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After almost a quarter of a century spent waiting, the team at Big Deez Productions have finally gifted gamers with the reboot they wanted most; Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn. In this title, you play as - not Shaquille O'Neal - but Shaquille Fei Hung of Hunglow, Talldong Province in China, the most dominant ping-pong player in all the land. To fans of the original, let it be known that this game is a bit different. This isn't a sequel, but a reimagining. It's also less of a fighting game, and more of a simple beat 'em up, but it's still just as Shaqtion-packed as its predecessor. To people who haven't played the original, be prepared for a variety of Shaq related puns and references.

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Shaq Fu is a side scrolling Beat 'em up, an easy 4-5 hour completion with very little skill required and no significantly difficult sections. Overall the game is funny and plays well, though a large part of the jokes will only be understood if you're a fan of Basketball, and know who Shaq is and the tropes around him. Either way, we're here for another 1000 gamerscore, and that is what we will get. This completion will consist of a single playthrough of the story, then the replaying of specific chapter checkpoints afterwards to clean up achievements. While some achievements are in relation to completing the story, most achievements are tied to defeating a certain amount of enemies a specific way. While the cleanup will require repetition, there's not so much of it that it would constitute a grind.

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