Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Walkthrough

14. Cape Crustacean


The first part of this level is a side scrolling platforming section. You can get two achievements here for knocking off every enemy off their carpets AND for not falling off the screen. The latter is much easier once you get the Harpy Dance but try to aim for both in this run. Keep in mind that the enemies will NOT hurt you if you run into them. You can simply just run through them if need be. You'll unlock both of the achievements at the end if you defeated every enemy and didn't fall off.

In it to win it!

Eliminate the competition.

In it to win it!
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Magic Carpet Ride

Reach the end of the race without falling off your carpet!

Magic Carpet Ride
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Remember that if you falled to get the Magic Carpet Ride achievement, just come back with the Harpy Dance and fly the entire level to easily nab it.

Once you reach the end, it's time for a boss fight.

Twitch and Vinegar

This fight is incredibly simple as long as you have the Scimitars which is the final upgrade for the Pike Ball magic. During the fight, the three carpets on your side of the screen will rotate around to make sure to jump on the carpet that is closest to Twitch and Vinegar and activate your Scimitars. It'll do 3 damages her hit and since the Scimitars rotate rather quickly around you, those 3's will add up quickly along with your normal attack damage. Twitch and Vinegar will rotate around the screen but staying close to the edge of the carpet will allow you to strike them with your hair and Scimitars as they get into position to fire. One of them fires projectiles in a straight like while the other shoots bombs at an angle. They only attack one at a time but you should be able to dispatch them before they do any real damage.

Defeating them unlocks another achievement.

Double Trouble

Sometimes two are better than one... but not this time!

Double Trouble


You'll now be on some airships in which you need to traverse to the right while jumping from airship to airship. You'll have Ammo Baron's lackeys to deal with as you advance. Keep in mind that the lasers from here on out are one hit kills so make sure to use the Invincibility magic to safely get through them.

Not too long after starting the level, you'll reach an airship that has red arrows pointing down and Ammo Grunts popping out from the hatches on there.

Gallery Key 4

If you hold down and push A over any of the hatches, you'll drop down, revealing a door. Enter the door and turn into the Elephant, stomping through the boxes to reach a chest containing a GALLERY KEY [4/10]. Climb back up using the Monkey and exit back through the door and keep going right. As you go right you'll find an Ammo Grunt throwing grenades at you and after that, a cannon. Simply destroy them.

You'll find another airship that has another set of hatch doors you can drop through after dealing with some Ammo Grunts dropping from a ship above you. Drop down and enter the door. Make sure to wait until the laser goes all the way to the right before jumping up to the chest. Open it for the GALLERY KEY [5/10]. Exit back out and jump through the third hatch to avoid the laser.

Continue to the right until you find another airship with some more hatches you can drop down with. Do so and enter the door to find a chest on the other side of some lasers. The problem here is that the lasers only stop for a quick second before activating again, making it impossible to pass normally. Simply use your Invincibility magic to cross to the other side to obtain the HEART HOLDER. Exit back out and continue on with the level.

You'll immediately find another ship with hatches, except this time this one will have lasers going left and right. There's nothing special in the door on this ship when you drop down so ignore it. Wait for the ship above you to move left far enough that the right laser is to the left of the second hatch door. Quickly jump up when it is and run to the right and jump on the next ship that appears to get to safety. You'll be at the end of this part of the level once you reach the next ship, so drop down the hatch.


Jump over the spikes at the end and ram the giant block as the Elephant far enough so that you can jump to higher ground as the Monkey. Change back into the Elephant at the top and ram the block in the wall to continue on. Defeat the Ammo Grunts as you continue on and you'll see two possible paths to go; one going down and one going up between two sets of spikes on the wall. Jump on the platform and use the Spider to latch on to the ceiling with your web and enter the door to find a chest. Open the chest for the RED STONE. Exit and now go down, making sure to time your jumps between the lasers at the bottom and jump down again. Dodge the lasers and defeat the Ammo Grunt and continue on.

On the next screen you'll see more lasers to the right and a path going up with spikes on the left wall. Go right first and at the end past the lasers, you'll see a platform in which you can drop down through.

Scrap Metal 4/5

Drop down said platform and you'll see a flower on the left. Elephant Stomp it for SCRAP METAL [4/5]. Don't bother going right as you need a relic that we don't have access to yet so instead go back up. Jump up the small set of platforms and dodge the lasers as you go left and defeat the Ammo Grunt. Climb up the chains you see and jump to the right, avoiding the lasers and ram the block at the end with the Elephant. Take out the Ammo Grunts as you go right and drop down the hole at the end. You'll drop down to an area with spikes on the bottom, an Ammo Grunt throwing grenades and a small little passageway on the left wall. Ignore this passageway for now as it'll lead to an area in which we won't be able to navigate just yet. Instead climb down the chain nearby. Time your jumps across the chains down here to avoid being hit by the grenade tossing Ammo Grunt and being knocked to your death on the spikes below.

In the next area you'll see spikes across the floor and a few chains hanging near you when you enter. If you go to the right you'll see three giant blocks.

Three Blocks

What you want to do is knock the two blocks that are on the higher platforms down as the Elephant, jump down on the blocks and then ram the third block nudged between the wall. Doing so will lead you a secret area in which you need to use the Monkey and utilize the Monkey Bullet to jump from moving platform to moving platform between spikes on the wall. At the end of the area is a chest containing a HEART HOLDER. Exit this room into the previous room and climb up and destroy the block in the wall at the upper right of the room. Climb up the platforms in the next room to appear back on the airships. Destroy the engine.

It's time for another boss fight.

Ammo Baron

The Ammo Baron is a rather interesting boss as he'll call upon Ammo Grunts to form a shield around him. Use the Scimitar magic to quickly disperse of his "shield" while doing damage to him. When you have the space to do so, keep the Scimitars going as you jump in the air and whip him your hair. After the "shield" is gone, a reticle will appear on the screen. A bunch of Ammo Grunts will dive bomb to where the reticle is so make sure to step away from it to avoid the barrage of Ammo Grunts flying down from the sky. Keep jumping and hitting the Ammo Baron with the Scimitars and your hair during this phase. After about 4-5 waves of Ammo Grunts, he'll start forming another shield, but this time there will be more Ammo Grunts. Just destroy the Grunts and attack the Ammo Baron. Rinse and repeat until dead. You'll get an achievement for defeating him.

An act of foul play

Foil the heist in Cape Crustacean.

An act of foul play

Jump into the portal and you'll find a chest containing the MOUSE DANCE. This dance will allow you to squeeze into those little maze walls you might have seen already. You'll see a blue little aura emitting from them now, indicating that you can enter the maze from that spot as the mouse. You'll get an example of this after receiving the dance. Enter the portal at the end to end the level.

You'll be back in Scuttle Town and our next quest is to find the Light Shard. We already have one of the items that we need to start the process to get it so head to the Bath House. Talk to the doctor that's right by you as you enter. He'll notice you're "sick". Give him the Sick that you got earlier after finding five Remains in Tassel Town and you'll receive the LOLLIPOP. There are quite a few places we can go to now to get some more items. Let's head back to Mermaid Falls first!

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