrow sends you to Dura'Tyr, but don't go there). Return to the middle of the area where the portal to The Conclave is and head inside, and talk to Krek. Choose the top option. Return to the Hermit and talk to him and Krek. Enter the Miner's Quarters by the Cenotaph. Follow the path to the end and talk to Tennok to start up a quest and leave. You can swap out Zaar now. Up the stairs by the shadow trader you'll find the Winchman, talk to him. Use the elevator to head to Upper Kyallisar.

Upper Kyallisar
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Go northwest until you see some guards in front of a door, enter House Malfagon.

House Malfagon
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Head to the southwest room to find a crystal. Enter the shadow realm and head southeast to the next room, you'll find a chest in here. Head southeast to the next room to find a chest in the south corner, and an Amulet of Assault on the table by the north door. Now talk to Tiberius near the middle of the area. This is another either/or choice that gives an achievement for making both choices. Your reward, as you'll probably guess from the text so far, is the soul of one of 2 puppets. Falon is a huntress, Darius is a warrior. It's important to take Falon now (AKA, do not kill Tiberius and take his offer instead). Falon and Darius both have achievements that require effort down the line, except Darius' is bugged. As soon as you unlock him you get the achievement. Falon, on the other hand, is both harder to recruit (you have to go through a dungeon and kill a bunch of enemies), and her achievement down the line requires dashing through an area without killing any of the enemies, meaning you're a pincushion on the way. Ergo, it is best done on this easy difficulty run we're doing. So anyway, don't kill Tiberius and instead take his offer to get the seal in return for Falon's soul. Head back to Upper Kyallisar and go to the inn, then go east up the long path. You'll reach a bell, club it a bunch of times and a ghost should show up and offer to let you in.

You need to kill the 4 revenants here and then grab the seal we need. Go north to the fork, then northwest to find the first revenant. Kill it and head up the stairs, you'll find the other revenants in the rooms as you go down the path. Something to remember is that the revenants can revive nearby undead, so it is best to go into the shadow realm and cut the revenants down with the Devourer before dealing with the regular enemies, otherwise they keep coming back. The second one is probably the hardest, because he has 3 of the slow moving guardians around him spamming their lightning and such. Freeze them and slaughter the revenant with a Soul Rend ASAP. Near the last revenant is some sarcophagi, one of them has the seal. Once you have it return to Tiberius to get Falon's soul. The achievement relating to her is quite a while away, so don't worry about it for now. You should get an achievement for 8 puppets though.

Return to Upper Kyallisar. Head northwest, up the elevator past House Malfagon, and continue to the Civil Mage Villa.

Civil Mage Villa
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Talk to Valkarin, the !. Choose "Any luck locating Krenze?". This will start a scene. We must choose our answers carefully to get an achievement. Failing voids an achievement. From what I gather you can choose a few "wrong answers" but if you choose too many you are discovered. Basically, if they scoff at you, you made a poor choice. Here's what I used.

"I have fought this demon of Krenze's."
"What other risks do we face?"
"The Conclave has fallen."
"The final curse of the Conclave is broken."

You'll get an achievement.

Now try to leave and you'll be caught anyway, but at least you got the achievement.

No map, nothing here

You'll see a black wall, walk into it and sit in the back, and wait for a rat to spawn. When it does you need to grab it before it runs and hides. This is most easily done with the skill Shadow Blink (Devourer) or other dash skill, as the dash makes reaching the rat much easier. Once you've grabbed it, you'll have a rat puppet, and you'll also be able to use Falon for some reason. If you look at the north wall, you'll see bars that have a hole a rat can get through, do so. You'll see an oddly colored brick wall north of you, smash it with Falon. Go through the bars southwest of you with the rat, then go through the wall with the Devourer. Go through the bars with the rat and then up the stairs. At the dead end you'll see a small wooden bridge, cross it with the rat all the way to some stairs, then save your game. Open the chest, and check to make sure the Devourer has his stuff. Apparently there's a bug that stops you from getting your stuff, though I don't know if it's PC specific. Anyway break the grate by the chest and enter the sewers.

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Use the sanctuary north of you, which magically gives you your souls back. You'll need to interact with it again to arrange your party, though. Put the Ironclad Zombie in your party, as you need him to break the gate east of the sanctuary. After you break the gate go southeast at the fork to find a Cenotaph. Head southwest and ignore the northwest fork. When you reach a 4 way fork go southwest across the shadow realm bridge. Follow the path to a mini-boss and club its face in with Carissa. Loot the chest and go back to the 4-way fork, and go northeast to the next fork, then northwest. Cross the bridge in the shadow realm and head north. At the fork go northwest and flip the switch. Backtrack to the Cenotaph and go northwest, and through the gate we just opened. At the fork go northwest. You'll come to the flames and a switch, you know the drill. Head southwest and follow the path to a fork, go northwest (in the shadow realm). You'll find a switch, flip it. Return to the previous fork and go northeast, at the next fork go northwest. At the dead end is a hexmark, a little bit before that is a bridge in the shadow realm that goes northeast. You'll find a ton of skeletons, a chest and a switch. Backtrack to the fork before the first flame gauntlet and go northeast for a scene (go through the door in the shadow realm). You'll find a puzzle, you need to flip the switches so all 8 pipes are spewing water. When you flip a switch, the pipe by it and the ones next to it either open or close (depending on what they were before you flipped the switch). It's a fairly common puzzle in RPGs but the middle spot is not part of it, so the solution changes a bit. Anyway, from north to south, left to right let's number them 1-8. You actually just need to flip them in clockwise order starting from 8.

8 > 7 > 6 > 4 > 1 > 2 > 3 > 5

Flip the switch in the middle that rises up. Go northeast from the puzzle and you'll come to a lever, flip it. Go southwest to the fork and then northwest now that the doors are open. You'll find a chest up the stairs. Backtrack to the sanctuary north of you and head southeast. You'll have another scene with that weird thing. Keep going southeast and you'll come across a bunch of enemies. Make sure to flip the switch at the end of the path. Backtrack to just before the water with the eels, go southwest and flip the switch. Go through the door and southwest over the shadow realm bridge and you'll be closer to the start of the area. At the fork go southeast. Follow the path until you go up the stairs, you'll see a chest nearby. Head to the ! southeast of you to leave and enter the Old Sewers.

Old Sewers
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Follow the path until you get a scene, then head east. At the big fork head southeast, you'll find a big rat and a switch, flip it. You'll also notice a rock, push it to the big fork and then push it northeast onto one of the pressure plates. Then head southwest at the big fork to find an alcove with the 2nd rock, push it onto the other plate. From the plates go north to a sanctuary, then go east. At the first fork go north for a shadow stone then continue east, and follow the long path to a chest. Back at the sanctuary, go northwest. At the fork go south and flip the switch you find. You can also cross the shadow realm bridge to find a chest, and on the north wall are the runes to a puzzle further in.

Return to the fork and go a bit north, then east at the fork. Flip the switch to make some stairs, then go straight east until you find a room with a switch, flip it. Go west down both stairs then north through the door we just opened. Go west at the sanctuary and follow the south wall to a switch, hit it. Backtrack to the sanctuary and go east. You'll reach some retracted stairs, operate the switch south of it. Go back to the sanctuary and go south. At the stairs go east, then north at the fork. Flip the switch to fix the stairs, then go east. At the fork go east for a chest and then north to continue. Walk around this big clearing and kill all the eels. When you're ready, flip the switch in the southwest corner to spawn that annoying...dinosaur thing. The pillars in the area will light up, then fire a very powerful laser. This also hurts the dinosaur, and will kill it very easily. I assume this is the intended way to win this fight. Leading it into the lasers and letting it die is the simplest way to do it, but Carissa should be able to stand toe to toe with it. Once it's dead head to the northeast part of the area, where you'll find a shadow trader and Cenotaph. Flip the switch northwest of the shadow trader, then head northeast of the Cenotaph and follow the path to a bunch of switches. If you memorized the runes from earlier you can solve it, just enter the shadow realm and you'll see which runes the levers represent. Or just arrange them as I say. Left to right.

Up - Down - Down - Up - Down

Go through the door and open the chest. Now go back to the Cenotaph and go southwest, and you'll find the door we opened with a switch recently, head through. At the end of the path you'll have a boss fight. You're supposed to pull the levers to escape, but the achievement for beating this boss apparently won't unlock if we do it later, so we need to beat him now. Fear not, you don't need to take him to zero health, about 1/3 will do. Use Carissa to do so. You'll get an achievement.

Also, I reached level 20 in this dungeon, so you should be near this achievement as well.

  • Skilled

    Reach level 20 with any Puppet.

    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerLevel

For whatever reason, the next few areas are experience banazas, so if you haven't hit 20 yet you'll hit it soon. Turn the levers a bunch of times and then you can leave this accursed place for the Sura Wastes. This ends chapter 4, onto chapter 5 we go.

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