2. Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn General Hints and TipsUpdate notes

Shaq Fu is a straightforward sidescrolling Beat 'em up, where progress is mainly 'Go to the right until you can't anymore, beat up some enemies, then continue to the right'. For that reason, most players won't need handholding through the initial story playthrough. This walkthrough still provides details of how each checkpoint in the game goes for those that might struggle, but there's nothing missable nor any complicated puzzles. Kill the enemies, move to the right until the game stops you, then kill more enemies. If you are killed during a level, you will only have to restart at the previous checkpoint. You will lose score in the level, but there are no achievements related to that, so there is little penalty for death.

The control scheme is fairly standard as far as side-scroller beat 'em up games go, and is shown below:

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Image 1

Play on Easy. There are no difficulty related achievements, so there is no reason to play on a harder difficulty than easy. You won't end up struggling too much save for possibly on a couple boss fights.

The large majority of this completion involves defeating many enemies with different methods. For that reason, there is a priority in how to attack enemies that you should follow. The first level will act as a tutorial introducing you to the mechanics. As you progress through the game you'll encounter things like barrels, melee weapons, boulders, etc. You will also want to use your cn_Y attack whenever you can, which is a Shaq Wave attack. There is no requirement to killing with this move, but there is a requirement to use it a certain amount of times. With all that said, you should always try to use one of the following methods to kill enemies when available other than the standard cn_X attack:

  1. Boulder attacks (Starting at Level 5 and only in certain sections)
  2. Shaq Wave when available (cn_Y)
  3. Counter attacks (using cn_LT/cn_RT when applicable)
  4. Barrel attacks (Starting at Level 2).
  5. Melee Weapon attacks (Either picked up in levels, such as signs, or dropped by enemies, such as weapons).
  6. Standard attacks like cn_X and cn_B

Unless you die a lot and have to restart checkpoints, you will not collect all the achievements you need by the end of the story, so don't worry too much about them. Cleanup is very easy, as you will just have to reload certain checkpoints which usually takes you directly to the objects you need to use for specific achievements.

To begin, start a new game and select Easy. Watch or skip the cutscenes if you want.

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