8. Shadows: Awakening Chapter 6Update notes

After Chapter 6 starts, during the scenes Krenze will summon the last Cenotaph, giving you an achievement.

If you don't get it, you missed a Cenotaph somewhere. Make sure you pick up the loot from the boss, then use the Cenotaph to head to Thole. You'll get a scene, head to the Guild of Steel (southwest corner of the map) and try to go inside for a boss fight. The boss didn't seem to do much damage, but it has a very annoying trick: when it gets to 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 health, it will split into 6 clones. You have to kill all the clones to get the boss to respawn, and then attack it until it splits again. Once it is dead, you'll get an achievement after the conversation.

Now use the Cenotaph to go to Fallen Eagle Pass. Go all the way east then go south. Follow the path east, and at the end go north. At the fork go west. In the clearing, you'll see a scene and some enemies will spawn (common thing in this area). Exit northeast, at the fork, go south. At the next one go east, and follow this path to Lower Kyallisar. Enter for a boss fight. I just used Carissa. Once he's dead head northwest. At the shadow trader go southwest and activate the Cenotaph, then go north of the shadow trader and go up to Upper Kyallisar. You can go northeast if you like to soak up extra experience (if you're about 1/5 or 1/4 of the way into level 29, you should get it if you kill everything here). Otherwise, go northwest. Follow the path up the elevator, then fight some more enemies and go up the next one to the Villa. Go up to the Villa, you should hit level 30 by now.

Enter the Villa. We need to pick up two endings here. We want to pick up a special ending here, on the easiest difficulty. It adds a boss to the final fight, don't want to do that on extreme or hard difficulty. Also, we have the regular good ending for our karma to get. So make a save, and make sure not to overwrite it. Go up to Mara and talk to her. When prompted to choose to kill Krenze choose not to do so. You'll now have a boss fight. The boss has a few main attacks. Either she calls down lightning bolts, casts a frost nova around her, or throws ice bolts at you. I would suggest using Urshak for this fight. The frost nova only hits around her, if you're ranged it is not an issue. It's also easier to dodge the lightning bolts this way. The ice bolts, on the other hand, will need to be dodged by moving perpendicular to her, but they don't do incredible amounts of damage so getting hit once or twice is no big deal. She also constantly summons enemies, though an arrow or two should dispatch them. After you deplete her health the first time, she will teleport to the middle of the arena. You have to push a rock onto a plate to break one of the barriers. The first rock was the east one, you have to put it on the northwest plate. You need to be quick, because after 10 seconds or so, she will root the rock and then appear again, and you have to deplete her health to get her to leave so you can push the rock. That means if you dally you might have to beat her 2-3 times to get the rock on the plate. Once you get the first one on there, you have to do the same for the others. The 2nd rock is the north one, the plate is south. The last rock is the west one, and you need to push it on the plate to the east. Once that's done, you'll fight another form. For this one use Carissa. When you see her charging ice breath, try to dodge, as it will freeze you for a bit. Once she is dead, you'll get an achievement.

Reload your save. Talk to Mara, pick all top options. Then go to Grabaak (yes, that means walking to a Cenotaph, heading to the Ziggarut of the Sun, entering the Roots of the Treed of Worlds, and walking to Graabak), he will take your Serpent Crown. Head to Krenze (leave the Roots and head back to the Cenotaph, take it to the Oracle), then choose nothing and then "I cannot do it". Just keep choosing the top options and he'll give you a gate back to Grabbak so you don't have to walk, thank god. When talking to Graabak, choose :

"I come to bargain for thy freedom, oh Graabak!"
"Nay, permit me to return shortly".

Return to Mara in Kyallisar and fight her. The fight is the same. Once she is dead, Graabak will take you to his lair and fight you. The fight is the same as the first time as well, so it's not especially difficult, he just has a ton more health and does more damage. Once you win you get the ending and you are done. Next up is the Extreme playthrough. If you're wondering, we have a third ending to get that requires making evil choices, which we will do on extreme. Hope you enjoyed the easy ride, the next two playthroughs will make you hate yourself!

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