Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Walkthrough

29. Hardcore Playthrough

For the most part, the Hardcore playthrough plays almost similar to your Normal playthrough, but there are a few noticeable differences.

-Enemies will do much more damage. There are a handful of enemies that will kill you in one or two hits at the beginning of the game so tread carefully.

-Enemy and boss attack patterns will happen much quickly now. For example, the cactus enemies in Tassel Town will shoot their spikes immediately instead of charging up for a few seconds.

-Some enemies and bosses will change up their attack patterns from their Normal difficulty patterns.

-If you die, you start all the way back from the beginning of that area, not the screen you're on.

-The Magical Tiara doesn't give you infinite magic this time around. Rather your magic will slowly regenerate.

-You can only have 6 items held at once instead of 9.

The hardest part of Hardcore mode is pretty much the first two levels of the game as you have your default stats, meaning you will die in only a few hits and you have no healing items. Here are some tips on making Hardcore easier.

-For the first couple of stages, DON'T RUSH. Just take your time and carefully take out enemies.

-I would highly recommend maxing out your stats and spells after Mermaid Falls so make sure to have 300 Gems on hand before you beat Mermaid Falls so you can get the Warp Dance and exchange it for the Gem Jug dance.

-Always have 6 Potions on you at all times, especially at the beginning of the game when you only have a few hearts to begin with.

-Save your magic for boss fights so that you have max magic to use Invincibility to make fights much easier.

-When you get the Magical Tiara and run out of magic, ONLY use a Potion if you have low health. Instead, there's a small trick to use. If you use the Dryad dance that's bought from the snake merchant, you'll become invincible. Take advantage of this as you can't get hit and your magic will regenerate which will allow you to use Invincibility again. This will make some boss fights longer but makes them incredibly easier.

Once you defeat the final boss, your achievement will unlock as the credits roll.

Old-School, baby!

Complete Hard Core Mode, and show it what's what.

Old-School, baby!
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Congrats on your 1100 Gamerscore and completion of this great game!

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