Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Walkthrough

12. REVISIT: Mermaid Falls #2


Upon entering, you'll notice a flower almost immediately. Use the Elephant Stomp on it to get the SCRAP METAL [1/5]. Now continue into the next part of the level and make your way up. When you get to the first moving platform, ride it up and you should see a portal on your right when you jump off.

Mermaid Dance

Enter it and dash into the block as the Elephant to find the MERMAID DANCE waiting for you on the other side. The Mermaid Dance allows you to swim around freely in the water which will allow us to explore a bit more but for now let's continue with what we need here. Make your way to the second part of the level.


Continue to the right and go past the first flower between the two bats as it's nothing but gems. When you come across the second flower in the area, stomp on it to get the SCRAP METAL [2/5]. Continue all the way to the right until you see some purple blocks in front of you.

Grandma Blobfish

Dash into it as the Elephant to break it open to find a Blobfish. Grandma Blobfish, to be more accurate. Monkey Bullet off the left wall above you to get to her and talk to her and she wants you to find her five grandchildren. In exchange she'll give you the CRAB CLAW. This will allow us to clip away at seaweed underwater as the Crab. So let's get to work! Go all the way back to the entrance to this part of the level (i.e. when you can't go left anymore( and start from there. Here's where you'll find the Blobfish.

1.) Drop into the very first body of water and clip the seaweed to find BLOBFISH KID [1/5].

2.) Past the first electrified bat you see, drop into the water and drop down to the bottom to find BLOBFISH KID [2/5].

3.) After the two bats and the flower inbetween them, drop into the water to find BLOBFISH KID [3/5].

4.) In this same area, clip the nearby seaweed to find BLOBFISH KID [4/5].

5.) After the next pair of electrified bats on the next screen, drop into the water on their right and clip away at the seaweed to find BLOBFISH KID [5/5].

Return to Grandma Blobfish to get your reward, the RACE TICKET [2/2].

Now before leaving, we're going to get two more items.

From where the entrance to Grandma Blobfish is, jump up the first two sets of conveyor belts, riding the second one all the way to the left. Jump up to the platform above you and go all the way to the right to find a purple block in the ground.

Gallery Key 3

Stomp on it to find GALLERY KEY [3/10]. Now make your way to the very top of the level. Do you remember where you found the Bat Transformation at at the top of the area? Get back to this area, and ride the rings to the right and make sure you're on this platform.

Secret Cave

Change into the Bat and go left and then jump up the wall as the Monkey and Monkey Bullet to the right to find a cave. Enter it.

This is a small sorts of maze in which you'll need to use a few dances to get to the end. Follow these steps to safely get to the end.

1.) Use the Spider and latch on to the ceiling and drop off to the right.

2.) Change into the Bat and fly to the left. Change back and drop down.

3.) Use the Spider again to get on the ceiling and go to the right above the spikes. Drop down.

4.) Use the Bat again and fly to the left and change back once you're safely across the Spikes.

5.) Use the Spider to get back to the ceiling above you and go left. Run to the left and off of the edge and quickly push A again to latch on to the next ceiling. Do this one more time, except run to the right on this ceiling and quickly push A once you drop off the ceiling. Go left and drop down.

Open the chest for a DATA CHIP.

Exit the level and head back to Scuttle Town.

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