9. Shadows: Awakening Extreme playthrough Part 1Update notes

For this playthrough you have to play on extreme difficulty. I'm gonna be real with you: this difficulty is some tedious, boring, pointless bullshit. Everything has a shit ton of health and you don't do much damage at all. Enemies have higher defense and are much more likely to block or dodge attacks. Melee is basically completely useless aside from the Devourer and every puppet you have will die in a few hits, melee or not. You'll be spending 20 hours or so running in circles around enemies shooting them with your basic attack while you wait for your cooldowns so you can cycle through your spells again. There are some mechanics that didn't matter on easy that will matter now.

The first is that when you lock onto an enemy, you can move in a direction when you fire a ranged attack to reduce the animation quite a bit. This helps you kite enemies, and boy will you be doing a lot of kiting. Another thing you'll be spamming is the Ironclad Zombie's bone armor. This skill gives you 3-5 stacks of bone armor (going up by one stack per level) and each stack reduces an attack that hits you by 20%. So if an attack hits you when you have 5 stacks, it will be reduced by 100% and a few stacks will fall off. This skill is absolutely essential for extreme. It has a low cooldown (10 seconds) and does not have a cast animation, so you can switch to the zombie, turn it on, and then switch very quickly. Which you'll need to do because the zombie is slow and is likely to get hit if you don't switch to a faster puppet quickly. This spell will make you much, much more durable on extreme.

Something else I noticed is that melee attacks do not "track" you. If an enemy starts up a melee attack and you move away from where they swing, it won't hit. You can actually run circles around most enemies and not get hit by their melee attack. For some of the faster attacking enemies it's the only way to avoid being hit. Combat basically works like this: you freeze the enemies with the Devourer using Frost Chain, then you spam all of Evia's spells at an enemy. Then you switch to Urshak and kite enemies around until your cooldowns are back up, then repeat the process. For enemies in the shadow realm it's basically the same way. However the Devourer is basically the only character in the game you can use in melee range, he's fairly tough. For shadow realm enemies you have to of course, for enemies in both realms it depends on the enemy as to whether you should fight them with a puppet or the Devourer. I've tried to include strategies for everything I found hard, but if I don't say anything special, then freezing/kiting is all I do to kill them.

Forgotten Tombs

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When you're ready, start up a game on extreme difficulty. Follow the path to choose your soul. Choose Evia. Break the wall and continue down the path. At the dead end enter the shadow realm to cross a bridge (you also get the soulstone here). To get rid of the flames flip the switches northeast and southwest of you. Continue to a statue, grab the book Principles of Gateweaving. Head northeast to a puzzle. Freeze time when the platforms are in the right place so you can walk across. Continue for the first boss and a good introduction to how annoying extreme is. You'll need to break its shield with the Devourer first, but it's tanky as fuck and does a ton of damage to you. You'll want to only attack when you've hit it with Frost Chain, as you can get free hits in while it's frozen. Make sure to stay moving so its venom shot can't hit you when it isn't frozen, as it will do a ton of damage, and a damage over time effect. Once the shield is done it's all Evia. Pick up the Sand Golem skill and equip it. Watch out for the venom shot (the damage and DoT will take most of her health) and use Sand Golem when you aren't close to it. Let the golem take aggro, then use your regular attack and fire breath to damage it. Make sure to cycle to the Devourer and use his Frost Chain, while the Devourer can't damage it he can still freeze it. The freeze will keep the golem alive longer, and he'll do more damage. Once the golem dies, kite around until it is back and do it again. I didn't try it, but I assume one melee hit will kill Evia, or close to it. So don't do that. When it's dead head north to the Cenotaph and head to the House Cellar.

Thole House Cellar
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Loot everything here including the two books near the exit : City of Outcasts - Volume V and Principles of Gateweaving.

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The southeasternmost shop is Tesset, and just north of him is a book : City of Outcats - Volume I. Get the book west of the Cenotaph called The Origin and Nature of Shadow. Talk to Morphew (north of the Cenotaph). Pick both options. Make Market Tariffs your main quest and talk to all 3, then return to Morphew. Go toward the Burial Grounds in the shadow realm to start the Blind Demon scene, accept the pact. Go to the supplies (wagon east of Akram) and dump the poison on them to get a Cruelty point. Though it's been quite some time you may remember we did some good things to get good karma, now we're gonna get the bad karma. Enter the Hostel. The spiders here are the tankier ones, so you'll have to kite them around quite a bit. Use the Sand Golem and the Devourer's Frost Chain to help. You can get the Devourer's Possession skill and use that as well, it will turn the enemy you cast it on into an ally. Generally speaking I would hit the spiders twice, move away to dodge their attack, then do it again, and use Firebreath when it's up. You can also use the golem, but I wouldn't do it unless there's 2 or more. You may find it easier to clear the place out with the Devourer first, but bear in mind Urshak will take shots at you in the shadow realm when you're by the bones, and he does some good damage. If you get in trouble against the spiders you can simply switch to the Devourer and they can't hurt you anymore, then reposition. Anyway, check the bones at the bottom of the first stairs, and then grab the 5 books. Jiisha's Letter I near the entrance, Jiisha's Letter II northeast of the bone pile, Jiisha's Letter III southwest of the bone pile, Jiisha's Letter IV all the way northwest from the bone pile, and Jiisha's Letter V which is up the stairs right by the bone pile, and then northeast across a shadow realm bridge.

Leave and talk to Morphew and pick both options. Talk to the rest of the merchants and pick both options, then talk to them all (aside from Fayruz) and pick the new options, then talk to Fayruz. Choose the new option both times, then return to the bones in the Hostel as the Devourer to get Urshak and the book Kench's Letter. Head up to Arashad and exhaust all his options. Go up the stairs east of him and follow the path, you'll come across 2 books : City of Outcasts - Vlume V and City of Outcasts - Volume IV. Now head toward the Burial Grounds, but talk to Tope north of Akram on the way, and grab the barrel by the Hostel entrance. Enter the Burial Grounds now.

Burial Grounds
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Kill the initial enemies and near the first bridge, you'll see a spot to put the barrel. Attack it once afterwards to push it over the edge for a greed point. Continue through the area, but when you get to the flame pillars, you'll reach a pain in the ass part. You need to deal with the enemies, including a bunch of archers, while watching out for the fire. It did 500 damage to the Devourer. Evia has a high passive fire resist (30%) but even with 37% fire resist it did 350 damage to her. You can pick up Fireshield and she'll only take 100 damage or so. Still, the easiest way to go about this area is to lure the enemies to a spot where the fireballs can't reach and kill them there. Clear out the area, and if you're feeling adventurous, you can head into the Imperial Tomb, but you can put the fight off until we're a little stronger, so I'd do so. You'll face a fast moving guardian with 4 undead allies, and he can summon a totem that steals mana, and calls down lightning. I used the Devourer so the undead allies can't help the guardian, and spammed frost chain. Still, you can wait a bit to do it. Anyway, grab the City of Outcasts - Volume IV book here. From the spot by the 4 staircases, go down the northwest set. Once you have the 10 spider bodies use the Cenotaph to turn them into Arashad, take his next quest. Head back to the Burial Grounds and push the statue over, return to Arashad, take the next one. It's another boss, so we'll leave it for now.

Back in Thole, talk to Tope to finish his quest, then head to the entrance of the Burial Grounds as the Devourer, the Blind Demon should appear and finish that quest, pushing you over level 4. I would drop the 2 points into Frost Chain for the extra second of freeze, but that's up to you. It also increases the cooldown. You can also drop the 2 points into Sand Golem or Firebreath. Next head into the locked door just southwest of the Cenotaph to enter the Guild of Steel Cellar.

Guild of Steel Cellar
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For some reason, there's a demon portal right here near the entrance that I don't remember in my easy playthrough. Anyway, it will be hard to kill, but it's right next to a sanctuary, and it won't heal if you back off to the sanctuary to heal. So you can just abuse the healing from the sanctuary to beat it. As a reminder, you need the Iron Key. If you go northwest from the entrance you'll be ambushed by 4 soldiers and one of them will drop this. Past the gate is a trap so make sure to either avoid it or use the Devourer. When you reach the dead end take the sword out of the chest on the table. Enemies will spawn and come down to you, there's a sanctuary right here, so you can swap to the Devourer and fight in the sanctuary if you need to. You will still heal even if you're in combat. Once you're ready go up the stairs to the Guild of Steel.

Guild of Steel
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There's a demon portal near the big open gate (which leads to a boss) I would ignore it for now because we don't have a sanctuary to use. As for the boss, he's just a tankier soldier, so the regular strategy applies. There's a few of those roaming spirits in the area though, so I'd wipe them out before fighting the boss so they won't hassle you in Devourer form. Once he's dead take his key and open the room northeast of you. Loot it. Make sure to get the two books here : City of Outcasts - Volume VI and City of Outcasts - Volume III. You can now kill the demon portal with the sanctuary here. Once you've cleaned up exit back to Thole. Talk to Arashad, and you get a prompt choose "You'll pay five hundred for this." for a greed point. In case you're wondering since it wasn't there last playthrough, the "Legacy of the Garulian Empire" quest relates to the Imperial Tombs only Evia can visit, we won't be able to finish it until much later in the game. All that should be left is the other story quest and killing the queen. I would go ahead and go into the Burial Grounds and go to that northeast door to the Catacombs. A spider boss will spawn, deal with it the same way you did the last, then head into the Catacombs.

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Follow the path (there's a demon portal after the first set of arrow traps) and DON'T take the quest from Piker. While finishing his quest does give experience, it also gives us a charity point. We can do it after we get the achievement. If you want, you can grab the quest and the amulet now and then just not talk to Piker until we have the Devil achievement. Up to you. Southeast of them is a guardian fight, but this one is much easier. The guardian moves quite slowly and isn't immune to freeze, and there's no archer skeletons. It also doesn't seem to try and melee you unless you get super close, just keeps spamming frost nova and then lightning. Stay away and the frost nova won't hit you, the lightning is telegraphed. The boss will ignore your Sand Golem, but it will at least get to lay down a bunch of damage before it dies. Whittle them down using the same strategy as always and then flip the switch when they're dead. Head northeast past the arrow traps to another guardian, same thing. Backtrack to the door and go through, you'll come to the Cenotaph and another guardian by it. There's quite a few spiders that will come up out of the ground, I'd instead move to the hallway south of the Cenotaph and fight it there, then you can trigger the spiders by the Cenotaph for the experience.

As for the queen, you can fight it now if you like, and beat it. I decided to. As for how, it basically works like every other fight, because the queen can be frozen. The only catch is that since the boss does a shit ton of damage, you should be using the Devourer most of the fight, as he can tank a few hits and moves pretty quick. The other thing you need to be careful of is the poison. It does a shit ton of damage, and can kill Evia with the explosion damage and the DoT that comes after it. I goofed up twice recording the video, but it does mean you can see just how damaging it is. Basically you just run around in circles and use Frost Chain on cooldown, then switch to Evia and blast it from far away a few times, then get back to running. You can use your Sand Golem and he will distract the queen, but as the fight goes on the boss summons 3 big spiders, and the 4 of them will wreck it easily and all of them won't concentrate on it anyway like most big groups. Don't bother with the smaller spiders or the big ones, the Frost Chain and Fire Breath will damage them when you aim at the boss, so most of them will die on their own. Once the boss dies bear in mind the other enemies still move...so the big spiders can get a free hit in during the scene, and they do massive damage. Be ready to move as soon as you regain control after the little scene.

Once it's dead loot it and use the Cenotaph to talk to Arashad and choose "I demand five hundred." for another greed point. Should put you into level 5. Now use the Cenotaph to head to the Burial Grounds. We have to fight the boss in the Imperial Tomb to continue.

It's quite a struggle, because he moves and attacks much faster than most of the enemies you've been dealing with, so even if you run around like you did with the queen, he will be able to hit you. He also has some allies and a ton HP. If that wasn't enough, he can summon a totem that drains your mana. This is the first enemy you'll meet where you absolutely have to kite him in a circle by running around him in melee range to avoid his attacks. Basically just run away from him until he gets close, then circle around him and run away, once he uses his mana totem thingy you can move away and safely just run around him in a circle. Stay as the Devourer, and just use Frost Chain off cooldown. Should be able to get 5-6 hits in. If you want to make it faster, throw an essence or two onto your weapon. Once he's dead loot him, kill the regular enemies, and then check the tomb. Loot everything, including the Chronicle of Tarkus Magnus, one of the Evia-only books. The Imperial Stave is just a quest item, not a weapon sadly. Anyway return to the Arcanum door in Thole and go inside.


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Enter the iron gate to the northwest for a scene, then a fight. In case you forgot, you need to lead Carissa onto the purple circle Krenze creates, and when the timer reaches zero she needs to be on it. Do it 4 times to win. After that go back to the fork and go northeast, grab the book City of Outcasts - Volume VI here. Now head back to the Burial Grounds and head to the ! in the northeast corner, and use the mechanism. Go down to the Lower Catacombs.

Lower Catacombs
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Follow the path to the boulder puzzle, here's the order to hit the switches: Going from top (#1) to bottom (#3) you need to hit 3-2-1-2-3-1 as the boulder is going over the platforms. When you reach the magic gate you need to kill the guardian northeast of you and the one southwest of you, and get their orbs. They are the slow moving kind, so you know how to deal with them. In the sarcophagus with the southwest guardian, you'll find the book Advanced Gateweaving. Go through the gate and then go northeast at the fork past the Cenotaph. You'll reach a puzzle : Hit the south switch, the west one, and the north one. Continue northeast. You'll find 2 guardians, and two shield skeletons. They don't seem to die, so concentrate on the guardians first. All of them move slowly so it's mostly about kiting around in a circle and dodging the lightning bolt, and slooooowly whittling down their health. Once they're dead head northeast to find a flame tile puzzle, here's the picture.

External image

Grab the key from the chest, as well as the book called City of Outcasts - Volume II and head back to the fork and go southwest for the boss. In his first phase, he has 3 attacks. He throws a fire wall straight ahead of him (the two alcoves he doesn't face are where you should go), he summons fireballs that he throws at you, that home in on you. Easiest to dodge by moving perpendicular to the boss and using the highest movespeed character (Devourer most likely) and he summons 2 fire elementals. When he summons the elementals I usually just run around until they disappear (same thing you can do with demon portals). Once you get him to around half health, he will teleport away and summon his golem. The golem just has melee attacks and his rolling attack. The golem cannot move in the shadow realm, so what I did was freeze him with the Devourer, and then use use Evia. The boss will keep throwing fireballs, and you can use your golem to block them and go to town on the golem. Again, if he summons the red elementals, just walk around. Bear in mind that Evia has high fire resistance, so if you feel you're going to take a lot of damage you can switch to her. After the golem goes down the boss comes back. He sits in the middle of the arena and casts an expanding circle of fireballs, or summons lasers that spin clockwise around the room. He can keep casting the circle even after he summons lasers, so it can be a bit rough avoiding everything. I whittled him down with Urshak and switched to Evia if there was a lot of fire damage I couldn't avoid. If you got Fireshield, it can help a lot here.

Once he is dead, loot everything and go northwest to the sanctuary. The pot southwest of it seems to always drop a purple ring called Apollyon's Ring. It's pretty good for Evia. Anyway when you're ready head northwest, break the gate with the golem, and exit to the Nomad's Camp to move onto Chapter 2.

Chapter 2

As I mentioned previously, the Ironclad Zombie's Bone Armor skill is top tier, make sure to get it. You'll want him in your party at all times so you can spam the shit out of it. Another advantage to having him in there is you can break the gates you run into without having to go back to a sanctuary to swap him in. You want to always have Bone Armor up, even against regular enemies. It can save you a lot of frustration reloading saves because you died.

Nomad's Camp
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The Dire Valravens do a lot of damage to the Devourer (350 and can crit for more than 600), it's best not to fight them until you freeze them. Get 4-5 hits in and then back off and let Frost Chain come back up, then do it again. As for the nests, kill the Valravens as they spawn and hit the nest when you can. The summoned Valravens will not disappear like the demon portal's do. I always use Soul Rend when I am killing a nest, it should minimize the number of soulravens it can spawn before you kill it. Follow the path to the first part of the camp, head up the stairs north of you to find the book City of Outcasts - Volume III. Now continue through the area to the iron gate and get captured, then answer...

"Yes I killed your warriors."
"I am Evia, the Daughter of Fire."
"Well I demand my release."

You'll have to fight. The first fight is 3 enemies, 2 archers and a soldier, should be an easy fight. The second one is Zaar, and he's much more difficult. He moves quickly like the guardian in the first Imperial Tomb, and also can stun you with his thrown axe. The real problem is that after you've been in the shadow realm for 10-15 seconds or so (cumulative) a shaman appears in the shadow realm that can drop a totem that heals Zaar for an absolutely stupid amount of life (almost 1000 per tick). It means when you switch to the Devourer you have to use Frost Chain immediately so the shaman can't use the totem. The alternative is running circles around him with Evia and using Sand Golem when you can, and then getting as much damage in as possible before it dies. Once he reaches about half health, he will get two new attacks. The first is throwing 5 wolves in a line in front of him, and the other is a whirlwind attack where he spins around and chases you down. The whirlwind attack doesn't do much damage so it's no biggie, but you need to dodge the wolves when he throws them. Once he's dead, follow the path to the exit to The Outlands, but you need to grab 2 books on the way. The first is just east of the prison by a tent called The Law of Zaar. The second is near the end when the path turns south, you'll find Juridical Commentary on the Zaarian Law by a hut.

The Outlands
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The Maggot things here move a bit faster than most enemies you are used to, you probably won't be able to kite them with Urshak as easily, and will have to rely on Frost Chain to give you an opening to kill them as a result. For the Scorpions I would just freeze them and then summon the golem, he should be able to tank it long enough for you to kill it. Make your way to the Desert Camp and head inside. Take all the quests from the merchant (just exhaust every option). When you leave the sebeken will show up. These guys are a pretty incredible pain in the ass on extreme. They can't be frozen and move quickly. The melee ones can start a rage mode that rapidly heals them, the mages can drop strong lightning, and the priests can heal themselves and other sebeken. You won't fight too many of them for awhile though. I would usually try to kill them with the Devourer, he seems to be the only one with the damage output to kill the melee through their heal. In melee range the mages don't use lightning as much (or at all) and the priests tend to run a lot when you fight them in melee range. Ergo using Urshak or Evia would make the fights more difficult. Still, you have to be careful or the Devourer can be outnumbered and killed fairly easy, even though he's tanky.

Grab the book just past the gate called The Shadowhands - Volume I. From there go south and follow the west wall, you'll come to a book by the tent called The Law of Zaar. Cross the bridge south of you to the second "island", head west and use the shadow realm bridge to another island. Follow the path here to the Canyon, but a revenant is guarding it. The skeletons with him are immortal until he dies. Just stay in the shadow realm and kill the Revenant. He either summons an ally, shoots firebolts, or uses a flame breath. The flame breath does dumbass amounts of damage, around 1000-1500, so make sure to dodge it at all costs by either moving away from him or behind him. The sanctuary nearby can help. I would do the same as you do for most summons, stay away until it despawns and then go in. Freeze it, hits it 5-6 times, then back off and wait for cooldowns. Once it is dead kill its helpers and then enter the Canyon north of you.

External image

Follow the path to the end and loot the chest and grab the box of weapons, then leave. Go back to the second island and go south past the sanctuary. When you cross the bridge go west to find another revenant, then you'll have a puzzle.

-Turn the left ring to the right ONCE
-turn the middle ring to the left ONCE
-Turn the right ring to the left TWICE
-Turn the left ring to the right ONCE

Enter the Shrine.

External image

The Mercurial Demons here are a pain. Though they can be frozen, they exist in both realms, so waiting out Frost Chain's cooldown becomes a pain. Use the Sand Golem as much as you can. In the first main room you'll see candles, use the shadow realm bridge west of you to find the solution, then go into the room and put it in. A fast guardian will spawn, you can use your puppets here much more easily though because it has no allies. Freeze it, summon Sand Golem, go to town. Make sure to grab the Fragment it drops, it usually drops a good weapon for the Devourer too, make sure to grab and equip it if the guardian does. Progress through the area to the shrine, when prompted choose "Aye", then choose to sacrifice the human to the altar (top option) for 2 Cruelty points. This also allows you to avoid the incredibly annoying fight with the demon. With that done you can leave. Head back to the bridge after the sanctuary and go south. You should come to the book Juridical Commentary on the Zaarian Law, and then the next sanctuary. Shortly after it you can go northwest or north (shadow trader on this path) take the north path. It'll lead to the Ruins. Above the door is a plate hidden by a box, and you need to push the rock in the east side of the area onto the plate to get inside. East of the plate is a wall the Devourer can walk through, you'll find a chest with some goodies, but most importantly it has the book Tattered Documents.

External image

Just inside you'll find a book called The Origin and Nature of Shadow. Past that you'll find a fork (northeast just leads to a fight) head southeast to the stairs to level 2. Go northwest to find an Advanced Gateweaving book. Go northwest from that to the chest and grab the Rope from it, then head to the north area and take the ladder up. Follow the path to a hole, use the Rope to go down it. Enter the cell here and loot the Silver Fuse off the skeleton. Go all the way back to the initial stairs between levels 1 and 2, and take the stairs down to 3 by it. Follow the path to a door, use the mechanism west of it to open it. Head north for a boss. It attacks fairly slowly so what I did was use the Devourer, and just ran in circles around it. When it attacked, I'd hit it once or twice afterwards, then start running again. Of course, use Frost Chain off cooldown but when you're waiting for it to come back up run around it. You'll need to kill it from full health a total of 3 times before it will die. Grab the Golden Fuse from it and pick up the book on a table in the west side of the arena, The Last of the Firewyrms. Use the mechanism to open a bridge, then head into Imperial Tomb II.

Imperial Tomb II
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Just inside is a boulder puzzle: The lever by the grate will summon a boulder, you need to hit the 4 above it in the right order. You'll want to hit #1 relatively early so that it resets in time to hit it again, and for you to have enough time to go all the way back to 4 to hit it. The bottom of the 4 is #1, the top is #4. I gave Urshak the Movement Speed boosting talent, if you 're having trouble doing it try giving that talent to him and then trying...the extra move speed can help.


Past it is a few skeletons and then the tomb. You'll face another fast guardian again. This one is resistant to dark, and all of the Devourer's weapons do dark damage. Still, since he can summon more undead trying to kill them first doesn't really do much. I just fought him with the Devourer, using the same strategy as last time. Run around him until you can freeze him, then do so and attack him. Once it's gone run around him again. When he summons the mana drain totem move away and let him come to you. Repeat until he dies, which takes awhile sadly. Once he's dead open the tomb and grab the book Chronicle of General Titus, the 2nd of four books specific to Evia. Now head back to The Outlands and head back to that fork after the last sanctuary. Go northwest this time to the Cenotaph. Head to the Desert Cave and talk to Saleen. Turn in the sword and silk bolts, you can get 2 items as a reward. Pick up a great weapon (even if it requires level 10) if he has it otherwise try and get some good armor. If he has nothing you like, just take the most expensive item so you can sell it back to him for silver. Next head to Arashad. Go through all his options, when you get a prompt ask for 100 coins (it's the top answer) for a greed point. Head to the Lower Catacombs now. Head south across the shadow realm bridges and then northeast at the fork. Follow the path to a locked door and head inside. Loot the body (Taking the book called Note and the Drumstick) then go north of the Cenotaph and then east. After you pass the switch puzzle go north and interact with the fire to enchant the Drumstick. Go back to where we got the Drumstick and hit the gong 3 times and then IMMEDIATELY switch to Devourer form so you don't take poison damage (it did 300 a tick before I swapped so yeah). Kill the spirits that spawn until they're all dead, then you can loot the tablet. Next, stand by the sarcophagus and switch to a puppet and flip the switch, then go back into Devourer form and leave. Go back to The Outlands via the Ruins Cenotaph. Go down the hill and then west to find another revenant, continue north. When you reach the sanctuary enter the Scorpion Caves from the top entrance.

Scorpion Caves
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Follow the path to a tile puzzle.

External image

You can loot the chest past it now. Continue south and flip the switch, then leave and take the bottom entrance to the Scorpion Caves (fourth entrance). Follow the path to the open area and go west across the shadow realm bridge and pick up the lion head here, then go east to the lions. Push them all to face the pedestal in the middle, then put the head on the last one. Pick up the crystal with the Devourer and then take it to the bridge north of you and place it on the pedestal. Go north. At the sanctuary, to the east is a boss. First off enter the shadow realm and clear the enemies here. Once they're gone walk around with a puppet to spawn the maggots, then deal with them. The boss can be frozen so you can freeze it and then go after the maggots. Once they're dead it's you and the boss. The main thing you need to watch out for is the poison clouds it will throw. You can see them fly through the air so it gives you a second or two to try and avoid them. Freeze the boss and use the usual tactics. Once he is dead exit the cave, though sebekens will spawn on the way out you'll need to kill. I got the achievement for 1000 vermin kills in here, you should be close if you don't have it already.

Continue south to the Oasis.


External image

Memorize the candles and then head south to the Cenotaph and input it for a chest. Use the Cenotaph to go back to the Market, turn in your 2 quests to Arashad, make sure when you turn in the Scorpion King quest you choose "I demand seven fifty." to get another greed point. Return to The Oasis and go south and talk to Krenze, and grab the book City of Outcasts - Volume I. Exhaust his options and prepare for a tough fight. As you may remember, you need to turn the lever until the bridge comes all the way across. While you do that Evanger will try to kill you, and Valkarin will drop lightning on specific places. A hit from Evanger will kill either puppet. A hit from the shadow realm demon will likely one-hit your Devourer. No room for error I'm afraid. However, Evanger melee attacks will not hit the Devourer, and the demon's magic will not hit the puppets. So basically you need to realm swap at the right times to avoid the attacks. Your main problem will actually be Valkarin's lightning, because it has a knockback effect on top of doing good damage, so you can't just walk through it. Do the same as our first playthrough, lure him toward Valkarin, then run to the lever and mash cn_A until Evanger gets to you, then lure him away. Remember to swap forms if you are about to get hit. Once the bridge is open, run across and exit to the Broken Spear Pass.

Broken Spear Pass
External image

Work your way down. At the Cenotaph, you can go southwest and clear out the enemies outside Kog'Aak, but we don't have all the fragments so we can't do it now. Anyway follow the path to the slaver camp, cut 'em all down and then head into the Underground.

External image

When you get to the slaver boss, I just burned healing charges and slaughtered his minions ASAP. From there the boss has three attacks : summon a skeleton, shoot a bolt of magic at you, or summon lightning. The lightning is easy to dodge and the skeleton moves slow, so the only concern is the magic bolts. You can dance around him with Evia or Urshak pretty easily. Once he's dead and before talking to Kiri, a bit north and slightly west of her is a The Last of the Firewyrms book. Now head north of her through the wall, and at the fork go west and get the egg from the nest, and of course be careful with the boss. Make sure you kite around it constantly so when it starts the wing attack you won't get hit by it. Once you have it go back to the fork above Kiri and go east to find Imperial Tomb III.

Imperial Tomb III
No map nothing here

This is a short one, just follow the path to the boss, kill him, and loot the tomb. Grab the book Chronicle of General Varula. Now head back to Kiri and talk to her.

"You ought to be more grateful."
"So...you're rich? Or just Valuable?"
"I might free you for the right price..."
"You have a deal."

This will give us another greed point. With that taken care of return to Broken Spear Pass and head to the Border Camp and end chapter 2.

Chapter 3

Border Camp
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Talk to Langdak (the merchant) and choose it's not charity if you pay, then give him the box of outland weapons. Save your game, and then talk to Ataka.

"I must speak with the Conclave urgently..."
"The curse the Conclave unleashed was unforgivable."

Pick the top dialogue option until the top is "I need assistance escorting a furless cub to Kyallisar", instead choose "There's a valuable hostage in the pass you should capture and ransom." You'll get a cruelty point, and the Devil achievement.

Reload that save and do the same up until the dialogue choice, choose "I need assistance escorting a furless cub to Kyallisar". Now, you need the Fragment from the statue puzzle here, so here's what to set each statue as :

Near Broken Spear Pass exit - Change to snake
Near Taymurian Wilds exit - Leave as snake
At bottom of ramp that leads to Ataka - Change to bird claw
Southwest of Ataka - Change to bird claw
Southeast of Ataka - change to bear paw
By Cenotaph - Change to bear paw

Make sure to activate the Cenotaph when you pass by it. Go open the crystal from the scene for the Fragment, then talk to Ataka and have her open the gate to Taymurian Wilds, head through.

Taymurian Wilds

Head south and then east to turn into the wasp. Run to the Hermit's Cavern and don't stop for anything. Talk to the Hermit then go to the crystal to get your puppets and Devourer back. Follow this dungeon through to the queen wasp. She will turn into a cocoon and summon a few thorn wasps every once in awhile. She also can summon a swarm of wasps that will follow you around and do damage. She can also shoot venom at you. She can be frozen though, so not much changes. After you flip all three switches grab the staff then you can leave. It will probably be much better than what Evia has now and will be for awhile. The enemies you ran from will likely be outside the cave entrance so be ready to move as soon as you load in or you might get killed super quick.

Go back to the sanctuary. Follow the north wall west, and go north when you can, you'll spot the book Dispatch to General Akhdar, Day 97 along the north wall right when the path turns east. Go east, over the bridge in the shadow realm, and you'll find a chest and another statue puzzle. Set the left one to snake, the middle one to bird, and the right one to...whatever the other one is. Human hand I guess? A totem will appear, grab it. Go back to the Hermit's Cavern and go south from it in the shadow realm, you'll see a bridge going east, do so. Right after the bridge, you'll find a book along the north wall called Dispatch to General Akhdar, Day 204. You'll start meeting werewolves with a shield, you have to enter the shadow realm to break their shield and then go back into the mortal realm to kill them for real. The shield comes back after a short time, so you have to be quick. These are super annoying to fight but give a good chunk of experience so it's up to you whether you want to bother. The main problem is they will follow you quite far if you don't fight them, which can be annoying when you're trying to fight other things or use a Cenotaph or whatever. Follow the path to a fork, go south to the next one and then east. As you go north you'll see a note on the ground by the west wall (might be hard to see) called Dispatch to General Akhdar, Day 231. Head north and take the exit to the Moon Wilds.

Moon Wilds
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Follow the path to a fork and head northwest to the Cenotaph. Go back to the fork and go north, skip the puzzle this time. Continue east to the totem turn in and give yours. Then go north to the sanctuary, then a fork. Go northwest, west at the next fork, and when you reach yet another, you'll see Dispatch to General Akhdar, Day 285 on the ground. Grab it and head northwest. After the scene go north. Alternate between the shadow realm and the mortal realm to get past the roots, when you reach the door enter with the Devourer to access the Hidden Fortress.

Hidden Fortress
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Follow the path in the shadow realm to a fork, go north and follow the long path to a sanctuary, then go south from it. At the fork go west for the pressure plate puzzle, in case you forgot here's what you do.

External image

External image

External image

Enter the main hall once you finish the puzzle, then prepare for a tough fight. The werewolf is very fast and attacks quickly, which means dodging its attacks is hard. You'll have to kill the shamans while the werewolf attacks you. Basically, you want to freeze a shaman (which will freeze the werewolf if it is close) and then kill it, then wait for Ice Chain to come off cooldown and do the next shaman, and so on. Since the shamans do not attack, while you wait for frost chain to come back up you can simply run circles around the werewolf to keep him busy. Once you kill the shadow realm werewolf, you can damage it in the mortal realm. The good news is the shield comes back at a specific amount of health, not after enough time, so you don't have to be in a rush to do damage. In the mortal realm, simply run around it in circles while you dump all your spells and basic attacks into it. When the shield comes back, repeat the process. When it dies make sure to grab the totem before you leave.

Exit the Hidden Fortress and then backtrack to the Cenotaph (turn in the totem though). Take the southeast path this time and head toward Dura'Tyr. On the way, take the first south path (not the exit) to find the book Dispatch to General Ahkdar, Day 282. North of the entrance to Dura'Tyr is an alcove with the book Dispatch to General Akhdar, Day 362

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Basically, just head south. You'll get 2 scenes and fight a bunch of enemies, then you'll reach a door to a house, go inside. Go up the stairs and then enter the shadow realm, cross the bridge. Go up the stairs for a hexmark, then use the west exit. Go up the stairs and knock down the rock from the scene, then backtrack through the house and go through the gate we just opened. Go northwest. Enter the house you come to. Flip the switch, cross the tiles and hit the switch past them to lower stairs outside. Leave and head northeast to find a chest.

External image

Go back to the gate we opened earlier and head southeast, and follow the path to a fork. Head south. You'll see a Cenotaph, up the stairs and to the east is a chest. West of the Cenotaph you'll find 2 buildings (one is across a shadow realm bridge), both have chests. The house by the Cenotaph has a switch you need to flip. You can also turn in the weapons we got earlier with the merchant guy. Also, talk to the other guy here with Zaar. If you like, you can go back to the fork and go northeast. Skip the first house and enter the second. Turn the statues in here to the middle and you'll get a soulstone. Now leave and enter the house we skipped. Head northwest (need to be in the shadow realm to see the path) for another boulder puzzle. The bottom one drops the boulder. The other 3, from top to bottom: 3-1-2-1-3-2. Follow the path to the exit. There's a crystal right by the door. Head southeast to a fork, you can find a hexmark southwest of you, head southeast to continue. When you reach a house enter it. Go up the stairs (has to be done in the shadow realm) and open the chest to find the 3rd fragment of the sun stone. Leave and head up the stairs nearby. You can go west and east to find chests, then go north. When you approach the fire your main quest will update. Head all the way back to Krek, who is in the house with Langdak. I don't see a shortcut, just have to backtrack all the way to him.

Once you've talked to him, head back. After you leave the cave with the boulder puzzle, go southwest instead to find one of the gears, interact with it. Now continue to where we were blocked off, and head east. All the way east, to find the other gear. Now proceed through where the fire was, the northernmost path. Head north to the next area. Follow the path here (crystal on the way) and after the sanctuary, you'll get a scene. While we don't need to give specific answers to get the achievement this time, we still want to do it to avoid the fight. The fight is just the Devourer and Zaar, you can't use the other two. So the fight would be absolutely awful on extreme, so we will skip it.

"I recognize your voice..."
"Why keep your human form?"
"We may be able to cure you..."
"Surrender, Sankr - I will see you get a fair trial."
"You are the victims here..."

Afterwards, talk to Krek, then use the portal to the Ziggarut of the Sun.

Ziggarut of the Sun
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This area sucks...every enemy is immune to fire, so Evia's Firebreath and Flame Strike will do no damage. However Meteor's initial impact is blunt damage, so only the DoT afterwards will be useless. The Tornado spell also does Blunt, so that will still work. The Fire General enemies here are dark resistant as well, so Urshak is your only hope with them. Meanwhile, the Ironclad Zombies are pierce resistant, so you better have a longbow on you. The traps also do a ton of damage. You can walk over the spike traps with the Devourer, the flame jets you just have to wait for, though they don't do as much damage as the spike traps. Evia won't take much damage from them. The Spike traps will wreck either Urshak or Evia though.

After the discussion, head south. At the fork go southeast to the wall and then southwest, go up the stairs and then straight northeast to a mirror, turn it so it faces southwest. Now go straight southwest (ignore all the stairs) and keep going southwest until you find another mirror, turn it northeast. Go northeast, but go up the first set of stairs you see east of you, they lead to a portal we just opened (it shows as a door on the map). Head inside for the first of three trials. Follow the path to a bridge, you probably remember this puzzle.

To describe it, think of it like a grid in a strategy RPG. I'll tell you which realm to be in, and then I'll tell you which direction to move. So one tile southwest, then one northeast, etc. Go into the shadow realm and stand on the far west tile in the first row. Go northwest once. In the mortal realm go northwest once and then northeast twice. In the shadow, realm go northwest twice. In the mortal realm go southwest twice. In SR go northwest twice and then northeast once. In MR go northwest twice. In SR go northwest once, northeast one and then northwest once. In the MR go southwest once and then northwest to the !.

There's a chest northwest of you, there's a bridge in the shadow realm that leads to it. Now leave. Go back to the southwest mirror and turn it so it faces north. Now return to the northeast mirror and turn it so it faces northwest. Go northwest from it, and ignore the stairs going down. When you come to stairs going up, take them to find the Cenotaph for this area. Head northwest from the Cenotaph past the first fork and then go northeast at the next. At the dead end you'll find 2 chests, and a totem, grab it. When you go back down the stairs you'll see a light and a mirror west of you. Turn the mirror so it points southeast. Now return to the Cenotaph and enter the shadow realm, you'll see a crystal by the Cenotaph, it has the last Fragment of the Sun Stone we need. Return to the mirror northwest of you and turn it so it faces southwest. Now go southwest. Ignore the first fork and go down the stairs, then go straight southwest to find another mirror, turn it northeast. Backtrack to the door you passed, which is now a portal. Head inside the Test of Fear. Head forward for a conversation, then step on the plate. Fire Generals will start spawning, and will keep doing so. They give no experience so fighting them is a waste of effort, and you'll get overwhelmed regardless. You'll see an orange circle on the ground, you can't walk out of it. You need to run around the circle until the timer hits zero, which is quite a bit harder this time because the enemies do full damage. Spam Frost Chain and use Evia to run around, she seemed to get hit less often than the Devourer and Urshak. Spam healing charges/Sand Golem/Possess as necessary until you win. There's a chest in the northwest path. Leave.

Go back to the southwest mirror and turn it to face south, then go south from it to find the last trial. Go forward in the shadow realm until you get the conversation and progress forward to the trial and let a puppet die. Leave after you pass it. With the last trial done, return to the middle of the room (where you started) and you'll find a new door that leads to Roots of the Tree of Worlds, but before you do that use the Cenotaph to head back to Kogog'Aak and go through it again, we need the Serpent Crown. This allows us to skip the Grabaak fight and earn an achievement as well. I've included the section for Kogog'Aak in the spoiler if you need it.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Once you have the Serpent Crown, head to the Roots of the Tree of Worlds.

Roots of the Tree of Worlds
External image

The enemies here are much stronger than on easy, as they all are, but are still relatively easy to kill. You can use Frost Chain of course. Go all the way north and use this portal. Go south to the fork and then go southwest, and enter the first portal you find. Go south to the fork and go northwest and enter the portal at the dead end. Go north to Graabak. This time we will use the Serpent Crown we got to avoid the fight, and also get an achievement. Here's what to choose.

"I bear the Serpent Crown!"
"Dost thou knowest how to destroy the Crucible of Souls?"
"Thou knowest how to destroy the cauldron then?"
"Thou choosest now to see all?"
"What knowest thou of the prophecy of the demon-wolf?"
"Where art this place?"
"Thou art imprisoned here forever?"
"Thou destroyest worlds for thy own amusement?"
"What can I do so that thou wouldst tell me how to destroy the cauldron?"
"With the Serpent Crown I am thy equal, Graabak!"
"I eased thy boredom, wilt thou tell me what I wish to know?"

You'll get an achievement.

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