Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Walkthrough

16. REVISIT: Tassel Town #2

Warp Dance to the second part of the level, I.E. the Tower.


We're mopping up the rest of the items in the tower now that we have the Mouse dance. Start making your way up the tower and the first maze will be in plain sight as you keep going up. Navigate the maze and open the chest for a GALLERY KEY [8/10]. Continue climbing up until you find a yellow block you're able to hit with your hair. It'll be at the area where you need to be the Monkey to grab a ring in order to continue.

Image 1

Whip it to the left until it falls then whip it to the left some more. Whip it left again until it drops and then whip it to the right so it falls all the way to the bottom. Now drop down and stand on it, change into the Elephant and charge into the statue on the left to break it. In this room you need to correctly place the four blocks at the bottom to connect the maze together to navigate it.

1.) Ram the bottom block all the way to the right

2.) Knock the right block on the middle level off to the left then connect it with the blocks on the bottom.

3.) Knock the very top block to the lower level and connect it.

4.) Finally hit the left block to the bottom and connect it to correctly form the maze.

Now navigate the maze and open the chest for a GALLERY KEY [9/10].

Exit back to the tower and keep climbing until you find these two statues (I accidentally destroyed the one you needed to destroy before taking the screenshot)

Heart Holder 3

Navigate the maze and open the chest at the end for a HEART HOLDER. Just a bit further up the tower is another maze with a portal at the end of it. Enter the portal and open the chest for the MOUSE BITE relic. The only good this will do is earning us an achievement near the end of the game. That's all there is for now so head back to Scuttle Town.

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