Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Walkthrough

3. Main Street

NOTE: Make sure to destroy every jar you come across as we'll want at least 200 Gems by the next level to buy a Dance to farm gems early on and max out our stats.


After the cutscene upon landing, start running to the right. At the beginning the ships in the background will fire little capsules holding Tinkerbats. Attack the Tinkerbats that pop out and then attack the capsule itself to destroy it. This level is nothing but Tinkerbats until the end so it shouldn't be a difficult level at all. Keep running to the right and jump across the boards over the water to the ledge nearby. Keep going and you'll eventually hit a wall that seems impossible to jump on. Just get right next to it and a box will appear. Whip it with your hair to move it and continue on, reaching another platforming section with falling boards. Make sure to get the two big jars above you though first before continuing.

Some of the Tinkerbats will be on higher ledges, throwing bomb like items at you which will result in a moving flame. You can just ignore him and keep moving to save yourself the hassle. The rest of this part of the level is rather straightforward so just defeat the Tinkerbats as you reach the end of this part.


Climb the chains as you enter the area and you'll notice some blocks that move in and out of the wall. Simply time your jumps to make your way up to the top of the area and continue right, defeating the Tinkerbats along the way until you reach some stairs. Take note that Tinkerbats will jump out of the barrels you come across so be careful. Go to the bottom of the stairs and then right some more before reaching some more platforms coming in and out of the wall. Time your jumps as you make your way up and then to the right to reach the next area.


After the cutscenes, you'll be in your first boss fight with Tinkerslug, AKA P.O.O.P T.O.O.T.


This is a rather simple boss as there are only three attacks; either a three spread shot will be fired at you, cannonballs will be fired at you as you try to climb the chains to reach the top of the area or some bombs will be shot out, resulting in some fire temporarily.

In order to beat this boss, all you have to do is hit the bell to your left which will make an explosive barrel appear. Simply climb up the chain to hit the barrel into the boss and then jump down and hit him with your hair. Repeat this 3-4 times while avoiding the bosses attacks to get an easy victory.

After the fight, jump into the portal in front of you to get your first Dance, the MONKEY DANCE. The Monkey Dance allows you to run faster, climb walls and jump higher. In order to use your Dances, just push Y and use the D-Pad or the Analog stick in the direction of the dance you wish to use. You'll also receive your next achievement.

Don't call it that!

Defeat P.O.O.P. T.O.O.T.

Don't call it that!
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You'll now be back in Scuttle Town. After the scene, exit the Workshop and go all the way to the right to find someone in distress. You'll easily identify her since there's an Exclamation Point over her head. Talk with her to receive the MERMAID FALLS MAP.

We can either now return to Main Street to get some upgrades or we can continue to the next level. Let's return to Main Street first.

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