Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Walkthrough

4. REVISIT: Main Street #1

When you re-enter Main Street, make your way to Part 2 of the level. I would recommend using the Monkey Dance and just run through the first part.


Continue through the level until you reach the stairs going down, where are all the barrels that the Tinkerbats jump out of. Instead of going down the stairs, change into a Monkey and jump onto the wall on the right and climb over it.

Monkey Bullet

You'll find a portal sitting on a platform. Enter it and open the chest for the MONKEY BULLET. In order to use it, cling to the wall as the Monkey and hold the direction you wish to bullet (NOTE: You can only go left and right) and push X.

Exit back into the level and go back left, this time going down the stairs. When you get to the chain on the second stairwell, if you look closely, next to the chain, you'll see a very small hole you can climb into.

Image 1

Climb into that hole with the Monkey and open the chest to find your first HEART HOLDER, which increases your health by 1.

That's all we can do for now, so exit by using the Whistle and head for Mermaid Falls.

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