Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Walkthrough

11. REVISIT: Tassel Town #1


The wind will be non-existent in this level now that the boss is dead so you can freely advance in this level without having to wait it out. We can nab another achievement while we're here. Keep going right until you reach this spot.


Simply whip the block and knock it off the ledge when an enemy is underneath it in order to kill it and unlock the corresponding achievement.


Crush an enemy with a block.

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Now keep going right until you find a portal.

Spider Dance!

Instead of just running by it this time, enter it and turn into the Elephant to avoid being pushed back by the wind. On the other end will be the SPIDER DANCE. If you push A again in the middle of a jump, you'll shoot a web out which will allow you to latch onto the platform the web lands on. This will be useful for a few items later but for now, continue on to the next part of the level.


Talk to the guy standing at the beginning of the area and he'll give you the ELEPHANT STOMP. He wants you to find Five Remains and all of them will be hidden in the tower. This time we can leisurely take your time. Remember those statues that were breathing fire when we were frantically climbing the tower our first visit here? This time they're completely harmless and the Remains will be hidden behind five of them.

Start climbing up and you'll immediately see the first one.

Remains 1

Simply change into the Elephant and dash into it by pushing X to break it and you'll see a flower on the ground. Elephant Stomp on that flower by pushing down after jumping and you'll get REMAINS [1/5]. Now let's continue our climb up.

Keep going up until you reach this spot.

Remains 2

Charge into the statue and stomp the flower behind the statue for REMAINS [2/5].

The third remains will be behind the statue at this spot.

Remains 3

Per usual, stop the flower to get REMAINS [3/5].

Keep going up until you reach a blue block on the right side of the screen with a couple of chains next to it.

Gallery Key 2

Dash into the block as the Elephant and open the chest for GALLERY KEY [2/10].

The next set of remains will be behind this statue.

Remains 4

Stomp the flower for REMAINS [4/5].

If we get the fifth Remains, we'd automatically teleport back to the bottom of the area so instead, let's skip it real quick and climb to the top of the tower. You'll know you're at the top when you see an exit to the right with a green mist around it. If you jump into the air you'll see a small platform above you.

Heart Holder

Turn into the Spider and use your web to latch on to the platform, and then again on the platform right above you. Land on the small platform, change back to Shantae and jump onto the platform, change back into the Spider and latch onto the platform further above you. Run off to the left and quickly push A again to latch onto the ceiling at the top and drop down near the chest. Open it up for another HEART HOLDER.

Now drop down for a bit until you reach this statue.

Remains 5

Destroy it and get the final REMAINS [5/5]. You'll automatically go back to the man looking for them and in exchange, you'll get SICK. This will come in handy for a story related item later. Now exit the level and re-enter Tassel Town.


Start trekking through this level again until you find a purple block sitting above some water.

Sunken Soul 4

Elephant Stomp on it and then change into the Crab to drop to the bottom to find a SUNKEN SOUL [4/10]. Enter the pipe to your left and navigate the small area and enter the pipe at the bottom. Open the chest for a HEART HOLDER. Now exit the level and head for Mermaid Falls.

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