Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Walkthrough

8. REVISIT: Main Street #2


Keep going right when the level starts and when the first opportunity to go into the water appears, change into the Crab and go to the bottom to find a pipe to the left at the bottom. Go inside and open the chest for the next HEART HOLDER. Continue on and when you come across the second body of water, jump in as the Crab and go into the pipe to the right at the bottom. Enter the portal and open the chest for the GREEN STONE. Ignore the third body of water as we don't have the appropriate dance to reach the pipe in that area yet and the fourth of body of water you come across just has enemies in them. Instead continue to the second part of the level.


Make your way up until reach the first two chains you can climb up. If you climb up you'll see someone standing above you.

Story NPC

Jump off to the left onto the wall from the right chain and talk to the NPC. They'll ask you to go to her restaurant and defeat 30 Tinkerbats. She says the restaurant has 3 Large Windows so just continue along the level like normal, going down the staircases as you come to them. At the bottom of the stairs, go right and you'll find the place she was talking about.

Story NPC Quest Location

Enter the building and after defeating the 30th Tinkerbat, it will drop the HEALTH PERMIT. Make your way back to the NPC to get the SALTED CARAMEL.

We've received all but two items that we can get in this level and we can't get those until later into the game. Make your way back to Scuttle Town.

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