7. Shadows: Awakening Chapter 5Update notes

Head northwest to the Cenotaph and activate it. Let's clean up a loose end. Head to the Fallen Eagle Fortress (activate Short Staffed). Talk to Cyrene. Exhaust all the options but the one that matters is the one about the mines. Head to Kyallisar and take the elevator up had to the tavern and talk to the Archon there (southeast corner up the stairs). Return to Lower Kyallisar and swap Zaar in, then head to the Miner's Quarters and talk to Tennok with Zaar, exhaust the options (you should get a charm) then head to the Moon Wilds. Head to the ! and enter the Glade.

No map, nothing here

Go north for a chest and west to continue. When you reach the Riddle Stone interact with it and choose Moon, then take the staff, you'll get an achievement.

Answer "This belongs to the Greyclaw tribe!" for a boss fight. I would suggest using the Devourer instead of Carissa for this one. The Devourer's Frost Chain skill makes this fight much easier, because the enemies have a bunch of annoying tricks up their sleeves. They can freeze you which slows you down, and often disappear and teleport around. They can also heal each other and give each other shields. Ergo, spamming Frost Chain which works even on the boss himself can give you plenty of time to stab them to death. Once they're dead, loot them and return to Tennok in the Miner's Quarters in Lower Kyallisar to finish the quest. Return to the Sura Wastes.

Sura Wastes
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Head south to the wall and then west to the wall. Follow this wall west until it goes south into an alcove, and go west to the wall again. Follow this path north, and then when it splits go northwest. You'll come to another Cenotaph. From the Cenotaph go south until you reach the split, then go straight east to find a little alcove with enemies that drop bait. Head south from the door by the Cenotaph to find a weird looking plate, you can put bait on it to summon a monster, do so and kill it. Head back north and take the other path going south. Ignore the alcove that had the bait and take the next path going east. When you reach the white lake thing, go northeast to the wall, then follow the wall north until you see the second plate. Now head northwest all the way to the corner, if you follow the west wall you'll come to a box of weapons, and to the east is a candle puzzle. The solution is random but there's not many candles, so you can force solve it fairly quickly. Just has random loot though. Now go to the very north wall and follow it east. When you reach the Red Smoke Mountains go south and follow this wall east, you'll reach some statues. Turn the top left one so it faces the one right of it, turn that one to face the statue southeast of it, and so on until they face each other in a circle, which will spawn an enemy you can kill. Continue east until you run into a sanctuary. Go north and enter Imperial Tomb V.

Imperial Tomb V
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Head west to the fork and go north, at the sanctuary switch in the Ironclad Zombie, then go west for a boss. Carissa should make short work of him. Make sure to loot the bonekey. Now go south, you'll have to cross a few shadow realm bridges. Shortly after you'll see a gate, break it down and head inside and flip the switch, then continue on. Flip the switch you come to, then head back to the sanctuary. Go north through the door we just opened and beat the golem boss here. He will summon these ice bolts that spin around him, they damage you and if you get too close to him you'll get chain stunned, so stay away until they disappear, then go in. Once he's dead grab the key. Head back to the gate and go south, you'll see a door west of you, you can now open it. Head to the end to find a boss, and then loot everything and leave. Head south from the door and flip the switch, cross the bridge and go east at the split to find the last plate. Now head back to the Red Smoke Mountains.

Red Smoke Mountains
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DO NOT kill anything here to avoid voiding an achievement. Follow the path to the sanctuary and swap in Falon. Continue east for a scene. Now activate the Cenotaph. You need to run all the way to the Red Smoke Camp area without killing anyone to get an achievement. To do so switch to the Devourer and hoof it. Go east to the fork and go south. At the next fork go east, when you reach the sanctuary cross the shadow realm bridge south of it and continue east. When you reach a fork, go north, then go east to find the camp. Inside talk to the big guy to get your achievement.

You'll pick up two quests from him, when talking to him make sure to choose the option about attacking them head-on, it's quicker. I sold all my extra loot to the merchant here and got the achievement for having 300000 gold, you should be close.

For the first quest head to Sinter Tor. As an aside since we have the achievement you can kill anything in Red Smoke Mountains, make sure to do so for the experience. Go west to that bridge south of you we came across the first time, and go south over it, then east and enter Sinter Tor. After the scene kill the enemies, then leave. Head west until you reach a fork, go north. Go north in the big area and then when you reach another big area, go northeast to find a Cenotaph. Return to Red Smoke Camp and talk to Korshak, offer to help. Return to Sinter Tor.

Sinter Tor
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Follow the path until you see the shadow trader, then go west to the sanctuary. Swap in Carissa if you have not already. Now go north. You'll see 3 paths, and 2 of them are dead ends. The right path is apparently randomized...it was the middle path for me the first time, when I reloaded a save it was the right path. Anyway, look at the lava river, you should see a rock bridge on one of the paths, take it up for a boss fight. This boss fight is actually quite hard...I think. The first time I did this fight, I forgot to swap out Darius. The boss did 4600 damage and killed him in one hit. Kalig also fell in one hit. I hadn't been bothering to equip them since I don't use them. Urshak took 1500 damage from the boss' weapon throw though, and I had been keeping Urshak's stuff up to date. I would assume Carissa would have a much easier time...but when I reloaded my save and swapped her in, I went in on the boss and started whacking him and none of his attacks did any damage to me, so I'm not sure what happened. Either way, just swap to Carissa and cycle Discipline and Iron Maiden. Discipline gives an armor boost, so Carissa should be able to handle him easily enough. You can use Urshak, but this will require a lot of kiting to avoid his melee attacks, and you'll have to be ready to dodge his thrown weapon when he does it. When he dies a few more enemies will show up, cut them down too. Now leave. Enemies will have respawned, and near the exit, you'll get a scene and then a fight against some regular enemies. This starts up the quest Ruined Ambition, which leads to an achievement. Before we go to the Ice Caverns to do it, we have something else to do though. Head to Border Defenses, which is the door by the Cenotaph in Sura Wastes.

Border Defenses
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Follow the path to a Cenotaph, then continue on. You'll see a gate west of you but you need Darius to enter (and we picked Falon) so follow the path northeast to a gate, and head inside. You'll face a gauntlet of enemies. I would start by letting them group up and then using Urshak's Multishot. After that, I'd kite the rest. On the stronger enemies follow up with the Living Projectile. Take down the shamans first so they don't summon help and make things more complicated. Pick up the moonchalice from the chieftain when he goes down. Use the Cenotaph to return to the Red Smoke Camp.

Red Smoke Mountains
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Head north of the Cenotaph to a fork and go northeast. You'll come to a familiar type of puzzle, here's the picture.

External image

Now follow the path to Imperial Tomb VI. Open it up with your 2 bonekeys and head inside.

Imperial Tomb VI
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Use the sanctuary nearby to put the Ironclad Zombie in your party (preferably replacing Urshak so you can keep Carissa). Head east and follow the path to a fork, go through the iron gate east of you and grab the chest. Go back to the fork and go west, and you'll come to a familiar enemy, dispatch him with Carissa. You are given a choice between recruiting him as a puppet, or getting the last bonekey. Sadly for him, there is no achievement related to him, but there is one for taking the key. Refuse his offer and loot the key, then leave. Return to the nearest Cenotaph and go west. In the big area, go northwest. In the next clearing, you'll find a puzzle. If you go into the shadow realm you should see a laser leading to a statue, turn all the other statues so they face where the laser is going to get a chest. Go west to the wall and then north, follow the path across a shadow realm bridge to the Ice Caverns.

Ice Caverns
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Go northwest from the entrance and enter the shadow realm to cross a bridge. North of you you'll find a puzzle, with an interesting way of solving it. You need to hit the letters SAHUR, but you can't reach them without walking over other letters. What you have to do is enter the shadow realm (the Devourer does not trigger the plates) and walk onto the S, then switch to a puppet, which will trigger the plate. Then switch to Devourer and stand on the A and switch to a puppet, and do the same for H, then U, then R. Loot the chest and go back to the main path and go west. At the fork go east, and in the shadow realm you'll find a bridge at the dead end you can cross. In this area, you'll find a boss wasp southeast of you, though its drops are only usable by the Thorn Wasp, which we don't use. Still, it's a fat chunk of experience. Go back to the fork and go west, you'll find a Cenotaph. Go southeast. When the room opens up, go west and follow the north wall to a switch (flip it), go back to the Cenotaph room and push the rock west, when the path turns north you'll see a pressure plate, put the rock on it and head north. You'll come to a circular area where you'll find Aknush. After the scene, he will summon an ally and then you have to fight him. I actually just gunned them both down with Urshak, they died in seconds. Compared to the boss we just fought, these guys are pathetic. After Aknush falls, you'll get an achievement.

Go up the stairs to the door and enter Imperial Tomb VII.

Imperial Tomb VII
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Follow the path to a fork and go west. You'll eventually come to the boss. His main attack seems to be freezing time, during which he can still attack you, and he constantly heals (though not much). His fireballs could do as much as 900 per hit to Urshak, so you may want to use Carissa for this, or at the very least be ready to heal if necessary. Once you beat it you get an achievement.

This character didn't seem very good at first, but it turns out he's broke. Shame we get him so late. His Time Stop skill freezes all enemies for 4/6/8 seconds, and no one resists it (unlike freeze). He also has Arcane Recover, which instantly refreshes all cooldowns, including Time Stop. This means you have 16 seconds of stun every 47 seconds or so with Mysticism and Arcane Knowledge talents. I didn't use him much, but he's a pretty powerful option if you like him. Anyway, go past him and loot the chests in the room. We're now done, you can leave and head back to Korshak in Red Smoke Camp to complete the quests and get some experience. Head to a Cenotaph and go to Broken Spear Pass. We have all 4 Fragments of the Sun Stone now, which means we can fully explore the dungeon we skipped so long ago. We need to do so now in order to get an ending that's a pain in the butt. It adds an extra fight onto the final boss, so it is better to do it on our easy playthrough than force ourselves to struggle through it on extreme or hard. Go southwest to the sanctuary, then north across the bridge (shadow realm). Follow the path to a door that leads to Kogog'Aak. Here's the solution to the ring puzzle.

turn middle ring to the right
turn right ring to the right
turn left ring to the left

External image


This place is full of annoying puzzles, so unless you love those, you'll hate this place. Once inside, follow the path southeast and you'll see a chest, and past that you'll see a statue, interact with it to open the gate southwest of you. Make sure to grab the Fragment that drops. Go southwest to find a maze of teleports. Take the east one, then take the south one. Go into the shadow realm and cross the bridge southwest of you, then enter the east portal. Take the south one, and finally take the west one. Head northwest for another puzzle. You'll see a bunch of switches, these raise bridges that only stay up for a short time, so you have to be fast. First, hit the south switch and then the north one, then cross the north bridge, and then the one west of it. Next hit the north switch, then the south one. Run all the way across the two bridges going northeast. You'll find a chest. Hit the north switch, and then the south switch. Go southwest across the bridge and then northwest across the bridge. Take the fire sigil (the torch). Follow the path, waiting for the fire to clear. At the end, you'll find a totem. Now backtrack to where the teleporters are (you can use the switches to raise bridges that let you walk back). Go into the south one, then enter the shadow realm and cross the bridge, then go into the east one. Go into the north portal here. Interact with the statue south of you twice to open the gate, then grab the Fragments and go southwest.

You'll see a shadow trader. Use the sanctuary west of him. Swap out a puppet for the Sebaken, and put Urshak in there too, unless you're using him. Buy the Storm Shield skill for the Sebaken and upgrade it as high as you can (probably only level 2). Pour stat points into Agility until it's 30, then put the rest into Willpower and take the talents: Mysticism, Arcane Knowledge, Fleet of Food and Intelligence. Put Storm Shield in one of his active slots. His high willpower combined with Storm Shield will give him temporary immunity to ice and lightning (in fact, they will heal him). Back at the shadow trader, take the path east of him (not down the stairs). It's one linear path. The green liquid on the floor will cause constant poison damage, so hurry across it with Urshak and be ready to heal. At the end is a torch with a Poison Rune in it, grab it and hurry back. Once you have it return to the shadow trader. Take the stairs going down now. You'll reach a big room, and when you're in it your character is much slower (Sebaken's Storm Shield won't protect against the slow effect it seems). Go straight northeast to the back wall, go up the stairs, and get the Water Sigil in the torch. Return to the shadow trader. Go northwest from the shadow trader until you go up some stairs. You'll see lighting strikes, use Sebaken's Storm Shield to avoid taking damage from them, though keep an eye for the icon above your health starting to fade so you know when it's about to go down. The cooldown is longer than the duration, so you'll have to wait a few seconds for it to come back before you can use it again. You'll need to be in the shadow realm to cross the bridges. The Storm Shield persists for everyone for the entire duration. At the end of the path you'll find a switch, flip it. Go back to the bottom of the stairs and take the path going southwest, you'll find a torch with the Air Sigil. Return to the shadow trader and go southwest. You'll come to a gate, and another Sun Stone will be northeast of it. Interact with it 3 times to open the gate. This next section is a little more complicated. Past the gate you'll find a room with a total of 5 exits, here's what to do in each room. The 5th exit, which is west of the Poison area, has a red symbol on the ground. You'll need to use the switch in each of the 4 other areas to summon an elemental, then lead them to that red symbol. Kill them on it to light one of the pillars. When you light all 4 you can proceed southwest.

Northwest - Use Sebaken to cross the fire, you need to put the Fire Sigil in the torch, then flip the switch.

Southwest - Use Storm Shield and put the Water Sigil in the torch, then flip the switch.

Northeast - Use Storm Shield and put the Lightning Sigil in the torch, then flip the switch.

Southeast - Use the Urshak to put the Poison Sigil in the torch, then flip the switch.

Now go through the door south of the red symbol. Take the hammer on the torch, and continue to the door. Use all 4 Fragments to open it, then enter the Chamber. Head northeast to find a sarcophagus. Enter the shadow realm and take the Serpent Crown, which starts a boss fight. Her main attack is calling down bolts of fire, the indicator looks like a lightning strike, but the indicator is red. The other attack she used spawned a bunch of fireballs in a circle, and the circle slowly gets bigger. You want to walk in-between them to avoid damage. I found the fight quite easy because the fire strikes are easy to dodge and she only used the circle once. When she's dead grab the Inquisitor Armor and equip all 4 pieces for an achievement.

With that, you can leave. Return to Broken Spear Pass, use the Cenotaph, go to the Moon Wilds. Go to the Totem turn-in place and turn the last two in, for 240,000 experience. Use the Cenotaph to head to Red Smoke Camp.

THIS IS A "POINT OF NO RETURN" FOR SOME THINGS. Thole and Kyallisar will be much different after you beat the next boss. Now's the time to clean up any loose ends you might have in either city or anywhere else really, just to be safe.

Go north. At the tile puzzle, go west over the shadow realm bridge and follow it to the Oracle area, and enter. Follow the path to a boss fight. Most of his attacks are no different from other mages. He does have one new one though He will call down firebolts when he gets to 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 health. Dodge them until he comes back and blitz him again. Urshak will probably be easier to use here, the bosses' teleporting is quite annoying for Carissa. Once he is dead, you'll acquire an achievement.

This ends chapter 5.

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