Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Walkthrough

18. Hypno Baron's Castle

As you can see there's not a lot of items to discover here, but that doesn't mean it's only going to be a one trip place. We'll be back later but for now let's focus on what we need to do, defeat Hypno Baron!


This part of the level can be a bit confusing as there are numerous doors that will lead to different parts of the castle. Basically what we need to do right now is to get a Heart Holder and just hightail it to the next part, so let's begin!

When you start the level, you'll notice some Skeletons running around. If you destroy 10 of these Skeletons while charging as an Elephant, you can get an achievement for it. After the 10th one you'll unlock

Bone Breaker

Smash 10 skeletons with the Elephant.

Bone Breaker
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Just go straight to the right when the level starts and enter the door at the end and you'll end up going up a floor. Drop down the hole in front of you and keep going right through the next door. In this next room, climb the nearby chain and just bolt all the way to the right, staying on the same floor that you're in and enter the door. You'll end up in front of a chest after going through it. Open it for a HEART HOLDER. Exit back and go all the way to the left, jumping over the gap in the floor and through the door. Keep going left and then drop down the hole near you and go right to reach the exit of this area.


This part of the level is a bit tricker as there are many pits and spikes that can one hit kill you. The main part of this level will be riding platforms that have eyes in the center. The direction the eye is facing is the direction the platform will move. This section is pretty straightforward, honestly. It's most just about timing your jumps on the moving platforms. There are no items to collect here so don't feel like you're going to be missing anything. I would also highly recommend skipping the spider enemies for right now. You can get an achievement for defeating one as the Spider but we don't have the proper relic to do so right now so just ignore them as they'll block all of your attacks from the front and quickly turn around to start blocking again when you get behind them.

At the end of the level, you'll encounter a cutscene and a boss fight.

Squid Baron

Isn't he just adorable?! This is a rather simple fight. Squid Baron will start by bouncing from left to right a few times before flying through the air at an angle and then go left and right shooting down projectiles at you and then will fly back down. After this he'll start just jumping up and down, trying to land on top of you. The whole process will be repeated after he jumps up and down so make sure to strike him while he's on the ground. It may be tempting to use your Invincibility but save your magic as his attacks are easy enough to dodge. After enough hits you'll defeat him, but it's not over yet.

Dual Barons

2v1?! Well that's not fair. This is the part of the fight in which you'll want to use your Invincibility. The fight still start off with Hypno Baron holding Squid Baron with some magic and trying to drop him on top of you. Simply dodge it for a few times before Hypno Baron drops Squid Baron to the ground. Attack the Squid Baron as much as you can during this part while trying to avoid the Hypno Baron, who will be floating around in circles above you. Squid Baron will jump from one side of the screen to the other and once he lands, a Shockwave will come across the floor while Hypno Baron will throw green magic balls at you. Just avoid both or run through both with Invincibility on. Focus your attacks on Squid Baron as he will be on your level at all times. You should be able to take him down in one cycle.

After he's defeated, Hypno Baron will float around faster in a Figure 8 Pattern, throwing magic at you. It doesn't take much to defeat both of them. Once Hypno Baron is down for the count, that ends the fight and unlocks an achievement.

Jump into the portal now and open the chest for the Harpy Dance, which should be your last dance, which unlocks another achievement.

Fully Formed

Obtain all magic forms!

Fully Formed
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After the cutscene, you'll be back in Scuttle Town. Our next agenda is to find a Zombie Hamster and an Iron Slab. We're going to go item hunting first. Let's return to Main Street!

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