Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Walkthrough

10. Tassel Town


After the cutscene, head on to the right as per norm until you reach the first body of water. Use the crab form to dive down to reach the SUNKEN SOUL [3/10]. Climb up the right side while underwater to re-emerge and keep going right until you hit the second body of water. Change into the crab and dive in, going right and jump across the platforms and re-emerge. Eventually a windstorm will kick in, knocking you back if you're not behind some cover. From here on carefully make your way to the right and hide behind a wall or a block whenever the wind starts kicking in. Ignore the portal when you come to it as you can't get what's in there just yet. Instead just keep going to the right until you reach the next area.


This part is all about speed as you're going to be chased by a massive worm as you climb the tower. Using the Monkey form to grab onto walls and wall jump will help you scale this tower very quickly. There will be times in which you'll need to change back into Shantae in order to destroy some blocks or move some blocks with your hair to make passageways. Either way this part of the level is very straightforward and we'll be back later to explore it. Just keep climbing as the Monkey to make quick ground. If you climb the tower fast enough you'll unlock an achievement for doing so. I'm not sure what the time limit is on it but I'm guessing anywhere between 3-5 minutes. I fell from a few spots and still managed to unlock it so don't feel pressured at all.

Race to the Top

Climb Tassel Tower at record speed.

Race to the Top
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If you failed to get this the first time around, come back later with another dance you get later in the game.


This part of the level is the most difficult one as the platforming is a bit more difficult as you can easily fall into the numerous pits. You'll immediately notice that some blocks will be coming in and out of the walls. Just time your jumps as you advance. You'll eventually notice a chest below you as you advance on.

Gallery Key 1

Simply go to the right and drop down to the platform below you and use your Bat transformation to fly toward it. Open it up for a GALLERY KEY [1/10]. Collecting all 10 of these will help us toward getting 100% of the items in the game, as well as unlocking a relic that will give us unlimited magic. Continue to the right to advance to the next area of this level.

When you enter, you'll see two platforms kind of moving diagonally so time your jumps and you'll eventually see two darker looking platforms floating in the air. Jumping on these will cause them to fall so don't stay on them too long and keep moving. After the first two, three more moving platforms will be going up and down. Jump over the bomb carrying bird that appears and avoid the two Scarabs that jump out of the ground to reach safe ground. You'll notice two more dark platforms once you land.

Heart Holder

When you jump to the top one, IMMEDIATELY transform into the Bat and fly across to fly into a narrow passage way for a chest. Open it up for a HEART HOLDER. If you fail at it the first time, the platforms reappear after a few seconds so feel free to keep trying.

Keep going to the right, defeating the enemies and breaking the jars you come across and jump across the three platforms to advance to the next area. Nothing special about this part of the level, just more platforming. You will find the snake merchant here so buy any dances from her you haven't yet so we make progress to 100% completion. Other than that just keep going to reach the boss fight.


Here you'll fight Wilbur. The concept of this fight is easy and it's easy enough to dodge his attacks. The first attack he'll use is shooting eyes at you that will explode upon impact. You'll see where they're going to land by the reticles on the screen. Just keep running to avoid them. After this he'll shoot some egg looking items into the air that will explode upon the ground, except for one that will be red instead of black. Hit this red one into one of the cannons on the side and then press the button to shoot it at Wilbur. After this, his eye will pop up from the hole. Keep hitting it back and forth with your hair until it goes back into the hole and Wilbur reappears. Rinse and repeat this process a few more times to defeat him.

Upon defeating Wilbur, you'll receive the corresponding achievement for doing so and learn a new Dance, the Elephant Dance. After the cutscenes you'll have control again.

A case of the olds!

Discover the history of Tassel Town's brightest star.

A case of the olds!

Our next goal is to find the Dark Crystal. Exit the Workshop and go right to find a new character with an Exclamation Point over her head. Talk to her to learn that she wants two Race Tickets. We can get one right away by going further right in town and talk to the two girls at the end. Give them those Gator Steaks you received earlier to get RACE TICKET [1/2].

Now for some item collecting!

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