Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Walkthrough

7. REVISIT: Mermaid Falls #1


As soon as you enter the area, change into the Crab and jump into the water to get the SUNKEN SOUL [1/10] right off the bat. Along the way you'll see a new enemy, a Naga. Make sure to kill any you see to grab yourself a Monster Egg as we'll be trading one of these for an item back in Scuttle Town. Don't worry about diving back into the water in the next area as we won't be able to reach any items yet. Instead climb up and make your way to the second part of the level.


While you're here, equip the Flamethrower and when you come across the first two Techno Grunts of the area, use the Flamethrower on them to get two GATOR STEAKS. These will be used to get a storyline item later so make sure to keep them on hand. Now continue on until find two electrified bats and a flower between them.

Sunken Soul 2

Change into the crab and go into the water and at the bottom, go left to find another SUNKEN SOUL [2/10]. Just ignore the Blobfish for now. There's nothing else we can get right now. I would recommend making your way back to the snake merchant at the end of the level and exchange your Gem Jug dance back to the Warp Dance and then buy the other dances available. MAKE SURE TO EXCHANGE THE OBLITERATE DANCE FOR THE BLOBFISH DANCE IN ORDER TO GET 100%!

Now we're going back to Main Street.

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