Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Walkthrough

19. REVISIT: Main Street #3


There are a few items we need to get here, but this will be our last visit to this level so don't worry! Run all the way to the right until you reach the third body of water. Turn into the Mermaid here and dive in, going down and towards the pipe you'll come across. Enter it and you'll see someone standing near the water. Chat with him to get the VORPAL BLADE. Now make your way to the second part of the level.


As soon as you enter, turn into the Harpy and fly straight up to find a chest that has the WATERFALL RELIC. Now jump down and advance through the level like you would normally until you reach this spot.

Scrap Metal 5

Destroy the purple blocks to reveal a flower. Elephant Stomp it to get the SCRAP METAL [5/5].

We're completely done with Main Street now so let's head back to Scuttle Town real quick.

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