Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Walkthrough

15. REVISIT: Mermaid Falls #3


There's nothing to get in the first area so head to the next area where we'll be getting some items. Turn into the Crab and jump into the body of water as soon as you enter the area. Fall to the bottom and go to the right and clip the seaweed to find the SUNKEN SOUL [5/10]. Now re-emerge, change into the Mermaid and dive back down, going back to the bottom. This time go left and all the way up to find another SUNKEN SOUL [6/10]. Now swim all the way down and go as far right as possible. Swim all the way up from there and you'll emerge near a treasure chest. Open it up for the GALLERY KEY [6/10]. Now get back in the water, swim left and then up to re-emerge on the other side of the wall from the chest. Now we're going to start climbing our way back up.

After the first Naga you defeat while climbing, go a bit left past the platform going up and down and you'll see an entrance you can enter as a mouse. Ignore it as it'll lead nowhere and keep going left to find another Naga and another entrance for the Mouse.

Light Shard Maze

Defeat the Naga and change into the mouse and enter the maze. Go left and wait for the platform to appear before running inside of it. You'll have to run into two more moving platforms, the second one going up and down and the other going left and right. When you're in the third platform, wait for it to go all the way left before running out of it and continuing along the maze. You'll notice a red type of worm enemy. You can't attack him, you can either just run through him and take the damage or try to navigate around him. Continue on with the maze until you see a portal above you and to the right of that, a floating light. When you approach the light it'll turn into a person to exit the maze right here and give him the Lollipop for the LIGHT SHARD. You'll unlock an achievement as well.

Champion of Light

Obtained the Light Shard

Champion of Light

However we're not done here just yet. Use the Elephant to destroy the purple blocks to your right and use the Monkey to jump on the wall above you and Monkey Bullet to the right. Climb up and go to the left and climb as high as you can. Make sure you're standing on this platform right here.

Maze 2

Change into the Bat and fly to the right and into the small passage way to find another entrance for the Mouse under some smaller purple blocks. Destroy them and enter the maze. It's a straightforward maze so keep going until you're able to exit the maze near a chest. Open it up for a GALLERY KEY [7/10]. Hop back into the maze and continue on with it. You'll eventually come to the end of the maze and there will be a fork. Go right to find a chest nearby. Open it up for a HEART HOLDER. Make your way to the next part of the level.


There's nothing in the first area so go all the way to the right until you enter the next area. In the first body of water (right before the two electrical bats), change into the Crab and dive down and float down a bit and then to the left where you'll see some seaweed. Clip it and go left to find the SUNKEN SOUL [7/10]. That's all there is to do here for now so exit.

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