Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Walkthrough

5. Mermaid Falls

NOTE: Make sure to have 200 Gems by the end of the level so that we can get the Warp Dance and exchange it for the Gem Jug Dance!


After the cutscene, make your way to the right, defeating the Crab and Mermaid that jump out of the water into the next screen. There's not much we can do right now here until we get more upgrades so make your way further right until you hit a wall. Use your Monkey Dance to jump on the platform above you. Ignore the portal that you'll see above you and continue to the left, defeating any enemies you come across until you see three floating small platforms. Continue up until you reach a platform with three Crabs on it. Go all the way right to get to the next area.


Once you enter the area, you'll see some rings on a moving conveyer belt. You don't need to grab them for the first set but eventually you'll need to ride them over. As you do pay attention to when the Mermaids have a fish latch on to them as that's where they'll spawn from. The fish will always jump out when you're over them so jump on to the higher rings. Keep going right until you reach an area with a currently unbreakable purple block underneath a platform. Now start working your way up by riding the next set of rings to the left, jumping on the ones above you before the line you're on ends.

Break the jugs when you land and continue upwards until you reach a Techno Grunt. After him keep going right to find another conveyor belt going left. Grab one of the rings and ride it to the left in your Monkey form and when you get the chance to jump up on a wall above you, do so to reach the platform above you. Stay in your monkey form and go right to jump up some platforms. At the end you'll find some rings you can jump on with a conveyor belt above you. Jump on the next free ring and ride it over and jump off, then ride one of the rings going to the right. Jump off at the end, get to higher ground and go all the way to the left to find yet another conveyor belt. DO NOT RIDE THIS ONE YET! Instead, jump on the left wall to the top and use the Monkey Bullet to get to the right wall. Jump to where the big jug is and climb the wall to find a portal. Enter it to find the BAT DANCE. This allows you to transform into a bat and move only horizontally left and right. Here's a picture showing where exactly you should be at.

Bat Dance

After getting the Bat Dance, continue to the right, righting the ring to the right and jumping on the ones that appear above you. Keep jumping up until you reach the top and go to the right. After defeating the two Techno Grunts on the next screen, you'll see an odd looking jar. Hit it and a snake will pop out. Make sure to buy the Warp Dance here and then trade it for the Gem Jug dance as we're going to be maxing out our stats after this level. After buying the dance, you'll net another achievement.

Not selling you snake oil.

Make a deal with a sneaky, snakey seller of magical secrets.

Not selling you snake oil.
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Continue on.


The first part of this area, you'll be on a slide going down. You can get an achievement here for jumping over all of the canisters here. The first four you come across are really easy to dodge. As you slide down, pay attention to the slide as it'll change colors to indicate a gap is coming. Jump over the gaps you come across and then a Techno Grunt will come along. One hit will knock him away so do so before he throws a fish at you. After the Techno Grunt will be three more gaps to jump over and then six canisters will appear from behind. Be careful not to jump back too far as the third one will be a short distance from the second one. Not too long after the sixth one, you'll catch up with them and will have to jump over them again. The second and third ones will be right next to each other so make sure to get a good jump on them.

After those canisters three more gaps will appear with two Techno Grunts appearing after the third gap. Take care of them and jump over the next few gaps. After that four more canisters will be coming from behind. These will be the last four you deal with. Be careful as you jump as the gaps you land in give you a very small window to jump immediately afterwards to avoid hitting them. If you managed to avoid hitting any of the canisters, you'll net an achievement at the end of the slide.

Jump jump slide slide

Leap over every canister as you slide down the chute.

Jump jump slide slide
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Some more cutscenes will play and you'll be at the next boss fight, Giga Mermaid.

Giga Mermaid

This boss isn't too difficult. The first part of this fight, you need to whip the chains that are binding her while avoiding her attacks. Her two main attacks involve shooting a laser from the gem on her head and forming a giant laser ball that slowly homes in on you. To avoid the latter, just use the Monkey Dance to out run it once it gets too close for comfort. Just focus on the chains as her attacks give you plenty of time to get rid of one or two per round of attacks.

After freeing the Giga Mermaid, she's still pissed off and the second phase begins. Her main attacks this time involve smashing you with her tail, shooting lasers down from above and shooting a laser beam at you. To avoid her tail, just turn into the Monkey and run back and forth until she stops and keep running to avoid her tail. For the lasers from above, look at the ground to see where they'll land and find a safe spot. For the lasers, just make sure to run away in time so you're not in the same spot that she shoots at, which is where you're standing. In order to hurt her you need to hit the gem on her head. There are two ways to do this; wait until she makes some rings and platforms appear and climb up to attack or wait for her to lower her head for a brief second after attacking you and hit her. It should take about 4-5 hits to finally subdue her.

For defeating her, another portal will appear and you'll get another achievement.

Vicious, Vile, and Vain

Free the missing maidens!

Vicious, Vile, and Vain
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Enter the portal and open the chest for the CRAB DANCE. This allows you to go underwater to find new areas and secrets but for now, exit the level to return to Scuttle Town.

After the scenes, our next goal is to find the Copper Ore. You'll notice a rather tall woman standing outside Sky's Hatchery. She wants you to bring her a Monster Egg. We'll grab one soon. If you go left, one of the NPCs has an Exclamation Point over her head. Talk to her to hear about a Chef who has her restaurant under attack. Before we do anything else though, we're going to max out our stats.

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