Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Walkthrough

21. REVISIT: Mermaid Falls #4


As usual, swim across the body of water at the beginning of the level, defeat the Crab and Naga and continue to the next screen. Don't explore the water just yet. Instead, go a bit to the right and you'll see a waterfall. Change into either the Crab or Mermaid and push Up while in the waterfall to teleport up. Enter the portal here and open the chest for the HARPY TALON relic. Exit and go back down the waterfall go into the water on your left. Swim down and go left, following the path as it goes around until you find a block under the water. Shoot it as the Mermaid and get the SUNKEN SOUL [8/10] behind the block. Keep swimming to the right and you'll find another block with a pipe behind it. Destroy it and enter the pipe. Go up the waterfall in this room and open the chest for the final HEART HOLDER. That's all there is for this part so head to the second part of the level.


What you want to do is get to where the flower that had the Scrap Metal is at.

Sunken Soul 9

Turn into the Mermaid and float down and to the right. Destroy the block you see and grab the SUNKEN SOUL [9/10].

That's everything for Mermaid Falls, so let's continue on to Tassel Town!

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